• (30) rapid installation and use of asp.net core3.1 integrated Apollo


    1. Introduction Apollo (Apollo) is a production level configuration center product developed and open sourced by Ctrip framework department. It can centrally manage the configuration of applications in different environments and different clusters. After the configuration is modified, it can be pushed to the application end in real time. It also has standardized permissions, process […]

  • 02select listening server


    # can_ read, can_ write, _ = Select. Select (inputs, outputs, none, none) ## the first parameter is that we need to listen for a readable socket, the second parameter is that we need to listen for a writable socket, the third parameter is that we need to listen for an abnormal socket, and the […]

  • Learn what layer 4 load balancing is


    7th floor load & 4th floor load The commonly used nginx load balancing technology is in the application layer (layer 7) in the network layer. Nginx establishes a TCP connection (handshake) with the client, and then flexibly distributes the requests to different services according to the request information and local configuration information. The advantages and […]

  • About the OCC API request triggered when the homepage of SAP e-commerce cloud is loaded


    When I visited the locally launched SAP Spartacus storefront, I observed a total of 23 OCC API calls in the chrome developer tool: http://localhost:4200/electro… These 23 OCC API calls can be functionally divided into three groups: Group 1: contains a request /occ/v2/electronics-spa/cms/pages?lang=en&curr=USD Cache-Control in request headers: no-cache The value of the client HTTP request cache […]

  • 03python network programming series server


    #Here is a series of functions that define the server. It is the first example in Chapter 7 of Python Network programming# This is for the latter function to call, and then we will study network single thread programming, multi-threaded programming, asynchronous network programming, etc# Import the network programming socket, time, CMD parameter acquisition module […]

  • Clickhouse installation and remote login on


    1、 Installation of Clickhouse 1. Add Yum source yum-config-manager –add-repo http://repo.red-soft.biz/repos/clickhouse/repo/clickhouse-el6.repo 2. Installation yum install clickhouse-server clickhouse-client clickhouse-server-common clickhouse-compressor 3. Start service /etc/init.d/clickhouse-server start 4. Login test [[email protected]_server_yayun_01 ~]# clickhouse-client ClickHouse client version (official build). Connecting to as user default. Connected to ClickHouse server version 20.5.2 revision 54435. VM_0_15_centos 🙂 VM_0_15_centos 🙂 VM_0_15_centos […]

  • Map mobile application practice: ionic elasticsearch search search service


    In the last articleGIS mobile application practice — Construction of Django haystack elasticsearchIn this article, we build our server, which can search results through search. In this article, we build a simple search. The final effect is shown in the figure below: Before starting If you don’t have ionic’s experience, you can refer to some […]

  • [redis basic] client


    Redis uses a single thread to handle the access of multiple clients. Therefore, as redis development, operation and maintenance personnel, they need to understand the communication protocol between redis server and client, as well as the use method of redis client in mainstream programming language. At the same time, they also need to understand the […]

  • Principles and comparison of common registration centers of acquisition technology


    At present, Eureka, zookeeper, consul and Nacos are commonly used registration centers. Recently, I learned the overall framework and implementation of these four registries, and mainly learned the specific implementation of service registration and subscription from the perspective of source code for Nacos. Finally, the differences between the four registries are compared. 1、 Eureka Eureka […]

  • Uncover the secrets of the technical architecture of team collaboration tool worktile


    Since its launch for more than two years, worktile has been recognized and loved by users with good user experience and stable service. By the time I wrote this article, more than 100000 teams were using worktile. As a team collaboration tool, the following problems should be solved first from the technical analysis: Web based […]

  • HTTP streaming


    The work is related to distributed storage. In such a business scenario, large files are transmitted to the server through HTTP protocol. It cannot be loaded into memory at one time and assembled into the body of the request. How to solve this problem? The simplest idea is to upload large files into small files. […]

  • Pyqt5 implementation drop-down check box


    Recently, I wrote a client tool with pyqt5, which needs the effect of the drop-down check box, but the built-in one is not provided. I found the following onlineComboCheckBoxClass can be implemented;It is mainly the combination of drop-down radio and check box, which inheritsQComboBoxClasses, instantiationComboCheckBoxYou can implement the drop-down check box. The code is as […]