• Various skills of Django rest framework


    In order to prevent you from looking for students, I lost a catalog here, because I may continue to write in the future catalog Various skills of Django rest frameworkVarious skills of Django rest framework — 2. SerializerVarious skills of Django rest frameworkVarious skills of Django rest framework — 4. Generic viewVarious skills of Django […]

  • Technology and business: how do I grow in business?


    Author: Mu Ye Application real time monitoring service (arms) is an application performance management (APM) product, which includes three sub products: application monitoring, Prometheus monitoring and front-end monitoring, covering distributed applications, container environment, browsers, applets and apps Performance management can help users realize full stack performance monitoring and end-to-end full link tracking diagnosis, making application […]

  • Auto input async catch loader for your happiness


    preface The day before yesterday (Sunday), I wrote a webpack loader, auto input async catch loader, and the NPM package was frequently sent at 8pm. Yesterday morning, I went to the official website of NPM and found 282 downloads in more than ten hours Before, I wrote an articleOn site teaching, handling async await exception […]

  • Common syntax correspondence table of mongodb and SQL


    For students who often write SQL, they are not used to the syntax of mongodb at the beginning. The following table sorts out the common SQL syntax, functions and corresponding mongodb syntax for reference only.   Terms and concepts SQL MongoDB database database table collection row document column field index index table joins $lookup primary […]

  • A puzzle software project demo


    This is a simple implementation of the jigsaw module in the beautiful picture show,Interested students can refer to see。 Video effects:Link description Screenshot: Figure in editing: The image generated by splicing:

  • Python Basics_ Example exercises (2)


    Question 1: suppose there is a classmate a, who makes progress every week on weekdays and falls back on weekends. How many times is classmate a after one year (365 days) than a year ago? The progress of weekdays was input by users, and decreased by 0.01 or 1% at weekends deyup = eval(input()) deyfactor […]

  • New features of tidb 4.0 (4) graphical diagnosis interface


    One day, DBA Xiao Wang of pongghat company received feedback from the business side: “Xiao Wang, our database query has suddenly become very slow, and the business has been stopped urgently. Can you see what the situation is? “ Xiao Wang has experienced many battles and has seen a lot. He has skillfully entered the […]

  • What to do if git conflicts and how to solve code conflicts efficiently and quickly?


    It is believed that many students will encounter git conflicts in the project development stage. The more the number of project participants, the greater the probability of occurrence. For those who have not long been exposed to git, they may be blind to Baidu: Save your local code, return your local code version, and so […]

  • Find out the missing and make up for it | take part in the summary of teacher Bob’s CSM course


    From April 11 to 12, I participated in Mr. Bob’s online CSM course. The two-day course can be said to be a loophole. I have read through and organized a team to learn the book “the essence of Scrum: a guide to agile transformation” translated by Bob since 2016, and helped the enterprise’s industry and […]

  • Why do we do solopi


    Solopi status In July last year (2019), ant group officially opened the client automation testing tool solopi, which mainly includes three modules: recording and playback (for functional testing), performance tools (for performance testing) and one machine multi control (for compatibility testing). From open source to now, we have received different voices from inside and outside […]

  • Why did I switch from windows to Linux?


    This article comes from readers! hello everyone! I’m brother guide, Java back-end development. A free boy who can be a little bit front-end and likes cooking. If the article has any need to improve and perfect the place, welcome to point out in the comment area, common progress! Oh, when you see this title, don’t […]

  • 2020 Node.js Developer Survey Report


    Introduction:The survey, led by Alibaba and Tencent, was conducted in Chinese from February to April 2020. As of April 10, 1113 respondents participated in the survey. This report will analyze the current situation of nodejs development ecology from the perspectives of nodejs developer population, application scenarios, development scenarios, etc. Author: Bingsen More quality content:click here […]