• Solutions to JSP Chinese problems


    In JSP, Chinese garbled code often makes people feel confused.For the common Countermeasures of Chinese processing, the following two kinds are often seen on the Internet: <%@ page contentType=”text/html;charset=gb2312″ %>   Or: <% String hi = “hello”;byte[] tmpbyte=Hi.getBytes(“ISO8859_1”); Hi=new String(tmpbyte); out.print(Hi); %>   The virtual Dragon Pavilion has also been modified by the above two methods, which […]

  • Why should crawler engineers have some basic back-end common sense?


    Today, in the fan exchange group, a classmate said he found itRequestsAnd fixed it: The corresponding pictures in the chat record are: Seeing the screenshot of this classmate, I probably know what problems he encountered and why he mistakenly thought it was a requests bug. To explain this problem, we need to understand one problem […]

  • JSP/JAVABEAN+TOMCAT4. Summary of 0.5 + MySQL combined station construction


    System configuration: WIN2000 English + jdk1 4.1+TOMCAT4. 0.5+APACHE2. 043Development cycle: make every effort and last nearly 15 days.Realize the following functions:1. Gallery:Submission, pagination and deletion of pictures and related text.2. Photo Album:New creation of album theme, submission of photos and related text, sub theme, pagination display and deletion.3. Article / press release system:New creation of […]

  • Start your first machine learning project with Python


    1. Install Python Install Python – M PIP install — user numpy SciPy Matplotlib IPython Jupiter pandas Symphony nose pip install -U scikit-learn design sketch:   Operation results:     Full code: from pandas import read_csv from pandas.plotting import scatter_matrix from matplotlib import pyplot from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split from sklearn.model_selection import cross_val_score from sklearn.model_selection import […]

  • Matplotlib Chinese question


    matplotlibIt is a famous visual chart Library Based on python. It is often used in conjunction with other data analysis tools to visualize the analysis results. ​ However, Matplotlib does not support Chinese by default. Chinese is displayed as square or garbled code, as shown in the following figure: ​ It’s also easy to make […]

  • Blazor modification error prompt


    In blazor, if there is an exception in the code, the following error will be generated Many friends in the group asked, this error prompt is in English, can it be changed into Chinese? This is certainly possible. In fact, this error description is defined in the project itself, and the specific content can be […]

  • (turn to) solution to the problem of Chinese garbled code of soapUI parameters & web interface test with soap UI tool


          https://www.cnblogs.com/lsjdddddd/p/5858058.html   Solution to Chinese garbled code of soapUI parameters   Possible option 1: The font does not support Chinese. You can modify the font: File preferences editor settings select font: modify the font to display Chinese, such as Fangsong   Possible option 2: If the response message is garbled, try: File […]

  • Regularization of special requirements


    /^[a-za-z] [\ D \ sa-za-z] * $// / must start with a letter. You can only enter letters or numbers, not Chinese characters  

  • Solution to the problem that interlij cannot use Chinese input method (applicable to interlij linux environment)


    Recently, I switched to the Ubuntu system as the working environment. There was a strange problem when using pycharChinese can’t be input normally, and then I searched all over the Internet for solutionsThe system information is as follows: The Chinese input method is IBusAfter confirming that the method of environmental variable declaration is invalid, I […]

  • C++ wchar_ T * and string convert to each other


    When processing Chinese, a Chinese character usually takes two bytes, while the characters in char * and string strings are one byte. In order to effectively process Chinese, wchar is introduced_ T * type variable. When you need to process Chinese, you can first convert string into char *, and then convert char * into […]

  • C++ wchar_ T and the conversion of and string types


    First, introduce wchar_ Type T 1、 Wchar_ Origin of type T We know that char type variable can store one byte of characters. It can be used to save English characters and punctuation marks, but not for characters such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese, because each character of Chinese, Korean and Japanese occupies two bytes. […]

  • xonsh tips(qbit)


    preface github:https://github.com/xonsh/xonsh TIPS install pip install pipx -i https://mirrors.aliyun.com/pypi/simple/ pipx install xonsh[full] -i https://mirrors.aliyun.com/pypi/simple/ Avoid Chinese path garbled code under Windows CMD set “$LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8” && xonsh configuration file~/.xonshrc #Command prompt format $PROMPT = ‘\n{env_name}{BOLD_GREEN}{user}@{hostname}{BOLD_BLUE} {cwd}\n{BOLD_YELLOW}{curr_branch:{} }{RESET}{BOLD_BLUE}{prompt_end}{RESET} ‘ #Avoid Chinese path garbled code under Windows CMD $LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8 #Ll alias aliases[‘ll’] = ‘ls -al’ This article comes […]