• How many common code blocks do you know about JavaScript?


    preface This article mainly writes some common JavaScript code blocks. Record common codes for easy reference. If any error is found, please leave a message to correct it. Read Sanlian: like (), pay attention to (), collect (). text 1. Convert the URL parameter to an object, and return an empty object if there is […]

  • Loop and asynchronous operation (promise / async / await)


    preface JS has a headache hell callback problem, so there is promise, chain calls, based on promise also appeared a variety of asynchronous solutions, one of the best personal feeling should be async / await solution, has always been vague use, until encountered loop and asynchronous problems, so spent time looking up information from 1 […]

  • The interesting HTML5 tag of fried chicken


    Because there are so many tags, it’s hard for us to all use or realize we need to. But there are also a lot of interesting tags that we haven’t discoveredThere is one. What is it? A label similar toThe label can also pass through the packageThe only difference is thatNeed cooperationTo use, andIt does […]

  • Introduction to Python syntax generator


    [contents] 1、 Generators and yield 1. What is a generator 2. Why have generators 3. How to use builder 2、 Application of yield expression 3、 Ternary expression, dictionary generation, set builder, list generator, generator expression   1、 Generator and yield 1. Yield keyword With the yield keyword, we have a custom iterator implementation. Yield can […]

  • Oracle database migration (create table space, user, import DMP file, delete table space)


    Oracle table space concept: have been to a large supermarket, row by row of shelves, look very messy, but also can be divided into fresh birth area, food area, daily necessities area and so on. Oracle table space is such a logical concept. A table space is just a collection of tables that are stacked […]

  • FB supported pytoch in-depth learning books


    The python tutorial supported by FB chief scientist has been released, Look at the screenshot The entire PDF is 141 pages, which is quite simplified compared with other tutorials, Let’s take a look at the directory structure Because this book mainly uses python, so the author wrote a separate sheet of Python. According to the […]

  • Sublime text 3 shortcut key


    Sublime Text 3 shortcut key version CTRL + Shift + P: Open Command PanelCTRL + P: search for files in a projectCTRL + G: jump to lineCTRL + W: close the currently open fileCTRL + Shift + W: close all open filesCTRL + Shift + V: paste and formatCTRL + D: select a word, repeat […]

  • Recognize objc and transform cocoa


    For a better reading experience, please click the original Next to the previous article, in fact, shortly after contacting ruby, I had the idea of transforming objc’s Cocoa framework. Why do we need to transform? Only to improve the efficiency of OC project development. At the same time, I also completed some transformation work. For […]

  • Summary of native error types in JS


    Hi, everyone. I’m a pig. This time, let’s talk about the native error types in JS. original intention There may be little friends wondering, why does little pig write such an article? It’s a long story. Piggy’s working time is not long, and he has just graduated (hahaha, always 22 years old). But frankly speaking, […]

  • Iterations in JS (arrays)


      What is iteration? It can be simply understood that each item in the target (array, object, etc.) can be accessed in order (in fact, it is no different from the concept of traversal). I divide the iteration of the array into two types: lookup ergodic   Search:   1.indexOf(item,start)  This method searches for the specified […]

  • [C] Learning Notes (2) Delegate Relevance


    The generic delegation type is also based on Mr. Yang’s video. Castanea mollissima    1 using System; 2 3 namespace Demo 4 { 5 /// <summary> 6///generic delegate type 7 /// </summary> 8 /// 9 Public delegate T Transformer < T > (T arg); // Here a generic delegate type with a return type of […]