• How can MAC convert chm format file to PDF file for use


    In the network, CHM file is a very common file format, users often deal with it, but it is puzzling that MAC system can not support chm format. This brings some troubles to many users. In order to be easy to read in MAC system, it is a good choice to convert CHM file into […]

  • ADOX.Catalog Chm document page 1 / 3


    First of all, give a full version of the address, if you have installed Office on your machine should be able to open: ADO object model,The address is: “C: program files / common files / Microsoft shared / office11 / 2052 / ado210. CHM“,You can enter:“ hh.exe  C:\Program%20Files\Common%20Files\Microsoft%20Shared\OFFICE11\2052\ADO210.CHM::/htm/ admscobjectmodel.htm “Positioning.ADO object model diagram: 1. Overview […]

  • Batch code for unpacking CHM documents


    HH’s temper is that the target folder path does not support spaces or quotation marks, so it becomes a little more complicated, otherwise a single line of command will sufficeOther code is not difficult, but practical The batch code is as follows: Copy codeThe code is as follows: :: the main command format is as […]