• [daily] use tcpdump and ethereal packet capturing to analyze exceptions in HTTP requests


    In the process of testing the function, such a phenomenon appears. After the front-end JS initiates the Ajax request, it can be seen that the status is pending in the browser’s review element network state. After 15 seconds, JS will cancel the current timeout request and turn it into a red cancel. For this reason, […]

  • Communication processing between server and client based on signalr


    Signalr is a real-time communication framework of. Net core /. Net framework, which is generally used in asp.net. Of course, it can also be used in WinForm to realize message communication between server and client. This essay is mainly based on signalr to build a communication processing case between server and client based on WinForm, […]

  • Summary of c-mail (SMTP) and outlook.com account


    This is a technical note about C ා sending email (SMTP), which is presented in the form of “briefing”. Because I successfully sent an email through outlook.com, I think it’s still necessary to record the main points. I. technical core Two classes provided by. Net framework: smtpclient and MailAddress The former is responsible for connecting […]

  • Grpc – simple use of interceptor


    Summary As a general RPC framework, grpc has built-in interceptor function. Including server-side interceptors and client-side interceptors, the use of the same. The main function is to perform additional processing before and after RPC call. From the perspective of the client, the request parameters can be intercepted and modified before the request is initiated; the […]

  • Windows Server 2016 Active Directory NTP time synchronization


    In the actual production domain environment, there are often many problems related to time out of sync. To put it simply, there are several common scenarios: the local client time and domain control time are not unified, resulting in the inability to add domain; each time the client computer enters the password to enter the […]

  • Micro service foundation – awesome! API gateway


    When the micro service was just born, people split the services to achieve loose coupling between services, and each service has a special team maintenance, and then the client directly interacts with each sub service. For example, orders, goods, member services. So what’s the problem with this way that clients interact directly with back-end services? […]

  • Introduction to Windows Server 2016 DHCP add / delete function


    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a client / server protocol that automatically provides Internet Protocol (IP) hosts with their IP addresses and other related configuration information, such as subnet masks and default gateways. RFC 2131 and 2132 define DHCP as the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard based on BOOTP, which shares many implementation […]

  • Implementation of redis message queue


    Summary Redis implements message queuing in two forms: Broadcast subscription mode: Based on redis’s Pub / sub mechanism, once a client publishes a message to a key, all the clients of the subscribe will trigger an event Cluster subscription mode: Based on redis list bidirectional + atomicity + brpop In redis message queuing, when redis […]

  • Kafka in MICRONAUT microservices


    Today, we will passApache KafkaTopic builds micro services that communicate asynchronously with each other. We useMicronautFramework forKafkaIntegration provides specialized libraries. Let’s briefly introduce the architecture of the sample system. We have four microservices:Order service,Itinerary service,Driver serviceandPassenger service。 The implementation of these applications is very simple. They all have memory storage and are connected to the […]

  • PXE: pxe-e55: proxydhcp service did not reply to request on port 4011


    This pxe-e55 “Error indication PXEClient directed to port 4011Proxy DHCP onServer sends requestNo response was received. It seems that only in DHCPDHCP is set on the serverClass identifier optionsBut port 4011 is not on the same computerProxy DHCP running onWhen serving,This problem will occur. If you operate DHCP on a different computerAnd proxy DHCPService,Please do […]

  • The implementation of downloading files with HTTP client in golang


    Before using beego’s HTTP library, sometimes you need to download files. Beego can be implemented, but there is a problem: it does not support callback and cannot display download speed, which is intolerable in daily development. I have seen that the implementation of beego mainly uses the io.copy function, so I have a deep look […]