• Data mining and life


    Data mining and life preface The purpose of writing this article is to introduce the company’s colleagues to the basic knowledge of data mining, in order to enhance everyone’s understanding and interest in data mining, apply this technology to work and life, give play to the collective wisdom and add data mining application scenarios for […]

  • Generating test cases using classification tree function in vectorcast for Linux


    staysoftware test The design of test cases is a key software testing activity for test quality, because the selection of test case set has a great impact on the depth and scope of testing. The classification tree method was proposed by grochtmann and Grimm in 1993. It is an effective testing method in software function […]

  • What data relationships can Python visual charts show?


    preface The text and pictures of this article come from the Internet and are only for learning and communication. They do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. Author: Qu Xifeng, senior Python engineer, knows many columnists Source: […]

  • IOS class loading principle


    Loading principle of class: IOS class loading principle IOS class loading principle IOS class loading principle The loading principle of classification, supplement and class extension, and introduction to associated objects stayIOS class loading principleWe talked aboutreadClassMethod, which binds and matches the name and address of the class through the address of the class. But we […]

  • Multiple arrays to determine whether the key value has a dependency relationship


    $products = array( [‘id’ => 1,’name’ => ‘A’,’catid’ => 5], [‘id’ => 2,’name’ => ‘B’,’catid’ => 6], [‘id’ => 3,’name’ => ‘C’,’catid’ => 7], ); $category = [ [‘id ‘= > 5,’ name ‘= >’ Category 1 ‘], [‘id ‘= > 6,’ name ‘= >’ Category 2 ‘], [‘id ‘= > 99,’ name ‘= >’ […]

  • How to expand the click range of buttons in IOS development


    We always encounter such problems when doing projects. It is not easy to click because the length and width of the button are designed to be very small. At this time, we need to expand the click area without changing the original size of the button. Before solving this problem, we need to know what […]

  • Text classification using tensorflow Lite plug-in in fluent


    If you want a simple, efficient and flexible way to integrate tensorflow model into the fluent application, please don’t miss the new plug-in we introduced todaytflite_flutter。 The developer of this plug-in is Amish Garg, an intern of Google summer of code (gsoc). This article comes from his article “using tensorflow Lite plug-in to realize text […]

  • Magic blockskit (I)


    Pay attention to the warehouse and get updates in time:iOS-Source-Code-AnalyzeFollow: Draveness · Github High energy early warning: This article is very long, because the implementation of blockskit is still complex and intentional. This article is not to analyze the implementation of block in IOS development and how it is composed or even used. If you […]

  • OC language features: classification, extension, agent, notification, KVO, KVC, attribute


    1、 Classification 1. What is the role of classification?Declare private methods, decompose large class files, and expose the private methods of the framework 2. Classification characteristicsAt runtime, you can add classifications to system classes. 3. What can be added to the classification?Instance method, class method, protocol, property (add getter and setter methods, there is no […]

  • Tpextbuilder – left tree navigation


    Series articles: Background development framework based on (tp5.1, tp6.0) (design ideas refer to laravel admin) Tpextbuilder – hasbuilder (encapsulating page) Tpextbuilder – form Tpextbuilder – Search Tpextbuilder – table Tpextbuilder – selectpage drop-down data Tpextbuilder – left tree navigation Tpextbuilder – displays [component] – field Tpextbuilder – displays [component] – when form linkage Tpextbuilder – […]

  • Zero foundation “machine learning” self study notes | Note7: logical regression


    logic.jpeg Write in front This series is my personal notes when I taught myself [machine learning]. There may be many mistakes in the learning process. I hope all readers will give me some advice. This series is based onTeacher Wu Enda’s [“machine learning” course]As the key link, supplemented byHuang Haiguang’s [personal notes of Stanford University […]

  • Hierarchical directory query and spring MVC page transfer parameters


    Commodity classification information is generally a three-level catalog Query the classification parent of level 1 goods_ id=0Query the classification parent of secondary goods_ id=1Query the classification parent of level 3 goods_ id=2 Commodity classification display EasyUI tree format VO object Business logic Query the first level menu tree structure first. No information will be passed […]