• Introduction to keypress.js used to capture keyboard input


    keypress.jsIt is a JavaScript library that captures keyboard input. It is simple and easy to use. The lightweight compression version is only about 9KB, and does not rely on other JavaScript libraries. We usually use keyboard events to listen for Keydown and Keyup events. When any key of the keyboard is pressed, the Keydown event […]

  • CSS3 using border to write white triangle arrow (two ways)


    I’ve been looking for this kind of hollow triangle arrow before, and finally I know the principle! I’ll record it myself and share it with the friends I wanted before~ The first method uses common after pseudo elements <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title></title> <style type=”text/css”> .arrow { width: 20px; height: 4px; margin: 0 […]

  • Install B sharp weapon: where did the time go in 2016?


    1 rescuetime Check the time spent on the computer and what it did https://www.rescuetime.com/da…This software supports win, MAC and Linux platforms. You need to install a client on the machine, and then follow the instructions. You will see a dashboard on their official website to record what you have done. 2 wakatime Check what you […]

  • How to use desktop monitoring?


    How to use desktop monitoring?How to choose computer desktop monitoring system? Of course, choose IIS7 batch remote control tool:IIS7 batch remote control:1. Download the program, unzip it, and open remote desktop management.2. Open the root directory of the program and create a new TXT. The name of the txt can be started at will. I’ll […]

  • Building web SIP Phone Based on webrtc


    0 notice before reading This article is not a tutorial, just a solution I just think about this problem from the web side. Actually, I need the cooperation of the back-end SIP server Jssip has a very good online demo. Where can I play? Try jssip 1. Technical introduction WebRTC: webrtc, name fromWeb im(English: Web […]

  • Devtools log analysis experience of novice Google browser


    1 regardless of performance, output detailed necessary logs as much as possible. (unless you clearly feel that the performance is low, and the reason for the performance is due to too much log output) 2 don’t always use console.log. Try console.info, console. Error(), console.warn to make it easier to find logs. Don’t use alert. It’s […]

  • Cesar competition platform — Summary of soft engineering 3 course


    Cesar competition platform — Summary of soft engineering 3 course Software 51 Xie Yunwei 2015013185 After a semester of competition platform project practice, I have a clearer understanding of the software process. From discussing the requirements of our competition platform together, to designing the database, choosing the framework and structure for the project, to establishing […]

  • Mobile debugging


    In the development of daily projects, the partners who contact the mobile development inevitably have to deal with the mobile debugging. In this paper, we summarize the commonly used mobile debugging, and welcome the partners to add. Google browser Google browser is an essential tool in our front-end development, such as jump style, break point, […]

  • Development history of front-end technology


    If you retrieve it, ignore this article, just a draft. Since you are a front-end career, you need to understand its origin and development. It’s a good job. Looked up four people’s technology blog, Wikipedia search information, front-end technology development, before not called front-end, just page engineer. origin When the browser was not yet available, […]

  • Front end interview questions · selection (continuous update)


    2019.04.23Given the following code, how to modify it to make the picture width 300px? Note that the following code is not modifiable <img style=”width:480px!important;”> Solution: css3Zoom: transform(scale(0.625, 0.625)); js: document.getElementsByTagName(“img”)[0].setAttribute(“style”,”width:300px!important;”) css: max-width: 300px;(I didn’t expect that…) css: box-sizing: border-box; padding-left: 90px; padding-right: 90px;(I didn’t expect that…) 2019.03.22If the promise constructor is synchronous or asynchronous, what […]

  • 15 lines of code add the sorting function of headline articles for segmentfault


    There’s a need to see the most favorite headlines, but there’s no such button on the page. What should I do? Write it yourself. First look at the effect. Look at the code again. var rows = $(‘.news__item’).each(function(){ var key = +$(this).find(‘.news__item-zan-number’).text(); $(this).data(‘key’, key); }).get(); rows.sort(function(a,b){ var keyA = $(a).data(‘key’); var keyB = $(b).data(‘key’); if(keyA<keyB){return […]

  • It’s exploded! You should change your posture to read JavaScript in 2017!


    Once upon a time, you could get used to reading JavaScript like this Now, you can read in this position How to do it? step1: npm install -g lambda-view step2: //Read local code lv targer.js //Read remote code lv https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.1.1.js //Read multiple codes lv file1.js file2.js file3.js //Read all lv *.js Project address: https://github.com/jianru-lin Welcome […]