• Analysis of operation examples of auto loading and self creating object of PHP framework CI (CodeIgniter)


    This paper describes the PHP framework CI (CodeIgniter) automatic loading and independent creation of objects. For your reference, the details are as follows: Autoload of Ci is easy to use. It creates objects automatically, but note that there is only one object. We need to generate objects in many cases, which is very troublesome. Fortunately, […]

  • Authorization callback session get – CI framework integration Taobao guest SDK


    Many APIs of Taobao open platform can only be used after authorization.A callback address is required for authorization. Through callback, we can get the user name, Taobao ID, expiration time and other information for subsequent development. Create authorization page Here, we directly modify the index method of welcome. The code is as follows: public function […]

  • Tekton Pipelines–Task


    Preface Tekton pipelines is an open source implementation that configures and runs CI / CD style pipelines for your kubernetes application. Pipelines create custom resources to declare pipelines as building blocks. The custom resource is an extension of the kubernetes API. You can create custom kubernetes objects. After installing the custom resources, users can use […]

  • Docker learning (3) Java application docker deployment


    The Java microservice deployment servers we wrote before are troublesome. You need to install Java in the server, configure the environment variables, and then upload the war and jar package to the server for deployment. Especially when spring boot is not used before, you need to install tomact. Today, let’s talk about using docker deployment. […]

  • Building continuous deployment on containers and best practices


    To understand continuous integration and continuous deployment, you need to understand its components and the relationship between them. The diagram below is the most concise and clear diagram of continuous deployment and integration that I have ever seen. picture source Continuous deployment: As shown in the figure, the development process is as follows:The programmer downloads […]

  • Rancher Pipeline Release: Open Source, Minimalist, Powerful CI/CD


    Rancher Labs, an enterprise-level container management platform provider from Silicon Valley, officially released Rancher Pipeline integrated with Rancher enterprise-level container management platform today. It has a minimal operating experience, powerful function integration, full open source, and helps CI/CD to be used in enterprises. The wide adoption of cloud computing technology and the maturity of container […]

  • Some Suggestions on PHP Business Code Style


    Suggestions on Business Code Style On the Repeated Call in the Loop Code example: // $array is a large variable that may exceed 1000 data foreach ($array as $ar) { $model = new Model(); $modelData = $model->findOne([‘id’ => $ar[‘id’]]); $modelData[‘is_less’] = $modelData[‘tag’] == 3 ? true : false; $model2 = new AnotherModel(); $model2->find([‘id’ => $ar[‘id’]])->update([‘is_less’ […]

  • Continuous Integration Best Practice in Container Environment: Building Cloud Native Semantic CI Workflow Based on Drone+GitFlow+K8s


    Cloud Native is a term that accompanies the development of container technology. It originated from Migrating to Cloud-Native Application Architectures, a technical brochure of Pivotal Corporation (that is, the company that developed Spring), which defines some characteristics that cloud native applications should possess, such as statelessness and accessibility. Continuous delivery, microservicing, etc. Then the concept […]

  • Go project on GitHub uses Travis CI and Docker Hub to achieve continuous integration


    introduce In this article, we will show you how to create a simple continuous integration process using Github, Travis-CI and Docker Hub. project One of the projects used this time is a crawler program written by myself (https://github.com/Han-Ya-Jun… Project directory news_watch_notice ├── cmd //main ├── conf ├── dis ├── Dockerfile ├── Makefile ├── pkg ├── […]