• Detailed tutorial on three-level linkage of provincial and urban areas in the production of native JavaScript


    The multi-level linkage drop-down menu is a common effect at the front end, and the provincial and urban three-level linkage is one of the most typical cases. Multi level linkage is generally associated with data. The linked drop-down menu is generated and modified according to the data. Complete a multi-level linkage effect, which helps to […]

  • Using amap to locate cities in the context of Vue project cli3


    Step 1:In index HTML and put it on the body: <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’ https://webapi.amap.com/maps?v=1.4.13&key= Your own key & plugin = amap CitySearch’></script> The second step is in Vue config. JS: configureWebpack: { externals: { ‘AMap’: ‘AMap’ } } The third step is to introduce and use:import AMap from ‘AMap’ const citysearch = new AMap.CitySearch() citysearch.getLocalCity((status, […]

  • Joint query of MySQL


    Union of joint queryUnion can merge tables queried by more than two select statements and eliminate duplicate rows in the table. Among them, the select statement needs to have the same number of columns with the same data type. Query the ID and name of each province in Chinaselect ProID,ProName from T_ProvinceCopy code ID and […]

  • Efcore implementation value object of DDD


    Efcore implementation value object of DDD Region public record Region { public long Id { get; init; } public MultilingualString Name { get; init; } public Area Area { get; init; } public RegionLevel Level { get; private set; } public long? Population { get; private set; } // population public Geo Location { get; […]

  • Spring boot uses redis Geo


    Description of redis Geo Redis official description of Geo Redis 3.2 contains significant changes to the API and implementation of Redis. A new set of commands for Geo indexing was added (GEOADD, GEORADIUS and related commands). About GEO, need to know Redis geo is only available in version 3.2 Use geohash to save the coordinates […]

  • Echart table highlights Chinese cities


    Many times, we need to dynamically acquire and display city data. At this time, we need to highlight the city. I think there are many examples of highlighted provinces on the Internet, but there are no highlighted cities. Let’s see the code effect first.Don’t say much, just go to the code`<!DOCTYPE html><html><head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <title>city</title> […]

  • How to locate the corresponding city according to the city name


    PS: many maps on websites will use city switching. How to locate the corresponding city during city switching? The following method only needs to pass parameters: the city name (such as’ Beijing ‘) can locate the corresponding city. //Initialize the map object and load the map function mapInit(){//Locate the corresponding city according to the city […]

  • Joint search set


    1、 What is joint search set 1. Explain Look at the Wikipedia explanation What? What are you talking about? Can’t you understand? Let’s talk about people Colloquially speaking, combined query set is a data structure, which means that in some set application problems with n elements, each element is usually allowed to form a single […]

  • An API for querying all cities in the world is provided for everyone to use. Please tap it.


    Welcome to visit myBlog, see more. cities All domestic provinces, cities and their corresponding IDS, as well as major cities in the world data sources Thanks to goose factory. All the data are obtained from goose factory registration page github Demo address usage method: Enter the country name and get the country ID Enter the […]

  • Smart giant deer uses rainbow landing practice to manage all application systems on one platform


    background Hello, I’m Li Dong from Beijing Shulitong Technology Co., Ltd. In recent years, I have been responsible for the operation and maintenance of the smart city project “smart giant deer”. This project involves the operation and maintenance management of more than 30 sets of smart city applications developed by more than 10 suppliers. Deploying […]

  • Thingmap one click City 2.0 restart: quickly generate a three-dimensional city


    In city level visualization projects, it is generally necessary to use the visualized 3D map as the carrier of various applications, but we often encounter three problems in the process of using the 3D map: 1. Inconvenient access to resources 2. Complex operation and use 3. The effect of the model is not ideal. In […]

  • One click City v2 0 reassemble into battle, bring it to you!


    You may have questions——What is a key city?What’s the use? Who will use it? How to use it?All you want to know is here!One click city provides convenient digital map services for city level visual application service enterprises, and solves the problems in the acquisition, effect and use of 3D maps. “Map service” includes: providing […]