• Flutter Weekly Issue 66


    Journalism Flutter quarterly survey results sharing course Thinking and design of integrated task arrangement of fluent + FAAS Explain how to generate code through annotation in dart Is GitHub right? Flutter team shares how to manage large open source projects plug-in unit flutter-bubble-tab-indicator A Flutter library to add bubble tab indicator to TabBar spreadsheet-decoder Spreadsheet […]

  • Front end engineers must understand what happens after the browser enters the URL


    This question is a special classic interview question, involving the front-end personnel should master the basic network knowledge, I believe many front-end students understand. But if you ask deeply, you can also ask a lot of sub questions, and also test the depth of knowledge and flexible use of the interviewer. There are several stages […]

  • Microservice to service communication grpc


    Grpc for communication between microservices introduce Grpc is a language independent high performance remote procedure call (RPC) framework,Grpc is a high-performance open source software framework based on HTTP 2.0 transport layer protocol released by Google. It provides a method to configure and manage network devices supporting multiple programming languages. Because it is an open source […]

  • Provider component security in Android security development


    Author: Yiqiao, Daihu @ aliju security 1 Introduction to content provider components Content provider component is one of the important components of Android applications. It manages data access and is mainly used for data sharing among different applications. The data source of content provider includes not only SQLite database, but also file data. By separating […]

  • Understanding JWT (JSON web token) authentication and python practice


    Recently want to do a small program, need to use the authorization authentication process. Previous projects used oauth2 authentication, but it is not convenient for sanic to use oauth2. I want to try JWT authentication.The main content of this article is the authentication principle of JWT and the practice of Python using JWT. Several common […]

  • Full entry record of. Net core microservices (7) — identityserver4 authorization and authentication


    Tips: This article has been added to the reading list of series articles. You can click to see more related articles. preface In the last article, we used cap to complete a simple eventbus, which realized the decoupling and asynchronous call between services, and achieved the final consistency of data. This article will use identity […]

  • Electronic (3) – package and update automatically


    The company has an internal desktop software based on electronic Vue. A few days ago, the person responsible for developing this client left, and I became a temporary file connection optimization person. As a Vue writer, but the first contact with electronic, spent a few days browsing the electronic, electronic Vue official documents, the overall […]

  • Make big data analysis easier, 4 steps to teach you to play with mongodb Bi connector


    Mongodb uses Bi connector to support Bi components to access mongodb directly using SQL or ODBC data source. In the early days, mongodb directly used PostgreSQL FDW to realize the conversion from SQL to MQL. Later, mongosqld, which is more lightweight, supports the connection of Bi tools. Install Bi connector ReferenceInstall BI Connectorhttps://docs.mongodb.com/bi-connector/master/installation/ wget https://info-mongodb-com.s3.amazonaws.com/mongodb-bi/v2/mongodb-bi-linux-x86_64-rhel70-v2.12.0.tgz […]

  • Spring cloud Alibaba series (3) using feign to call services


    What is feign Feign is a declarative pseudo HTTP client provided by spring cloud. It makes calling remote services as simple as calling local services. It only needs to create an interface and add a one-day annotation. Nacos is well compatible with feign. Feign inherits ribbon by default, so load balancing is achieved by using […]

  • Hyperf releases version v2.0.13, enterprise level PHP microservice cloud native process framework


    Update content This week, we added some new features and fixed bugs of some components, and continued to improve the stability of hyperf. We released the2.0.13It is recommended that you use the following command to update this version. composer update “hyperf/*” -o Direct access to the official websitehyperf.ioOr documenthyperf.wikiView updates newly added #2445When using the […]

  • A network request process under Browser


    A network request process under Browser To input http://github.com/appleguardu… Web request is essentially a host to another host to obtain the corresponding resources 1. Process switching When the navigation bar enters http://github.com/appleguardu… The browser process gives the URL to the network process to process and give me to go to this host to get resources; […]

  • Four authorization methods of oauth2.0


    This article is included in personal blog: www.chengxy-nds.top Sharing technology resources and making progress together Last week, my self-developed open source project began to break ground, and “open source project took the first step, 1 out of 10? Page templates become the first stumbling block》It took a long time for the plot to be put […]