• VsCode


    MacOS: Jump to the beginning of a word:option (⌥) + ← Jump to the end of a word:option (⌥) + → Jump to a line:command (⌘) + ← Jump to the end of a line:command (⌘) + → When the cursor is inserted at the current position of the previous line:command (⌘) + option (⌥) […]

  • How to use Python iterator correctly in Python learning notes


    1、 Iterator correlationIterator, sometimes called cursor, is a software design pattern of programming. It can be accessed all over the container (such as linked list or array). Designers don’t need to care about the contents of container. Key point: visit all over (traverse?) Container write here to recommend a full range of resources Python learning […]

  • It’s said that Zhihu uses Python to climb high beauty. How does it work?


      1 data source The pictures that appear in the answers to all the questions under the topic “beauty” 2 grab tool Python 3, and uses the third-party library requests, lxml, aipface, the code is 100 + lines 3 necessary environment MAC / Linux / windows. Before windows, there were many abnormal reactions. Later, it […]