• node.js – http, modular, npm


    Today is the second day of node learning. In fact, the more I learn, the more familiar I feel. It’s just for node. Why, because I have learned a little about cloud computing before, and I felt useless at the time. Download the server client, I didn’t expect it to be useful here, at least […]

  • node.js – routing, middleware, mysql


    It’s been so late every day for the past few days. I don’t see much content today. I don’t know why it’s so late after learning. Today’s content is still a bit too much, a bit self-contradictory, let’s talk about it again. 1. First of all, let’s see the concept of routing today. What is […]

  • node.js — authentication


    Excuse me, is it true that what ended yesterday has been accumulated in today, and today I will come to work overtime to make more blogs, and see if I can recommend Yiyidian for the sake of perseverance. There is good news and there is bad news. Let’s start with the bad news. I’m in […]

  • I was urged to draft, so let’s talk about how long links can be as efficient as short links in mobile development


    Recently, after being urged by Bogo, the business hours were forced to advance, so I turned through the code warehouse that I had not seen for decades, and found a practical method in the development of long links on the mobile terminal many years ago. The business code is as efficient and concise as the […]

  • C++ overload EditBox default ContextMenu


    problem background When doing C++ client program development under Windows, we often encounter the development of custom right-click menu function points.At this time, we generally only need to process the WM_CONTEXTMENU message in the event process of the window. When processing, you can use CreatePopupMenu to create a pop-up menu as needed, insert the specified […]

  • Datenlord | Etcd Client Cache Practice


    Introduction and Background Etcd is a distributed KV storage that supports strong consistency. It is mainly used for metadata management, service discovery, distributed locks and other scenarios. DatenLord uses etcd to manage the metadata of the cluster. The application of DatenLord will frequently query the metadata in etcd, but it is rarely changed, which is […]

  • [Open Source Welfare] FreeRedis officially released v1.0 in two years [C#.NET Redis Client]


    foreword There are quite a lot of choices for RedisClient SDK under .NET. Chinese people often use StackExchange.Redis/CSRedis/Newlife.Redis for free, and ServiceStack.Redis for a fee. If you are a CSRedis or ServiceStack.Redis fan, you must not miss to pay attention to FreeRedis. Their APIs are very similar, and the method names and parameters are consistent […]