• clean XHTML syntax


    Writing XHTML demands a clean HTML syntax.Writing XHTML requires clean HTML syntax——————————————————————————–Some More XHTML Syntax Rules:More XHTML syntax rules:Attribute names must be in lower caseProperty names must be lowercase Attribute values must be quotedUse double quotes for attribute valuesAttribute minimization is forbiddenProperty shorthand is not allowedThe id attribute replaces the name attributeReplace the name attribute […]

  • Vue3 will confirm the usemap


    Front wheel Vue3I need to use it all in our company?hookYou already have it/ p> Period: period? This describes how to prepare for the future?useMapTurn on the high-speed and high-speed switch/ p> It’s a long time у You can use the user test to check?vue3-hooks-plusProvide supportts/ p> 馃 捇Your test address Cause management MapYes, please […]

  • Create a drive generator using node.js


    €? Equipment out of service 1.1 creating an item $ npm init 1.2 installation $ npm i commander chalk clipboardy 1.3 creating a port file index.js In the following sentence: Вprocess.argv // index.js console.log(process.argv) End point ц Forging ring protection $ node index You may only be allowed to/ p> Process.argv request ц The data […]

  • FreeBSD Realizes 3D Desktop


    These nights I’ve been idling around thinking about the implementation of a 3D desktop on FreeBSD. Now I have collected two more careful reference documents for you to see. I haven’t worked on it yet, because there are some problems that are not clear yet. 1. To implement XGL/GLX, what is the minimum version of […]