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  • When writing Lua with sublime, CMD + R cannot list the solutions to some functions


    When writing Lua code with sublime, you can call out overlay with the shortcut key CMD + R to quickly get the function list of the current Lua file and jump to: This function is also applicable to writing in other languages, but there is a small bug under Lua, that is, if your class […]

  • What does query class operation mean?


    Class operation is to operate the element style by operating the class name of the element. When the element style is complex, if it is implemented through CSS () method, it needs to write a long code in CSS, which is neither beautiful nor convenient. By writing a class name, it will be very convenient […]

  • C # development specification


    Write in front:This paper is based on the theory of AlibabaJava development manualas well asWPF source codeA development specification for C #. Naming style It is forbidden to use pinyin mixed with English in naming code, and it is not allowed to use Chinese directly. Namespace, class name, method, property, event, enumeration, public static field […]

  • Angularjs implementation progress bar function example


    This article mainly introduces the implementation of progress bar function in angularjs, and analyzes the principle, relevant knowledge points and precautions of the implementation of progress bar function in angularjs in the form of specific and complete examples, which can be referred to by friends in need   This paper describes the implementation of the […]

  • Kneel down! Java all-around note explosion, java tutorial / java package / eclipse installation guide all have


    preface: The last one is almost an introduction to Java, which is boring. For example, let’s introduce these friends to check for themselves. Next, let’s go directly to the technical topic. Next, share: Java basic course How Java works It consists of four parts 1. Java programming language 2. Java class file format 3. Java […]

  • Deep understanding of PHP object oriented later static binding


    introduce Since PHP 5.3.0, PHP has added a function called late static binding, which is used to refer to statically called classes within the scope of inheritance. To be exact, the working principle of late static binding is to store the class name of the last “non forwarding call”. When making static method calls, the […]

  • Properties of jquery


    1. Attr (name | properties | key, value | FN): sets or returns the attribute value of the selected element ① Get properties <pre style=”margin: 0px; padding: 0px; overflow: auto; overflow-wrap: break-word; font-family: &quot;Courier New&quot; !important; font-size: 12px !important;”>![]() <script type=”text/javascript”> $(function(){ console.log($(“img”).attr(“alt”)); }); </script></pre> result: ② Setting individual properties ![]() ![]() <script type=”text/javascript”> $(function(){ […]

  • Bootstrap column offset


    Sometimes, we don’t want two adjacent columns to be close to each other, but we don’t want to use margin or other technical means. At this time, you can use the column offset function to achieve. Using column offset is also very simple. Just add the class name “col MD offset – *” to the […]

  • C + + class member pointer (pointer to class member)


    1. Pointer to the data member of the class: The format of the statement is as follows: < type specifier > < class name >: * < pointer variable name >; For example: class A { private: int a; public: int c; public: A(int i) { a = i; }; int Fun(int b) { return […]

  • Bootstrap column sort


    Column sorting is actually changing the direction of the column, that is, changing the left and right floating, and setting the floating distance. In the grid system of bootstrap framework, the class name “col MD push” is added-”And “col MD pull”-”(where the asterisk represents the number of column combinations moved). Let’s look at a simple […]

  • Thinkphp6 source analysis of analytical request


    Get request object Before we get to the point, we need to focus on the make method. Because people who have used it in the last version have begun to accept the concept of container. This new version enhances the function of container. The essence of creating a request object is the make method. Rather, […]

  • Mybatis [4] – about the definition of mybatis alias


    The code is placed directly in GitHub warehouse【 https://github.com/Damaer/Myb… 】It can be run directly, so it doesn’t take up space. What we need to improve next is alias. Let’s also take this opportunity to introduce the function of alias. In fact, in our actual development, in most cases, amapper.xmlThe file corresponds to the operation on […]