• Linux Samba server configuration


    Samba server configuration configuration file /etc/samba/smb.confThe main configuration file of samba, which can set global parameters and parameters of shared directory /etc/samba/lmhostsTo access Samba through hostname: /etc/samba/smbusersBecause the administrator and the guest account names in windows and Linux are different, this configuration file can be used to set a mapping, such as administrator mapping to […]

  • MSSQL – Best Practices – connect using SSL encryption


    MSSQL – Best Practices – connect using SSL encryption Author: wind drift abstract In the monthly report sharing of SQL Server Security Series, we have successively shared in the past: how to use symmetric key to realize SQL Server column encryption technology, use asymmetric key to realize SQL Server column encryption, use mixed key to […]

  • Socket network programming (3): a quick introduction to socket TCP


    Blog Homepage 1. TCP TCP (transmission control protocol) is a transmission control protocol, which is connection oriented, reliable and based on byte stream. TCP communication, like UDP communication, can realize the communication between two computers. Socket objects need to be created at both ends of the communication. The difference is: In UDP, only the sender […]

  • Web caching in detail


    Web browser cache In a world without cache, every request is a new one in a strict sense, so the pressure on the server side can be imagined, and the response speed of the client side is also greatly reduced, that is, we know that we need to cache when we are writing programs, and […]

  • Hadoop series (V) namenode metadata management (non ha mode) and datanode data management


    Distribution process of data files in cluster First, the client sends a request to the name node to apply for uploading the file Information returned by name node to client datanode According to the configuration file and the acquired data node information, the client divides the data file and writes the block to the data […]

  • Cookies and sessions for JS learning


    1.Cookie HTTP1.0The protocol is stateless inWEBIn the application, it is very necessary to share the session among multiple requests, soCookie、cookieIt is the data stored on the client to distinguish the user’s identity and track the session; attribute 2.Session sessionIt’s another mechanism for recording the status of customers. The difference isCookieSaved in the client browser, andsessionWhen […]

  • Grpc build usage


    Grpc official website link New server project Write a. Proto file in the server greet.proto syntax = “proto3”; service Greeter { rpc SayHello (HelloRequest) returns (HelloReply); } message HelloRequest { string name = 1; } message HelloReply { string message = 1; } Server sideGenerate. Proto code as C × nutget install package grpc.tools    […]

  • C ා upper computer — Example of WinForm realizing socket asynchronous communication


    Some knowledge points commonly used in work are always forgotten when they are used up. For the first time, I try to record them with blog for later use; Socket communication. Socket is a encapsulated class based on TCP / IP communication. The following service references need to be added when calling: ……. using System.Net; […]

  • The practice of golang in the construction of e-commerce instant messaging service


    Ma Ma technology original article, more dry goods please search the public number: mfwtech Instant messaging (IM) function is very important for e-commerce platform, especially for tourism e-commerce. From the perspective of commodity complexity, a tourist product may include all aspects of clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc. in the future; from the perspective of consumption […]

  • HTTP caching mechanism details


    Preface When requesting a static file (picture, CSS, JS), etc., the characteristics of these files are that the files do not change frequently. Storing these files that do not change frequently is a way to optimize the user’s browsing experience for the client. So this is the meaning of client cache. HTTP caching mechanism as […]

  • Use websocket client and server of hyperf framework to push messages!


    Usage scenarios The company’s original business message push is completed by the front-end Ajax round eyebrow request back-end interface. Then my new comer, let me change to websocket two-way communication to push messages. Business scenario = > after the browser on the PC side opens the background system, if there is a business order, it […]

  • Related protocols of HTTP caching


    The previous article combed the critical path of HTTP caching. The browser sends the HTTP request, and the request message is sent to the built-in buffer of the browser. After the buffer is verified for the first time, it decides whether to launch the re verification of the cache to the server. The completion of […]