• C# design pattern – prototype pattern


    1. Foreword Sometimes there is such a problem, cell division. Generally speaking, a cell is a class. When we split, we can only come out one by one. Do we feel crazy when the number is quite large. Eh, it’s necessary for you to understand the prototype pattern at this time. 2. Definition When the […]

  • IOS app is submitted for approval. I’ll tell you how to deal with the rejection of review 4.3


    The reason for writing this article is very simple. I have encountered IOS audit 4.3 problems. The boss needs me to explain and how to avoid them. In order to answer this question, I sorted out the information I knew for more than 4 hours.There may be deviation or inapplicability. Due to my limited ability, […]

  • [Part 5] – Summary of B2B2C e-commerce technology of spring cloud live mall where git creates a warehouse


    Git create warehouseIn this chapter, we will show you how to create a git warehouse. You can use an existing directory as a git repository. git initGit uses git init command to initialize a git repository. Many git commands need to be run in Git repository, so git init is the first command to use […]

  • Vue array response principle


    Object in vue2 The defineproperty response is only valid for objects, not arrays, so extra processing is done for arrays. We know that there are only seven methods that can change the array itself: sort, push, pop, slice, splice, shift and unshift, so we can rewrite these methods to achieve array responseSolution:1. Find array prototype2. […]

  • GitHub accelerated clone


    In general, clone projects are slow. There are also ways to speed up clone. One way on the Internet is to import gitee and then download clones through gitee. The speed is really fast. It’s just a little troublesome. Now there’s a plug-in way to speed up. Google browser (except Science) install plug-ins GitHub acceleration […]

  • GitHub warehouse master branch to main branch migration guide


    1 Overview After October 1, 2020,GithubThe default branch of all new warehouses will be transferred frommasterChange tomainThis leads to some old warehouse main branchesmaster, the main branch of the new warehouse ismainThis sometimes brings some trouble, so here is a scheme to replace the old warehousemasterBranch migration tomainBranch. 2 specific steps Four steps: Clone original […]

  • [project launch] detailed step 05: actual combat — Vue project launch steps


    Here I take yunfenghui mall as an example https://github.com/lolongwell… The first step is to add a site on the virtual host, such as yunfenghui.lolong.xyz lnmp vhost add Then, knock back all the way. (note that the domain name needs to be resolved on the virtual machine. Refer to [project launch] 04 for detailed steps) The […]

  • Colleagues say branches are useless?


    I have talked about the most commonly used git commands. If the company uses a single branch development, there is only one master branch. Then it can be said that the problem mentioned above can solve 80% of the problems. This article is mainly about branch management under multiple branches. If the official version needs […]

  • Migrate git warehouse with historical submission record


    Migrate git warehouse Many times, development will encounter a problem. Git warehouse management, especially warehouse migration. I need to keep my history, not redevelop it and start over. We can do this: use–mirrorMode will clone all local branches. //First clone the bare warehouse with — bare git clone [email protected]:xxx/testApp1.git –bare //Enter testapp1.git so that all […]

  • Filename too long error encountered while git clone


    When performing git clone on some warehouses, the error prompt of filename too long is encountered. The error prompt is shown in the figure below: There are some solutions: There are some solutions: Run the following command in Git bash to modify the GIT configuration globally: git config –system core.longpaths true After the above error […]

  • JavaScript serialization 15 – node attribute setting, depth clone node


    1、 Get element types and pick by type xiaoming window.onload = function (ev) { //1. Get labels var box = document.getElementById(“box”); console.log(box); //2. Get all nodes in the tag var allNodeLists = box.childNodes; console.log(allNodeLists); //3. Filter element node var newListArr = []; allNodeLists.forEach(function (value,key,parent) { Console.log (“value. NodeType is:” + value. NodeType); Console.log (“value is:” […]

  • Rust RC method


    ref: alloc::rc::Rc – Rust <!– toc –> method new pin try_unwrap into_raw from_raw downgrade weak_count strong_count get_mut ptr_eq make_mut downcast <!– tocstop –> std::rc::RcyesSingle threadReference count pointer. ‘ RC ‘stands for’ reference counted ‘.Look throughmodule-level-documentationView more informationRcThe inherent methods are correlation functions, which means that similar methods should be used in useRc::get_mut(&mut value)instead ofvalue.get_mut()Called as. […]