• Self learning Apollo client, graphql and react


    Know the technical premise: the emergence of a technology must solve a problem, go to the official website or GitHub or NPM to find the answer. What problem does Apollo client solve? What is Apollo client? Apollo client is the best way to build client applications using graphql. What does it do? This client is […]

  • Analysis of promise implementation from Google V8 engine


    Analysis of promise implementation from Google V8 engine The source code read in this article is Google V8 engine v3.29.45. This version of promise is implemented as JS version. In the subsequent version, Google continues to process its implementation. After the 7. X version iteration, it gradually becomes the C version implementation. Post the source […]

  • End to end test cypress! Advanced


    Preface Official document: https://docs.cypress.io only supports English at present. The advantage is that there are many official introductory videos, and it is easy to start with those with poor English level; Advantages and disadvantages Advantage: As long as you learn JS syntax well, it should not be a big problem to get DOM similar to […]

  • The realization of Jingdang cat


    It’s interesting to use CSS to draw a dingdong cat and use various Transform and fillet attributes of CSS3 to draw the shapes of various details <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”zh-cn”> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″ /> < title > robot cat < / Title > <meta name=”author” content=”” /> <meta name=”copyright” content=” ” /> <style> .wrapper{ margin: […]

  • 2017 front end technology preview (open, last updated on January 13)


    Delete the first paragraph because it has nothing to do with the content This is supposed to be the content of a technology sharing meeting. After participating in Google Developer Day (GDD), I want to make an AI demo to share. However, I’m not strong enough in technology. I’m afraid to bring you into the […]

  • Tshare campus resource sharing platform (built in the environment of PHP website development 1)


    Written in frontIn this semester’s software engineering course, the teacher asked us to write a big assignment, and our group chose to do a resource sharing website platform. Now that the work is over, I plan to review it from the beginning and write the process as a series of blogs. Tool selectionThe most important […]

  • Tshare campus resource sharing platform (website development II host browser access to virtual machine APACHE)


    Previous blog address: tshare campus resource sharing platform (environment construction of website development 1) review In the last blog, we have built the Apache + MySQL + PHP environment on a virtual machine, and successfully accessed index.php in the web site in the browser of the virtual machine. New content This blog will explain how […]

  • Solutions to common problems of Vue and element UI


    A summary of the use of Vue and element UI 1.Use @ scroll when listening for scrolling events on componentsnative=”, direct use of @ scroll is invalid2.El table when you see an infinite increase in width, you need to set El tableOuter layerThe style is overflow: hidden,el-tableThe style is height: 100%3.Add components in El tab […]

  • Tshare campus resource sharing platform (database connection of website development 3)


    Last blog: tshare campus resource sharing platform (website development II host browser access to virtual machine APACHE) New content Environment construction, web site access and database connection are the three most basic prerequisites for this development. After this blog, we will start our real development journey PHP connect to database Installing sublime text 3 on […]

  • Web development – selenium Automation & crawler


    Automatic crawling of orders in Taobao This is the login page of Taobao members. Because previous crawlers used to get cookies through the framework or from the login page, and then inject them to implement the login process. But Taobao’s anti crawling mechanism is very difficult to calculate cookies. Many cookies are calculated through JS, […]

  • Why does it become extremely slow after several operations on the page, and the interface is in the pending state for a long time?


    development environment Front end: Vue 2.0 Backstage: node Express Browser: Chrome Deployment system: Linux Problem phenomenon Two pages have been added to the existing project. However, during the process of using, it is found that after several consecutive operations, the page will become extremely slow. When viewing the interface call, it is found that the […]

  • JS control full screen display / exit full screen method


    Exit full screen var exitFullScreen = function() { var e = document; e.exitFullscreen ? e.exitFullscreen() : e.mozCancelFullScreen ? e.mozCancelFullScreen() : e.webkitCancelFullScreen && e.webkitCancelFullScreen() } Full screen display var openFullScreen = function() { var e = document.documentElement; if (e.requestFullscreen) e.requestFullscreen(); else if (e.mozRequestFullScreen) e.mozRequestFullScreen(); else if (e.webkitRequestFullScreen) e.webkitRequestFullScreen(); else if (“undefined” != typeof window.ActiveXObject) { var […]