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  • [video tutorial] configure PHP auto completion prompt of vscode and debug remotely with Xdebug


    The default download and installation of vscode does not accurately prompt and detect PHP syntax errors. You need to manually specify the native PHP program path. After configuration, you can check the syntax for errors when saving the file.Open file – > Preferences – > setting, and fill in the PHP execution path, provided that […]

  • Using the skia rendering engine on MacOS


    Ah. This is my second time to use skia. I forget to compile it every time. It’s really hard to build the C + + project environment. It’s really one of the few libraries that I can run, and another is ffmpeg.. Although I forgot to step on it every time, I made up my […]

  • Redis development and operation and Maintenance Notes


    1. SDS data structure SDS maintains the length of a field itself. The efficiency of getting the length of string is O (1); In string splicing, if there is not enough space, it will apply. Modifying the length of a string causes modification times:Application space: when it is less than 1m, the space with the […]

  • A detailed explanation of several class libraries commonly used in. Net core project (worth collecting)


    Preface It has been nearly 15 years since Microsoft launched. Net platform in 2002. In the wave of rapid Internet iteration, many languages have been eliminated, and more new languages have emerged. But. Net is still firmly standing in the front-line camp of system development platform, and with the arrival of the official version of. […]

  • Faker — PHP class library for generating test data


    TP framework is used in work. Every time I test the function, I need to add test data manually. I always use low to explosive user names such as test1 and test2 when I am poor in words, which makes me very sad. After browsing some data, we found that laravel has a command seed […]

  • Design mode ☑ state mode Practice


    State mode brief introduction In state pattern, the behavior of a class changes based on its state. This type of design pattern belongs to behavioral pattern. In state mode, we create objects that represent various states and a context object whose behavior changes as the state object changes. Characteristic Intention:Allows an object to change its […]

  • C ා initial class and namespace


    Contents of this section: 1AnalysisHello,Worldprogram 1.1Initial class(class)And namespace(namespace) 2, reference to class library 2.1DLLQuotation(Black box reference) 2.2Project reference(White box reference) 2.3Build your own class library project 3, dependency 4. troubleshooting   1AnalysisHello,Worldprogram 1.1Class(class)The main body of the procedure 1.2, namespace(namespace)Organize classes in tree structure(And other types) for exampleButtonandPathclass Namespace can effectively avoid class conflicts with […]

  • Processing method of Vue integrated jtopo


      Jtopo help Notes website http://www.jtopo.com/index.html       Use example: http://www.jtopo.com/demo/helloworld.html It is not recommended to install the code on GitHub directly, because the code version is not up-to-date and some functions are not implemented.   Download the latest JS class library file and put it in the public folder of the Vue project. […]

  • Data binding library errors caused by obfuscation


    Summary of questions AbstractMethodError: abstract method “androidx.databinding.ViewDataBinding androidx.databinding.DataBinderMapper.getDataBinder(androidx.databinding.DataBindingComponent, android.view.View, int)” The stack is as follows: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: abstract method “androidx.databinding.ViewDataBinding androidx.databinding.DataBinderMapper.getDataBinder(androidx.databinding.DataBindingComponent, android.view.View, int)” at androidx.databinding.MergedDataBinderMapper.getDataBinder(MergedDataBinderMapper.java:74) at androidx.databinding.DataBindingUtil.bind(DataBindingUtil.java:199) at androidx.databinding.DataBindingUtil.inflate(DataBindingUtil.java:130) at androidx.databinding.DataBindingUtil.inflate(DataBindingUtil.java:95) at cn.sintoon.common.adapter.SinRecyclerViewBaseAdapter.onCreateViewHolder(Unknown Source:11) at cn.sintoon.common.adapter.SinRecyclerViewBaseAdapter.onCreateViewHolder(Unknown Source:0) at androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView$Adapter.createViewHolder(RecyclerView.java:6794) at androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView$Recycler.tryGetViewHolderForPositionByDeadline(RecyclerView.java:5975) at androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView$Recycler.getViewForPosition(RecyclerView.java:5858) at androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView$Recycler.getViewForPosition(RecyclerView.java:5854) at androidx.recyclerview.widget.LinearLayoutManager$LayoutState.next(LinearLayoutManager.java:2230) at androidx.recyclerview.widget.LinearLayoutManager.layoutChunk(LinearLayoutManager.java:1557) at androidx.recyclerview.widget.LinearLayoutManager.fill(LinearLayoutManager.java:1517) at androidx.recyclerview.widget.LinearLayoutManager.onLayoutChildren(LinearLayoutManager.java:612) at androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView.dispatchLayoutStep2(RecyclerView.java:3924) at […]

  • .NET Foundation


    .NET frameworkIt is a CRL oriented programming platform running on system virtual machine and based on CLR.. net’s BCL runs on top of the CLR.The. Net framework is open source.. net supports multi language development, including C ා, f ා, vb.net, etc.A program written in. Net language generates an assembly after compilation. At runtime, the […]

  • C. use AForge to collect camera information


    Summary Aforge.net is specially designed for developers and researchers based on C framework. It provides different class libraries and resources about class libraries. There are many application examples, including computer vision and artificial intelligence, image processing, neural network, genetic algorithm, machine learning, robotics and other fields. This paper mainly introduces the relevant content of image […]

  • Dry goods:. Net core to read user-defined configuration file, active code


    Many people don’t understand how to read configuration files in. Net core. I have two articles here. The last one introduces how to read file information through appsettings.json configuration. This article teaches you to customize the configuration file: 1. Create a configuration file under the project { “FileMap”: { “ImgPath”: “D:\\myfile\\misc\\NPSPower\\TemplateCore\\TemplateCore\\wwwroot\\UpImg\\”, “ImgWeb”: “”, “FilePath”: “D:\\myfile\\misc\\NPSPower\\TemplateCore\\TemplateCore\\wwwroot\\UpFile\\”, […]