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  • Download and install configuration of flutter MacOS


    @[toc] Long time no see. Set off again. 1、 Preface At first, the initial flutter, simple configuration of a wave, after a while, and then lazy to give up. 2020 is an extraordinary year. Most of them are working in Canada, finishing their daily work and becoming more lazy. When you think about it, it’s […]

  • Go daily news — February 19, 2020


    gocn_news_2020-02-19 1. Use t.cleanup to finish the test https://ieftimov.com/post/testing-in-go-clean-tests-using-t-cleanup/ 2. Go programming language specification https://moego.me/golang_ spec.html 3. Select case default https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/zMZXd8DLtjhm06Q0lm1pcg 4. The design and implementation of Minerva in Betta configuration management center https://gocn.vip/topics/9794 5. How does go language work – linker https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_ 2y7oLfYftRxH8YTEm0qMw 6. Editor: yulibozi 7. Subscribe to news: http://tinyletter.com/gocn Go language Chinese […]

  • Go daily news — February 27, 2020


    Go language Chinese website (Daily News)_ 2020-02-27 1、 Go language Chinese network How to treat Google’s announcement that fuchsia operating system did not choose go as the terminal development language Actor or CSP? The concurrency mode in go can be so detailed Let your JSON be grep: gron A hot compile tool for go project […]

  • Go Technology Daily (February 28, 2020)


    Go language Chinese website (Daily News)_ 2020-02-28 1、 Go language Chinese network What about gopher’s low learning efficiency? Cao Da talks about how engineers should learn Default route matching rules in go HTTP packets Go playground / validator Starting from scratch k8s | kubernetes storage architecture and plug-in usage 2、 Graphic source code Illustration of […]