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  • A summary of JSP’s method of dealing with Chinese garbled code in URL link


    Ie does not encode and send the parameters after the URL by default, but tomat encodes the URL according to iso8859-1 by default, so there will be an error. Method 1: Re code URL links: < a onclick = “javascript: window. Open (encodeuri (encodeuri (‘. / dispatchaction. Do? Efformename = fkry0001 & code_type = Chinese […]

  • The solution of Chinese disorder code in WordPress source code


    Check the related tutorials, UTF-8 and UTF-8 + BOM are different, so change the function.php code to the latter. Problem solving. Difference between uft-8 and UTF-8 BOM: (collected, I haven’t read yet)UTF-8 uses bytes as its encoding unit and has no byte order problem. Utf-16 uses two bytes as the encoding unit. Before interpreting a […]

  • Solution to Chinese code disorder in CMD mode (Registry)


    Technical analysis in most cases, if the diagram is convenient, redo the system can solve. But in case one, the client is not willing to redo the system, and the host is the unit machine. Secondly, this is not a virus, but the registry has been tampered with and can be recovered through modification. Solution […]

  • JSP SmartUpload Chinese code scrambling solution


    When using jspSmartUpload component to upload and download files, if the user chooses the file name with Chinese name or the file path contains Chinese, there will be garbled code. After a period of debugging, I have preliminarily solved this problem. Now I post the solved code First, upload In smartupload.java file, add a property […]

  • Solve the problem of Chinese scrambling when pyqt is used in Python


    For example, to solve the problem of Chinese scrambling when pyqt is used in Python: Add u in front of the Chinese string, such as u ‘Hello, world’. Other online methods don’t explore much, and python version will also affect the solution, so this is the only one recommended here. (some people say that it’s […]

  • Solution to the problem of Chinese scrambling when JSP MySQL inserts data


    When inserting a data form with Chinese into MySQL database, such as insert into employee values (null, ‘Zhang San’, ‘female’, ‘1995-10-08’, ‘2015-11-12’, ‘sales’, 2000,’ is a good employee! ‘; in case of garbled code, you can use the statement show variables like’ character% ‘; to view the relevant coding set of the current database. From […]

  • Solve the problem of Python ogr SHP field writing Chinese random code


    First of all, make sure that your field values are not scrambled. If so, follow the following methods:? My field value comes from a geojson string, which I parsed as follows: properties = fea.get(“properties”) pro_json=json.dumps(properties) Pro_json.replace (‘u’,’\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Pro_json = pro_json. decode (“unicode-escape”) # Converts Unicode encoding into Chinese properties=json.loads(pro_json) In this way, Chinese scrambling in […]