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  • Bootstrap column offset


    Sometimes, we don’t want two adjacent columns to be close to each other, but we don’t want to use margin or other technical means. At this time, you can use the column offset function to achieve. Using column offset is also very simple. Just add the class name “col MD offset – *” to the […]

  • C + + class member pointer (pointer to class member)


    1. Pointer to the data member of the class: The format of the statement is as follows: < type specifier > < class name >: * < pointer variable name >; For example: class A { private: int a; public: int c; public: A(int i) { a = i; }; int Fun(int b) { return […]

  • Bootstrap column sort


    Column sorting is actually changing the direction of the column, that is, changing the left and right floating, and setting the floating distance. In the grid system of bootstrap framework, the class name “col MD push” is added-”And “col MD pull”-”(where the asterisk represents the number of column combinations moved). Let’s look at a simple […]

  • Thinkphp6 source analysis of analytical request


    Get request object Before we get to the point, we need to focus on the make method. Because people who have used it in the last version have begun to accept the concept of container. This new version enhances the function of container. The essence of creating a request object is the make method. Rather, […]

  • Mybatis [4] – about the definition of mybatis alias


    The code is placed directly in GitHub warehouse【 https://github.com/Damaer/Myb… 】It can be run directly, so it doesn’t take up space. What we need to improve next is alias. Let’s also take this opportunity to introduce the function of alias. In fact, in our actual development, in most cases, amapper.xmlThe file corresponds to the operation on […]

  • A new issue of dry goods is coming. How to use bootstrap


    Bootstrap plug in                                           ⬇( Indicate the intention)                    The main function of the form is a web page control used to communicate with users. A good form design can make the web page better communicate with users. The common elements in the form mainly include: text input box, drop-down selection box, radio […]

  • Angular2 built in instruction


    From NG2 book 1.NgIf <div *ngIf=”false”></div> <!– never displayed –> <div *ngIf=”a > b”></div> <!– displayed if a is more than b –> <div *ngIf=”str === ‘yes'”></div> <!– displayed if str holds the string “yes” –> <div *ngIf=”myFunc()”></div> <!– displayed if myFunc returns a true value –> 2.NgSwitch When ngif judgment condition is too complex, […]

  • Elegant usage events in Yii


    An event used in Yii looks like this //Binding events $component->on($event::EVENT_NAME, [$object, ‘methodNameA’]); $component->on($event::EVENT_NAME, [$object, ‘methodNameB’]); //Trigger event $component->trigger($event::EVENT_NAME, $event); It can be seen from the above code that if you want to trigger a five listening event, you need to invade six lines of code, which is obviously not elegant enough, so you wrote […]

  • Automatic loading mechanism such as tp5.1 source code snooping


    A series of articles: Automatic loading mechanism such as tp5.1 source code snooping Tp5.1 source code to explore the container to understand the implementation of the three interfaces Reflection of tp5.1 source code snooping and yaconf configuration extension Configuration of tp5.1 source code Container veil of tp5.1 source code Tp5.1 source code snooping facade agent […]

  • Java basic syntax: package mechanism


    To better organize classes, Java providesPackage mechanism。 This mechanism is designed toIt can prevent naming conflict, access control, search and locate classes, interfaces, enumerations and annotations。 1、 Function Organize similar or related classes or interfaces in the same packageTo facilitate the search and use of the class. Just like the folder, the package is also […]

  • Description of the relationship among Swift’s date, dateformatter, datecomponents and locale


    Description of the relationship among Swift’s date, dateformatter, datecomponents and locale preface It’s important for processing time to understand the relationship between these classes and what they do Class name explain be careful Date It’s just a data that represents the time. It only represents the time node, just like the timestamp DateFormatter It formats […]

  • Mobile adaptation scheme for Vue cli configuration


    Preface: Recently, we need to start a new H5 project, find the previous adaptation scheme, and the pit in the postcss has been stepped on. Just follow the steps to install. The first step Initialize project npm install -g @vue/cli vue create M-h5 Step two According to their own needs, I choose the default The […]