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  • [transfer]: used by plug-ins to load custom Lua scripts


    The Lua script loading plug-in in xmake allows you to easily debug and write some custom Lua scripts. At this time, xmake is a pure Lua loading engine.. For example, I want to write a simple onehello xmake!Lua script, you can create your ownhello.luaFile, write the following script: function main() print(“hello xmake!”) end mainIt is […]

  • Maven’s scope difference


    1. Dependent scope Scope defines the use phase of the class package in the project. The project phase includes: compile, run, test and release. 2. Classification description compile The default scope is compile, which means that the current dependency participates in the compilation, testing and running phases of the project, which belongs to strong dependency. […]

  • Front end interview daily 3 + 1 – day 375


    Today’s knowledge points (April 25, 2020) – day 375 [HTML] how to make the layout of the page not disordered after zooming in or out? [CSS] how to use CSS to add a diagonal slash to a square? [JS] how to automatically submit a form by pressing enter [soft skills] please explain the meaning and […]

  • Segmentfault markdown parsing library hyperdown released


    GitHub address:https://github.com/SegmentFault/HyperDown Why write such a parser Markdown has been around for many years, and many websites, large and small, have been using it, but its parser is still in a mess. Segmentfault is a large-scale website using markdown syntax in China. We have been using some open source class libraries, including but not limited […]

  • Front end interview daily 3 + 1 – day 379


    Today’s knowledge points (April 29, 2020) – day 379 [HTML] what are the concepts in grid layout? For example: gridlines [CSS] have you encountered any strange problems with negative text indent: – 9999px? How to solve it? Does the location of [JS] script affect the first screen display time? [skill] how to implement multiplexing based […]

  • JVM Performance Optimization — bytecode Technology


    1、 Application scenarios of bytecode Technology AOP technology, Lombok plug-ins to remove duplicate code, dynamic modification of class files, etc 2、 Byte technology advantages Java bytecode enhancement refers to modifying Java bytecode and enhancing its function after it is generated. This method is equivalent to modifying the binary file of application program. Java bytecode enhancement […]

  • Using skia rendering engine on MacOS


    Ah.. This is the second time I use skia. I forget to compile it every time. The C + + engineering environment is really too difficult to build. It is really one of the few libraries that I can run. There is also ffmpeg.. Every time I step on it, I forget it, so I […]

  • All in one, Jackson parses JSON data


    Jason analysis – Jackson tutorial Thank you for your daily praise. Welcome to the official account: actually Aries. Continuous update of dry goods 1、 JSON parsing The parsing I’m referring to here is: serialization and deserialization between JSON and javaObject. If the front and back ends of your project are separated, you must have used […]

  • What can Python do


    1. Preface In recent years, python has been blown to the top. Many students have no idea what Python can do, so they blindly learn python. Today, little fatty is going to make a simple inventory of Python application field, so that students who want to learn Python are not confused in finding the right […]

  • Microsoft plans to end support for Visual Basic


    Microsoft said this week that it will provide support for visual basic on. Net 5.0, but will no longer add new features or continue to develop the language. Starting with. Net 5, VB will support class libraries, consoles, Windows Forms, WPF, Walker services, and ASP.NET The core web API provides a good path for existing […]

  • Esparser 1.0 release: concentrate on it and use it out of the box


    EsParser PHP’s operation class library, through writing SQL to transform DSL to query elastic search Composer use { “require”: { “qieangel2013/esparser”: “dev-master” } } composer install require __DIR__.’/vendor/autoload.php’; //$sql = ‘select * from alp_dish_sales_saas where sid in(994,290) limit 1,10′; //$sql=’update alp_dish_sales_saas set mid=3 where adsid=15125110′; //$sql=’delete from alp_dish_sales_saas where adsid=15546509’; //$sql=”select *,concat_ws(‘_’,category_name.keyword,dish_name.keyword,sku_name.keyword) as dfg from […]

  • Front end interview 3 + 1-day 381


    Today’s knowledge point (May 1, 2020) – day 381 [HTML] how to disable Chinese input method in text box? [CSS] using CSS to achieve a loading effect What’s the difference between [JS] JSON and object? [soft skills] do you know what RIA is? In the Analects of Confucius, Zeng Zi said:“Three times a day, three […]