• R language random forest, logistic regression logisitc prediction of heart disease data and visual analysis


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=22596  Research Outline Introduce the data set and the objectives of the study Explore datasets visualization Chi square independent test, Cramer’s V test and Goodman Kruskal tau value were used to explore the data set Prediction model, logistic regression and randomforest step() bestglm() Two examples of logistic regression Model instances were evaluated using a […]

  • Gorm relation, one to one, one to many, many to many query


    Functions to be realizedArticles belong to a categoryThe article has multiple tags There are four related tables. The tables are established in the database in advance. There is no foreign key relationship Article table Tag table article_ Tag table Category table //Article table type Article struct { Id int `json:”id”` Title string `json:”title”` CategoryId int […]

  • Tips for Mac to quickly sort desktop files into new folders


    There are all kinds of files on our desktop, which always become more and more messy with our use, so how can we quickly sort them out? Today’s Xiaobian has brought you a skill to quickly classify these documents. resolvent: After selecting, right-click any selected file, Click “create a new folder with the selected item”. […]

  • Prediction of bank customer churn model using pytorch machine learning classification in Python


    Classification problems belong to the category of machine learning problems. Given a set of functions, the task is to predict discrete values. Some common examples of classification questions are predicting whether a tumor is cancer or whether a student is likely to pass an exam. In this paper, given some characteristics of bank customers, we […]

  • Fluent news client – 15 strapi data modeling graphql conditional query sorting


    Objectives of this section Container management tool Database design process Database design objectives, specifications and habits Graphql conditional query and sorting Fluent code implementation video https://www.bilibili.com/vide… code https://github.com/ducafecat/… Network disk download of strapi running environment Net disk Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/13Ujy…Password: yu82 file name explain strapi-docker-compose-00.zip Clean environment, graphql plug-in installed strapi-docker-compose-15.zip Lesson 15 content function You need […]

  • General situation of multi label classification and thinking of medical image classification


    General situation of multi label classification and thinking of medical image classification Recently, I was doing multi label classification of fundus images. I read the summary of Liu Weiwei of Wuhan UniversityThe Emerging Trends of Multi-Label Learning1, I also read some articles on medical image classification and multi label classification of natural images. This paper […]

  • Bert Chinese classification learning for deep learning


    Bert Chinese classification learning for deep learning Bert experiment Analysis of pre training results tfhub_handle_preprocess = “https://hub.tensorflow.google.cn/tensorflow/bert_zh_preprocess/3” bert_preprocess_model = hub.KerasLayer(tfhub_handle_preprocess) text_ Test = [‘I’m such a genius!!’] text_preprocessed = bert_preprocess_model(text_test) print(f’Keys : {list(text_preprocessed.keys())}’) print(f’Shape : {text_preprocessed[“input_word_ids”].shape}’) print(f’Word Ids : {text_preprocessed[“input_word_ids”][0, :12]}’) print(f’Input Mask : {text_preprocessed[“input_mask”][0, :12]}’) print(f’Type Ids : {text_preprocessed[“input_type_ids”][0, :12]}’) Print results Keys : […]

  • Image classification for deep learning


    Deep learning image classification resnet50 This time, transfer learning is adopted and fine tuned. The general recommendations are: Feature extraction using pre trained models: when using small data sets, the common practice is to use the features learned from the models trained on larger data sets in the same domain. This is done by instantiating […]

  • JS / TS groups objects in the array by the same value


    For example: group and classify the following arrays according to the value of LastName const listData = [ { firstName: “Rick”, lastName: “Sanchez”, size: 18 }, { firstName: “Morty”, lastName: “Smith”, size: 6 }, { firstName: “Jerry”, lastName: “Smith”, size: 3 }, { firstName: “Beth”, lastName: “Smith”, size: 0 }, { firstName: “Summer”, lastName: “Smith”, […]

  • Visual interpretation of super parameters of support vector machine


    Author | soner y ı ld ı r ı mCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Support vector machine (SVM) is a widely used supervised machine learning algorithm. It is mainly used for classification tasks, but it is also suitable for regression tasks. In this article, we will deeply explore the two important super parameters c and […]

  • A primer on using tensorflow and keras


    By angel DasCompile VKSource: towards Data Science introduce Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are the advanced version of machine learning technology and the core of deep learning. Artificial neural networks involve the following concepts. Input-output layer, hidden layer, neurons under hidden layer, forward propagation and back propagation. Simply put, the input layer is a set of […]

  • The front end should also understand machine learning (Part 2)


    Pay attention to the official account of “kite holders”, reply to “information” to get 500G information (all “arms”), and professional exchange groups. Ha ha) The last article talked about the basic knowledge of machine learning. This article opens the way to explore some algorithms. Since we are front-end R & D engineers, we choose ml.js […]