• Multithreaded FTP tools, 10 super easy to use and free multithreaded FTP tools, Chinese version.


    Multithreading FTP tool There are many kinds of free FTP tools, and each has its own characteristics. Which FTP tool is easy to use? Xiaobian thinks that radish and cabbage have their own love, depending on their personal preferences, combined with the needs of server and various functions. One of my favorite is the IIS7 […]

  • Using redis in springboot


    When our project needs to use caching and high concurrency, we can use redis connection pool, let’s go straight to the topic. The project environment of this paper is win 10, springboot 2.1.5.release, redis java client jedis 2.9.3, fastjson 1.2.47 (for serialization). This project uses the Lombok plug-in, so the set and get methods are […]

  • How to use mqtt in rust


    RustIt is a general-purpose, compiled programming language developed by Mozilla. The design criteria of the language are: security, concurrency, practicality and supportFunctional expression、Concurrent style、Process typeas well asobject-orientedThe style of programming. Rust is fast and memory efficient. Because there is no runtime and garbage collection, it can be competent for services with high performance requirements, can […]

  • Several handshakes in front end


    preface During the period of unemployment, I have nothing to do. I read the book “how to connect the Internet” and two booksHTTPRelated columns. On the one hand to supplement professional knowledge, on the other hand is to prepare for job hopping interview. To avoid forgetting, I drew oneXMindPicture: There are too many problems worthy […]

  • Resp protocol of redis


    Brief introduction of resp protocol In the upper layer of TCP protocol, an independent protocol named resp (redis serialization protocol) is used as the standard way of communication between the client and server of redis. Redis protocol makes a compromise between the following points: Simple implementation Quickly parsed by computer It’s so simple that it […]

  • Learning from jedis


    The official account of WeChat:Love to ask CTOProfessional programming Q & a communitywww.askcto.com Introduction to jedis Redis not only uses commands to operate, but also uses program client to operate. Now basically, the mainstream languages have client support, such as Java, C, C #, C + +, PHP, go, etcSome Java clients are listed in […]

  • [Mongo] connect Mongo database (1 / 3)


    The command line enters the Mongo databasemongo View all databasesshow dbs New (or existing) fruit data table and new datadb.fruits.save({name: ‘apple’, price: 5}); lookupdb.fruits.find({price: 5}) View all the tables in the databasedb.getCollectionNames() Connection Mongo database operation conf.js module.exports = { url: ‘mongodb://’, dbName: ‘local’, } db.js const conf = require(‘./conf’); Const {EventEmitter} = require (‘events’); […]

  • Sourcetree failed to authenticate with SSH key


    Link to the original text: https://dsx2016.com/?p=969 WeChat official account: Senior brother 2016 SSHAuthentication failed When pushing a branch, promptSSHKey authentication failed. Click Yes Click to try again Click Cancel Final effect picture Solutions Click Tools – Options choiceSSHclient:OpenSSHClick OK Tips If it has been createdgithub sshKey, if not, you can create a new one yourself

  • Summary after reading MySQL (3)


    A series of articles: Summary after reading MySQL Summary after reading MySQL (2) Summary after reading MySQL (3) There is something wrong with the master library. What about the slave library? The basic one master multi slave structure is as follows In the figure, the dashed arrow indicates the master-slave relationship, that is, a and […]

  • Introduction to vernacular spring cloud


    First of all, let me show you a picture. If you don’t understand this picture very well, I hope you will suddenly realize it after reading my article. What is spring cloud Building a distributed system doesn’t need to be complex and error prone. Spring cloud provides a simple and easy to accept programming model […]

  • Docker note 1 – Introduction (first knowledge + build + use)


    A series of articles: Docker note 1 – Introduction (first knowledge + build + use) Docker notes 2 — save your own LNMP In recent years, the popularity of docker makes more and more companies and programmers realize it. So what is docker? 1、 First meet docker: I remember seeing a picture on the Internet, […]

  • Comparative analysis of golang socket and Linux socket


    After the introduction of POSIX standard, socket has been well supported on major mainstream OS platforms. Golang is a cross platform programming language with runtime. The socket API provided to developers in go is based on the native socket interface of the operating system. However, the socket interface in golang is different from the native […]