• Coquettish VIM


    VIM auto indent and tap space number setting 4 First of all, you need to modify the configuration information. First of all, you need to know where to modify it. Just say it once. The file path is/etc/vim/vimrclower sudo vim /etc/vim/vimrc By adding the following code, we can achieve what we call the function set […]

  • Build private server GitHub from scratch


    background Are you curious about the operation principle behind the GitHub like code management platform? Let’s explore and develop our own GitHub together There are several open source projects on the market for us to deploy private git services project development language address gitlab ruby https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org… gogs go https://github.com/gogs/gogs gitea go https://github.com/go-gitea/g… Here are the […]

  • Super detailed! Build a local big data R & D environment (16g memory +cdh)


    If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. After a lot of theoretical learning, you need a local R & D environment to practice. Those who have worked can practice at home without depending on the company’s environment. Students who study big data by themselves can also practice locally. Big […]

  • Hengyuan cloud (gpushare)_ How can I speed up cloning code or downloading files from GitHub? Skill broadcast 8!


    Source: Hengyuan cloud community Original address | [tips – Code] How can I speed up cloning code or downloading files from GitHub? Accelerating cloning code can make github Com replace with github com. cnpmjs. Org.If the warehouse address is https://github.com/kelseyhightower/nocode.gitThe address after replacement is https://github.com.cnpmjs.org/kelseyhightower/nocode.git #Original address https://github.com/kelseyhightower/nocode.git # github. Com replace with github com. […]

  • Hadoop: configuration of the distributed cluster parameter master node!


    In the previous article, we have configured the network IP, hostname file and hosts file of the master node. Next, there are Hadoop related configuration files that need to be modified. Today, let’s talk about the master node Hadoop configuration. 1、hdfs-site.xml In the Hadoop configuration file, HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system) is related to HDFS […]

  • Using / developing private plug-ins in traifik proxy 2.5 (traifik official blog)


    The traifik proxy is designed as a modular router that allows you tomiddleware Put it in your route and modify the request before it reaches the expected back-end service destination. Traifik has built-in many such middleware, and also allows you to load your own Middleware in the form of plug-ins. https://doc.traefik.io/traefik/middlewares/overview/ The easiest way to […]

  • How to keep synchronized updates after forking other people’s projects


    Recently, I forked a project of others on GitHub, which is about the learning of flutter. Git’s address is as follows:https://github.com/simplezhli/flutter_deer.gitHowever, if the author adds some new functions to this project, how can I fork to my GitHub project to keep it updated synchronously? Only the following three steps are required: Clone fork items into […]

  • Design pattern one: implementation of prototypepattern (shallow clone and deep clone) (shallow replica and deep replica)


    The prototype pattern does not generate new objects by new, but by copying; The prototype pattern is applicable to the generation of multiple objects of the same type; There are two prototype modes: shallow clone and deep clone; Shallow clone: shallow clone, only copying value type variables, not copying clones of reference type variables; (only […]

  • OS_ Lab0 experiment report


    os_ Lab0 experiment report ​ 20373915 Zhu Wentao Part I: thinking questions after class Thinking 0.1 Q: Create a file named readme in the / home / 20xxxxxx / learngit directory Txt file. Use git status > untracked txt 。 In readme Txt file, then use the add command you just learned, and then use […]

  • 01. Git tool of idea


    Git based project operation Installing git tools Git is a version control system, which can be used to realize team code version control and management,From the officialhttps://www.git-scm.com/downl…, as shown in the figure:After git download is completed, install it as a fool (continue to the next step). Do not change the installation directory (if it has […]

  • Programmer’s favorite website cloning and crawling tool – httrack


    There are some software specifically for website cloning and crawling, such as WebZip and awwwb Wait, it’s said to be very useful. Com. Here I introduce a programmer’s favorite website cloning and crawling tool – httrack, which is open source. What is httrack? Httrack is a free and easy-to-use offline browser tool. Its full name […]

  • Prerequisites for deploying Spartacus storefront of SAP e-commerce cloud to ccv2


    The JavaScript storefront provides a more attractive customer experience through fast, responsive and interactive pages. It allows for greater reliability by making smaller, more frequent changes. Storefront innovation using javascript technology stack is faster because it can launch new functions to all experiences at once, while reducing the cost of innovation by providing reusable business […]