• Nodejs implements copying content to the clipboard


    The requirements are as follows: takeindex.txtAfter format conversion, the contents of are copied to the clipboard. index.txt The lotus seed is bitter in the heart and the pear is sour in the abdomen– Jin Shengtan in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties Rain into the heart of the flower, becomes sweet and bitter. The […]

  • 51000 star! You can connect and control Android’s open source tools without root


    [introduction]: a gadget for controlling Android devices on PC. It can exchange clipboard, type with computer keyboard, transfer files, install programs, screenshots, screen recording and other functions between PC and Android devices. brief introduction Scrcpy can display and control Android devices connected via USB (or TCP / IP) without any root permission. It supports GNU […]

  • HTML character entity Encyclopedia


    HTML character entity Encyclopedia HTML character entity Encyclopedia This page summarizes common HTML character entities and some special less commonly used character entities. Click the specified character in the page to copy it to the clipboard. https://tooltt.com/info-html-entity/

  • Monitor system clipboard changes in electron


    preface To complete the clipboard history function, consult the electronic clipboard document. No hook event for clipboard changes was found, so I decided to implement one myself. electronRead inClipboard content API, you can use this API to encapsulate the listening timer method. The specific logic is as follows: Use the timer to constantly judge whether […]

  • JS how to operate the clipboard API using the clipboard


    catalogue 1、 Document. Execcommand() method (1) Copy operation (2) Paste operation (3) Shortcomings 2、 Asynchronous clipboard API 3、 Clipboard object 3.1 Clipboard.readText() 3.2 Clipboard.read() 3.3 Clipboard.writeText() 3.4 Clipboard.write() 4、 Copy event, cut event 5、 Paste event 1、 Document. Execcommand() method Document. Execcommand () is a traditional method of operating the clipboard and is supported by […]

  • Emacs plug-in (5) — copy to clipboard xclip


    1、 Reference Emacs series article directory – updating Copy text from Emacs to OS X clipboard xclip 2、 Problem description useC-wNamelykill-region, C-kNamelykill-line, you can only copy cut text toemacsInternal cache, leaving the currentemacsInstance, cannot be used, i.eemacsThe copy clip in is incompatible with the system clipboard 3、 Usexclip 2.1 installation M-x package-install RET xclip RET […]

  • VIM register: from shallow to deep


    Original link:Vim registers: The basics and beyond VIM register is the kind of thing that you may not feel needed until you learn. After you learn it, the register becomes an indispensable and difficult thing to abandon in the workflow. Nevertheless, many people have used VIM for many years, but they still don’t know how […]

  • VIM register: from simple to deep


    Link to the original text:Vim registers: The basics and beyond VIM register is the kind of things that you may not need until you learn. After you learn it, registers become indispensable and hard to discard in workflow. However, there are still many people who have been using VIM for many years and don’t know […]

  • Ubuntu 20.04 shortcut


    If you want to get used to a system, the first thing to do is to be familiar with the shortcut keys of the system, and so is Ubuntu. Although most people have used Ubuntu, few of them have read the list of Ubuntu shortcuts. If I had not prepared this article, I would not […]

  • Alfred workflow uploads images to GitHub with one click and returns markdown


    Alfred workflow one click upload image to GitHub In the preparation of markdown file, the screenshot is used to explain. After the screenshot, the picture can be uploaded to GitHub directly, and the picture syntax in markdown format can be returned be careful: the pillow module does not support getting GIF pictures from the clipboard, […]

  • Windows 10 comes with a collection of screenshots!


    Link to the original text:https://xiaoheidiannao.com/articles/Ways-To-Screenshot.html More computer skills can be found athttps://xiaoheidiannao.comCheck it out! Screen captureIt is a frequent operation in the process of using the computer. Windows 10 system also provides a lot of informationScreen captureNext, I’d like to share with you the screenshot method of windows 10. PrtScn: capture the whole screen and […]

  • How to output contents to the clipboard in Windows / MAC / Linux


    How to copy output directly to the clipboard? In different systems, the commands used are different. Mac //Copy output to clipboard $ echo “hello mac” | pbcopy //Copy all the contents of the file to the clipboard $ pbcopy < remade.md //Paste the contents of the clipboard into a file $ pbpaste > remade.md Linux […]