• Identification, authentication and security of HTTP


    First address of Wilson Liu’s blog Identification, certification and safety Chapter 4 of the third part provides a series of technologies and machines, which can be used to track identity, conduct security detection and control access to content. Client identification and cookie mechanism Chapter 11 HTTP was originally an anonymous, stateless request / response protocol. […]

  • A detailed explanation of the history and use of websocket


    1、 Warm up before reading What is keep alive 1. Keep alive is just a client recommendation Let’s open Baidu’s homepage and check the header further. As shown in the figure, we can see a line in the request header: Connection:keep-alive Keep alive is the notification server. After the HTTP request / response set is […]

  • HTTP/2 those things


    HTTP protocol is a very important part of all protocol clusters. With the continuous development of the Internet, HTTP protocol is constantly improving. After this evolution: http0.9 – > http1.0 – > HTTP1.1 – > http2.0. At the same time, as a member of IT industry, it is necessary to understand it. What is HTTP […]

  • Learn the basics of cookies


    Knowledge reserveFirst of all, you need to understand what a session is. A session is when a user opens a browser, clicks on multiple links, then accesses multiple web services, and then closes the browser.There are two ways to save session data. You can save user data, such as data in your shopping cart. The […]

  • Practical summary of Vue + vuerouter + nginx + CDN project optimization


    Usage scenario: at present, this project needs to be embedded in app for use, including router, vuex, Axios, etcCurrent situation: the first load is very slow, waiting time is more than 8 seconds Our purpose: reduce package size, reduce HTTP requests, and ensure code availability, maintainability and no change of business code Route load on […]

  • Identity server4 basic applications (I) client credentials


    Preface Identity server 4 is a set of framework for identity authentication and authorization based on oauth2.0 protocol. Oauth2.0 protocol is a delegation protocol. Through this protocol, we can let a client access those protected resources under an identity with resource access rights. The authorization process is simply summarized. The client application needs to request […]

  • Where is data security for bank apps under hacker attack?


    In October 2019, Tian Houtian was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 10000 yuan for the crime of illegally obtaining computer information system data. Tian has only junior high school culture, but has a strong computer talent. From January 5 to January 15, 2019, through software capture, PS ID card, replay attack […]

  • Com.google.code.kaptcha solutions that cannot be downloaded from Maven central warehouse


    Introduction: Kaptcha is a very practical verification code generation tool class of Google open source. It can use kaptcha to generate a variety of verification codes, but it is not uploaded to Maven central warehouse. The working principle of kaptcha is to call com.google.code.kaptcha.servlet.kaptchaservlet to generate a verification code for the client and save the […]

  • Introduction to mqtt server


    Mqtt publish and subscribe mode Mqtt is based onPublish / subscribeMode for communication and data exchange with httpRequest / responseThere are essential differences. SubscriberWill go toMessage server (broker)Subscribe to oneTopic。 After a successful subscription, the message server forwards the messages under the topic to all subscribers. Topics use ‘/’ as a separator to distinguish different […]

  • Multi room and multi process chat room based on node + socket.io + redis


    1、 Related technology introduction: Message real-time push refers to push messages to the browser in real time. Users can get the latest messages in real time without refreshing the browser. The same is true for the technical principle of real-time chat room. In order to implement push technology, traditional web sites use polling technology. This […]

  • Go web programming — secure cookie for client session management


    stayWebIn application developmentSessionIt is the non persistent interactive information exchanged between users and servers. When a user logs in, it can be generated between the user and the serverSession, and then exchange data back and forth, and destroy it when the user logs outSession。gorilla/sessionsThe software package provides easy to useGolanguageSessionRealization. The package provides two different […]

  • Oracle 10g client installation diagram tutorial


    1. Copy the Oracle 10g client installation package to local to install: 2. Double click setup to: 3. Enter the installation interface later: 4. Select next: install administrator, and then next: 5. Next step after setting the path: TCP-> Next step along the way That’s it