• Sentences that make a girl’s heart beat


    Other children have sugar, and you can’t lose it. Other children have sugar, and you can’t have less. I like you, not in love, but in my heart. I like you, not from love, but from my heart. Sunset is always the same as you, can’t stop your heart. Sunset is always like you, and […]

  • Programming competition, children learn for a month, the first exam on…


    Before examination Time will travel again. Back on October 16, the coder ushered in the first exam to join the ape gate, It’s not a bad thing to pass the exam after study, but it’s not worth the loss if you take the exam too much. Originally, the exam was to be taken during the […]

  • Design and query of menu table based on tree structure


    In the development, we often encounter the scenario of tree structure, such as navigation menu, organization, etc., but this is true for all the parent-child hierarchical structures, such as level-1 category, level-2 category, level-3 category… How to design the table with tree structure? Next, let’s discuss it together First of all, think about a question: […]

  • Improvement of HTML5 and CSS3 in network programming (V)


    1、 New features of HTML5 HTML5The new features of are mainly aimed at the previous shortcomings, and some are addedNew label、New formandNew form propertiesWait. 1.1 new semantic tags in HTML5 In the past, we basically used the layoutdivDo it.divFor search engines, there is no semantics. <header>Head label <nav>Navigation tab <article>Content label <section>Define an area of […]

  • MySQL function recursively looks up children


    1、 Select a function and create a new function 2、 Define the function file name, select the function, and select finish 3、 View function content 4、 Save the code to the above figure, and then save the code to the above figure CREATE DEFINER=`admin`@`%` FUNCTION `get_value_of`(in_id varchar(32)) RETURNS varchar(1000) CHARSET utf8 begin declare ids varchar(1000) […]

  • Project micro management 43 – solo flight


    Four generations have heard a story: a pair of parents are very strange about something and can’t understand it.   The thing is probably like this. Their sons were brought up by their grandfather when they were young. The grandfather of the child dotes on the child very much. It’s almost to the extent that […]

  • Serialization and deserialization of binary tree


    Definition of serialization: Serialization refers to the process of converting the data structure or object state into a usable format (such as saving it as a file, buffering it, or sending it through the network) for later recovery in the same or another computer environment. When the byte result is retrieved according to the serialization […]

  • Query subsequent nodes and paper creases


    1、 Query successor node Successor node: during the middle order traversal, the next node of a node is the successor node of the node. The structure of the specified binary tree is as follows: public static class Node {     public int value;     public Node left;     public Node right;     //Parent node     public Node parent;     public Node (int v) {         value = v;     } } How to quickly find the successor node of a node […]

  • Win the greedy algorithm in one fell swoop


    Hello, I’mSimon Lang, a young man who wants to learn a little bit every day! What we share today isGreedy Algorithm 。 Greedy Algorithm : greedy algorithm (also known as greedy algorithm) means that when solving a problem, it always makes the best choice at present. In other words, without considering the overall optimization, the […]

  • Java implementation of child brother tree


    Java implementation of child brother tree 1. Data definition The definition structure of specific child brother tree will not be repeated. @Data @NoArgsConstructor @AllArgsConstructor public class TreeNode { private String value; private TreeNode childNode; private TreeNode broNode; public TreeNode(String value){ this.value = value; } } 2. Implementation of tree @Slf4j public class TreeUtils { /** […]

  • [January 16, 2022] when you encounter persistence, you also need to persevere


    20:00 Once you know that you are still useful to others, you will feel the meaning and mission of your life. ——Zweig On weekends, drinking tea and reading at home is the most comfortable thing. There are interruptions from accompanying children and harassment from routine affairs, but these increase the plot charm of reading. The […]