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  • Popular third party libraries and their names


    CocoaPodsAre you tired of dragging libraries into Xcode projects? Well, the emergence of cocoapods will help you solve this problem. Cocoapods is the most famous class library management tool in Objective-C project. It can solve the dependency between libraries and download the source code of the library for our development. Most importantly, most open source […]

  • Lesson 5 and 6 message handler: simplify message processing


    The article explains:   This paper is based on the WeChat official account + rapid development course notes of Sheng Su Zhenwei network. Course address:   https://study.163.com/course/courseMain.htm?courseId=1004873017 Project address:   https://github.com/wechatdeveloper/WechatVideoCourse Course objectives: New from 0 Asp.Net Introduction of MVC web project Senparc.Weixin SDK, and publish Web project to the application server to connect with the communication interface […]

  • [go] golang realizes MySQL connection pool


    To connect mysql database in golang, you need to use a third-party class library github.com/go -SQL driver / MySQL, the connection pool of MySQL is implemented in this class library, and only two parameters need to be set Generally, you need to call MySQL first sql.Open Function, but at this time did not really connect […]

  • Using elastic box to achieve a background management interface, multi label, multi window


    Due to the revision of the HTML editor made a few days ago, the page of the editor has been redesigned. The whole interface is implemented with flex box     Some friends may have similar requirements and publish pure static HTML and CSS to GitHub. Under this project: https://github.com/vularsoft/studio-ui HTML in it- demo.html That’s […]

  • C # advanced features (reflection)


    Today, let’s talk about the application of reflection 1、 What is reflection? In brief, reflection is a help class library of the. Net framework, which can obtain and use metadata (metadata list); the easy to understand point is that you can still use classes of other layers without reference. 2、 Let’s build a project to […]

  • Springboot learning notes 0.1


    Springboot learning notes Introduction to spring boot 1、 Springboot comparison Spring framework The core features of spring framework are dependency injection (DI) and inversion of control (IOC). If you can reasonably use Di and IOC, you can develop loosely coupled and well extensible applications. Spring MVC Spring MVC provides a friendly way to develop web […]

  • Bridging mode of design pattern


    Bridging mode of design pattern Intro Bridge separates the abstract part from its implementation part so that they can all change independently. When it comes to the separation of abstraction from its implementation, it means that abstract classes and their derived classes are used to implement their own objects There is another way to understand […]

  • The evolution of Java language


    –Compiled from “Java core technology (Volume I) basic knowledge (the 11th edition of the original book)” Version | year | new language features 1.0 | 1996 | language itself 1.1 | 1997 | internal class 1.2 | 1998 | strictfp modifier 1.3 | 2000 | none 1.4 | 2002 | assertion 5.0 | 2004 | […]

  • ICalendar learning record


    brief introduction ICalendar is the standard for calendar data exchange (RFC 5545). This standard sometimes refers to “ical”, which is a calendar software with the same name produced by apple, and this software is also an implementation of this standard. Website records Document class library Standardization description Python class library PHP handler other Personal blog […]

  • Why is rollup more suitable for packaging libraries than webpack


    preface About a year ago, I wrote a small JS plug-inremember-scroll, and shared an article:Use class to write a JS plug-in that remembers where the user left off, is a pure JS library, whose function is to automatically locate the last browsing position when the user enters the page again. It is packaged with webpack […]

  • How to get rid of the tail in SQL statements, I use C to think about five ways


    1: Background 1. Tell a story I’m really busy fixing bugs these days. I also encountered an interesting bug. I’d like to share with you that it’s a very complicated report related business of SQL. I don’t know which boss is working on the complicated businessNesting + parallelThe SQL splicing in if judgment has problems […]

  • C # reflection


    What is reflection? Reflection: everywhere, MVC, webfrom, asp.net , ORM, IOC, AOP, almost all frameworks are inseparable from reflection, so what is reflection? We write code, the computer to identify, need secondary compilation, intermediate will be compiled through the compiler, get DLL, EXE, and then JIT compiled, and finally by the computer language recognition, execution, […]