• Python aes-cbc encryption and decryption


    To understand CBC encryption and decryption, we need to understand its principle first, so that the idea will be much clearer when writing code. Principle: you can search aes-cbc and pkcs7padding. I also came out of Google and Bing.I won’t say here. Just paste the code and use itPKCS7PaddingFill in plaintext in the same way. […]

  • Daily soul question – understanding of websocket? Application scenario?


    What is it? Websocket is a network transmission protocolFull duplex communication over a single TCP connectionBoth the server and the client can actively send or receive data to each other characteristic 1. Full duplex2. Binary frame3. Agreement nameWS and WSS are introduced to represent plaintext and ciphertext respectively4. Handshake: there should be a handshake process […]

  • Cryptography — encryption mode of block cipher


    Encryption mode of block cipher 1. Bitwise XOR The first step is to convert the data to binary 2. ECB – electronic code book ECB mode is a simple encryption mode. Plaintext data is divided into fixed size blocks, and each block is encrypted separately. The encryption and decryption of each block are independent, and […]

  • Cryptosystem


    Generally, a cryptosystem can have the following parts: Message space m (also known as plaintext space): the set of all possible plaintext M; Ciphertext space C: the set of all possible ciphertext C; Key space K: the set of all possible key K, in which each key K is composed of encryption key K and […]

  • The concept of cryptosystem


    A series of articles: The main tasks of cryptography The concept of cryptosystem Plaintext: the original message.Ciphertext: transformed message.Encryption: the process of transforming the original information (plaintext) into ciphertext.Decrypt: the process of restoring encrypted information (ciphertext) to original plaintext, also known as decryption.Cryptographic algorithm: cipher, usually refers to the information transformation rules used in the […]

  • The attack of cryptosystem


    The methods of cryptanalyzers to decipher or attack passwords are mainly qiongju attack, statistical analysis and mathematical analysis. exhaustive attack Exhaustive attack is also called brute force attack. This attack is to traverse all possible keys to the intercepted ciphertext until an understandable transformation from ciphertext to plaintext is obtained; Or encrypt all possible plaintexts […]

  • Permutation cipher


    Permutation cipher is also called transposition cipher. This kind of cipher changes the relative position of the elements of the plaintext message, but the value or content form of the plaintext message element itself remains unchanged; In the previous alternative cipher, it can be considered that the order of plaintext symbols is maintained, but they […]

  • Block cipher and mode


    What is block cipher and mode We have talked about DES and AES algorithm, they can only encrypt a fixed length of plaintext each time, such a cryptographic algorithm is called block cipher. If we need to encrypt longer plaintext, we need to iterate the block cipher. The iterative method of block cipher is called […]

  • Hybrid cryptosystem


    In the previous article, we talked about two encryption methods, one is symmetric encryption, the other is asymmetric encryption. Symmetric encryption can solve the problem of communication confidentiality, but can not solve the problem of key distribution. Asymmetric encryption algorithm can solve the problem of key distribution, but its encryption speed is relatively slow, and […]

  • Jingdong real combat: how can data desensitization avoid system reconfiguration or modification?


    Introduction to the author Pan Juan, senior DBA of Jingdong digital science, is mainly responsible for the development of database middleware, database operation and maintenance automation platform, and production database operation and maintenance. Participated in the escort work of Jingdong’s 6.18 and 11.11 promotion activities for many times. He was responsible for the design and […]

  • Another artifact! Universal website password blasting tool


    Author: whw1sfbOriginal text:__https://www.freebuf.com/secto…Disclaimer: the tools and test methods mentioned in this article are only for research and learning, please abide by the “network security law” and other relevant laws and regulations. There is a key test item in Web penetration testing: password explosion. At present, more and more website systems add various encryption algorithms to […]

  • use Volo.Abp.MailKit Send mail


    Volo.Abp.MailKit Encapsulates and inherits mailkit library, which provides a quick implementation for ABP mail sending. Mailbox configuration QQ mailbox supports the function of SMTP, you need to apply to open. Referring to QQ mailbox settings, the most important thing is to send email by SMTP. The password corresponding to QQ mailbox is not the user’s […]