• Rust RC method


    ref: alloc::rc::Rc – Rust <!– toc –> method new pin try_unwrap into_raw from_raw downgrade weak_count strong_count get_mut ptr_eq make_mut downcast <!– tocstop –> std::rc::RcyesSingle threadReference count pointer. ‘ RC ‘stands for’ reference counted ‘.Look throughmodule-level-documentationView more informationRcThe inherent methods are correlation functions, which means that similar methods should be used in useRc::get_mut(&mut value)instead ofvalue.get_mut()Called as. […]

  • On the usage scenario of record


    On the usage scenario of record Intro We introduced it beforerecordBasic knowledge,recordIt will realize value based type comparison. I think it is useful for several problems I have encountered recentlyrecordIt will be very convenient to solve it. Share it Value based type comparison Recently, I encountered a scenario where I need to compare whether two […]

  • Ubuntu 18.04 installing the youcompleteme code completion plug-in


    preface Recently, I love to use itVIMTo learn, so I began to explore various plug-ins. Unexpectedly, I knew the artifact plug-in with code completion——YCM (YouCompleteMe) Therefore, the installation started. However, various problems occurred during the installation process, and in the case of unscientific Internet access, in fact, the installation of this plug-in is very difficult […]

  • Several problems and solutions of GIT are summarized


    preface Originally, when I learned git, I only knew a few basic usages. When I encountered problems, I got confused. This time, I summarize several problems encountered in history and countermeasures. Clone error The first is a project that downloaded GitHub this week. The package error is shown in the figure above. The general meaning […]

  • Deep cloning of JavaScript objects


    Deep cloning of JavaScript objects objective condition In JavaScript, there are two types of data: Simple data types (string, number, Boolean, undefined, symbol, etc.); Complex data types (object and its secondary types, such as object, array, function, date, etc.); The value of a simple data type is called the original value, and the operation on […]

  • Design pattern learning 05 (Java implementation) – prototype pattern


    Write on the front Take notes on learning design patterns Improve the flexible use of design patterns Learning address https://www.bilibili.com/vide… https://www.bilibili.com/vide… Reference article http://c.biancheng.net/view/1… Project source codehttps://gitee.com/zhuang-kang/DesignPattern 6. Prototype mode 6.1 definition and characteristics of prototype model The definition of prototype pattern is as follows:Using an instance that has been created as a prototype, a […]

  • Introduction to Vue element admin (1)


    Amway official website address panjiachen.github.io/vue-element-a… Installation tutorial Clone project git clone https://github.com/PanJiaChen/vue-element-admin.git If the clone fails, use git clone git://github.com/PanJiaChen/vue-element-admin.git Enter project directory cd vue-element-admin Installation dependency npm install It is recommended not to install with cnpm. There are all kinds of weird bugs. You can solve the problem of slow download speed of NPM […]

  • Xcode configuring VIM


    Generate self signed certificate Open the keychain to access the application, and select as shown in the figure below Re sign Xcode Close Xcode and sign Xcode with the following command. sudo codesign -f -s XcodeSigner /Applications/Xcode.app This step will take a long time, please be patient. It should be noted that theXcodeSignerIt can be […]

  • Laradock build development environment


    Configure the local laradock environment (development environment) Clone laradock source code to local environment The docker environment needs to be installed before running git clone https://github.com/laradock/laradock.git Create. Env file cp env-example-local .env You can modify the contents of the. Env file according to the situation. The following is the configuration that needs to be modified […]

  • Replace CentOS! Cloudlinux has released a beta version of almalinux


    After red hat suddenly announced that it would no longer maintain CentOS Linux last month, Gregory M. kurtzer, the founder of CentOS Linux, immediately announced that he would create a new project rocky Linux to replace CentOS Linux, and cloudlinux also announced the launch of a similar lenix project.Today, cloudlinux officially announced the beta version […]

  • Hadoop 3. X fully distributed cluster building tutorial (1)


    preface Cluster planning:5 machines: hadoop101 hadoop102 hadoop103 hadoop104 hadoop105 HDFS NameNode NameNode DataNode DataNode DataNode YARN ResourceManager ResourceManager NodeManager NodeManager NodeManager Zookeeper √ √ √ edition: Hadoop 3.1.3 Jdk 1.8 Zookeeper 3.6.2 Before writing this blog, it has been finishedBig data course / Hadoop excellent practical big data development and learning course [manatee college]With this […]