• Tree and binary tree


    The concept of tree Family relations of similar people definition content node The stored data elements and the branches to the subtree Degree of node Number of subtrees of nodes leaf Nodes with degree 0 Children (parents) Direct successor (direct precursor) brother Children of the same node ancestors Root to all nodes on the node […]

  • Trees and binary trees (2)


    Storage structure of binary tree Sequential storage Because binary tree is more flexible, sequential representation will waste a lot of space, so it is generally not used, unless it is full binary tree or full binary tree Chain representation Static linked list It is stored in a linear structure, so the allocation of storage space […]

  • The type of Android input is date to hide the drop-down arrow


    Recently, there is a requirement to have a date selector, and then the style is custom. The arrow will be hidden automatically on IOS, but Android won’t, as shown in the figure below And then a variety of online search is summarized as follows input[type=”date”]::-webkit-inner-spin-button, input[type=”date”]::-webkit-outer-spin-button, input[type=”date”]::-webkit-calendar-picker-indicator{ visibility: hidden;-webkit-appearance: none;display: none;} However, there is no […]

  • Swoole + mixphp + CodeIgniter to develop missing children information platform


    This is my first article on SF. Write the missing children information platform based on spool, mixphp and CodeIgniter. In 2017, we noticed that there is a “reunion system”, which is a special platform for the Ministry of public security to quickly spread the news of missing children, but the address of this platform was […]

  • [Singapore] well known Internet companies recruit backend, server, platform, data, Devops


    Large Internet companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with international platform and favorable treatment, can enjoy high-quality living environment and educational resources in Singapore. They can bring their spouses and children to work and live together in Singapore. Their spouses can also work in Singapore (they do not occupy foreign places, employers do […]

  • A summary of the basic concepts and properties of tree


    Tree is an important kind of nonlinear data structure. This paper introduces the basic concepts, terms and properties of trees. 1、 Basic concepts and terms of trees Trees can be seen everywhere in life Trees have many characteristics: there is a root, the root can be divided into trunk, trunk can be divided into many […]

  • Construction / destruction order of QT object tree and QObject


    QT uses object tree to organize QObject When a QObject is created with an object as the parent object, the object will be added to the children() list of the parent object. When the parent object is deleted, the object will also be released. When an object obj is destructed, two operations are performed: If […]

  • Fragmented learning Java (6) — Java predicts children’s height


    A series of articles: Fragmented learning java outline Fragmented learning Java (1) — the first Java program Fragmented learning Java (2) — Java annotation Fragmented learning Java (3) — Java defines variables Fragmented learning Java (4) — Java data types Fragmented learning Java (5) — calculating cylinder volume with Java Fragmented learning Java (6) — […]

  • My first “game”


    Output a bunch of punctuation marks   Before playing tribal conflict, I met a group of children. When chatting in QQ group, I like to brush the screen with punctuation.When you want to do a lot of punctuation output program to show them, and then write the code. This is also my first game,Although it’s […]

  • Binary tree binary search tree index binary search tree binary balance tree c + + template inheritance code


    Every step is a thousand miles reflect How to handle exceptions? Do you want to inherit node types? Do a good job of testing the function of a single function, the sooner the better. How to find boundary values and negative examples? Don’t do superfluous things with a function, just do one thing well. Details […]

  • Data structure — basic knowledge of tree


    The basic concept of tree Storage structure of tree Parenting notation Suppose that the nodes of the tree are stored in a group of continuous spaces, and an indicator is set in each node to indicate the position of the parent nodes in the array //Node struct Node{ Element data; Int parent; // parent position […]

  • Vue gets DOM, data monitor, component, mix and slot


    Vue gets DOM, data monitor, component, mix and slot Note: “is the abbreviation of instruction” v-bind “,” @ “is the abbreviation of instruction” v-on “; and”. “” is modifier. Vue gets DOM Add a ref attribute to the tag: ref = my_ box”Get: this$ refs.my_ box; Title .my_box{ width: 200px; height: 200px; border: 1px solid […]