• Api: tiktok: user attention list


    Tiktok tiktok, tiktok, tiktok, Api, Api, jitter, voice, bullet screen comments, jitter, jitter, and jitter. Tiktok tiktok tiktok data, jitter data acquisition, live broadcast of shaking sound Titodata: professional short video data acquisition and processing platform. For more information, please contact:TiToData Massive data collection Collect 500 million pieces of data for customers every day Tiktok […]

  • JSP classic learning notes (including a variety of common grammar for beginners)


    This paper introduces JSP classic learning notes. Share with you for your reference. The details are as follows: JSP is a special form of servlet. Every JSP page is a servlet instance. JSP pages are compiled into servlets systematically, and servlets are responsible for responding to user requests. 1. JSP annotation <% — comment content […]

  • Using spark to solve some classic MapReduce problems


    abstract Spark is an Apache project, which is billed as “lightning fast cluster computing”. It has a thriving open source community and is currently the most active Apache project. Spark provides a faster and more general data processing platform. Compared with Hadoop, spark can make your program run 100 times faster in memory or 10 […]

  • Like ← stroke, don’t like → stroke


    TanTan There are explorations and strangers premise Now the more popular social software has such a function module, like ← row, don’t like → row, what a classic advertising language.I wrote such a demo in my spare time These two are classic cases of comparative parameters parameter //Agency @property (nonatomic, weak) id<TanTanDelegate>delegate; //Data source @property […]

  • lotus520


    A classic SQL is found, and the rolling calculation balance is realized by an update code without a circular cursor. For the convenience of understanding, test with examples SELECT * FROM #t1 ORDER BY sn sn plh sid chkshl jcshl1 S0002 20.0000 980.00002 S0003 10.0000 1010.00003 S0003 10.0000 1010.00004 S0003 10.0000 1010.00005 S0002 10.0000 980.00006 […]

  • C + + introduction


    Perhaps the most difficult programming language in the world is C + +. Don’t think you can learn C + + well in a few days. The learning curve of C + + is quite BT. you can read this article. C + + is a very free language, free to a little bit BT […]