• Fastapi learning path (21) request body – update data


    Series:   Fastapi learning path (I) fastapi — high performance web development framework   Fastapi learning path (II)   Fastapi learning path (III)   Fastapi learning path (IV)   Fastapi learning path (V)       Fastapi learning path (6) query parameters and string verification   Fastapi learning path (VII) string verification     Fastapi learning path (VIII) verification of path parameters and values […]

  • Shiro project introduction


    Shiro project introduction After the previous Shiro integration project, the Shiro function has been improved. The previous code will not be shown and introduced. Please refer to the Shiro integration project for informationProject code acquisition: https://github.com/pysasuke/s… New functions User registration Limit of login errors (using redis as cache) Shiro annotation configuration Dto import Data validation […]

  • Springboot redis solves the problem of repeated submission


    preface In actual development projects, an exposed interface often faces many requests. Let’s explain the concept of idempotence: the impact of any multiple execution is the same as that of one execution. According to this meaning, the final meaning is that the impact on the database can only be one-time and cannot be handled repeatedly. […]

  • How to verify parameters gracefully in Dubbo service


    1、 Background When the server provides interface services to the outside, whether it is providing HTTP interfaces to the front end or RPC interfaces to other internal servers, it often faces the problem of how to gracefully solve the verification of various interface parameters? In the early days, when making the HTTP interface provided for […]

  • Use of spring boot parameter verification and group verification


    Introduction:In web development, basically every interface needs to verify the parameters. If there are fewer parameters, it is easier to handle them. Once there are more parameters, there will be a large number of if else statements in the code. Although this method is simple and direct, it will greatly reduce the development efficiency and […]

  • How to verify the login signature of quick game


    Requirements description After the quick game developer successfully invokes the account login interface, it will receive the gameauthsign field, which represents the login signature returned by the Huawei server. It is recommended that the developer call the “verify login signature interface” to verify the returned signature, so as to ensure the accuracy of the login […]

  • How can I help you configure your business? What is the “function switch” Alibaba has used for 11 years?


    Author: Su Yu (Liushi) Common configuration problems in our business Usually, the business code contains many configuration items. These configuration items are used to control various business logic. For example, a bool type variable controls whether a function is enabled, a list controls access to the white list or blacklist, and a string controls prompt […]

  • [wechat applet] network data request


    1. restrictions on network requests in applets For security reasons, the applet official has made the following two restrictions on the request for data interface: Use onlyhttpsInterface of type MustDomain name of the interfaceAdd toTrust listin 2. configure the request legal domain name be careful: Domain name only supports HTTPS protocol Domain name cannot use […]

  • Autojs protects apps with signature verification


    Yashu tutorial is easy to understand testing environment Autojs version: 9.0.4Android version: 8.0.0Android studio version: 4.1.2 Signature concept Purpose:In order to confirm that a message is indeed sent by a sender, or that a published content is indeed published by the sender, no one can forge a message, and the sender cannot deny it. method:For […]

  • View the installed software package information under Linux


    RPM usage details On LinuxoperationsystemOne ofsystemThe function of the software package is similar to that of “add / Remove Programs” in windows, but its function is much stronger than that of “add / Remove Programs”. It is the red hat package manager (RPM for short). This toolkit was first introduced by red hat and later […]

  • Talk about claudib’s importrdb


    order This article mainly studies the importrdb of clausdb importRDB claudb-1.7.1/src/main/java/com/github/tonivade/claudb/DBServerState.java public class DBServerState { //…… public void importRDB(InputStream input) throws IOException { RDBInputStream rdb = new RDBInputStream(input); Map<Integer, Map<DatabaseKey, DatabaseValue>> load = rdb.parse(); for (Map.Entry<Integer, Map<DatabaseKey, DatabaseValue>> entry : load.entrySet()) { databases.get(entry.getKey()).overrideAll(ImmutableMap.from(entry.getValue())); } } //…… } The importrdb method creates an rdbinputstream, and then […]

  • Design and practice of coupon system architecture


    Coupons and shopping malls are coupled in one system. With the intensification of marketing activities, the usage scenarios of coupons have increased, exposing problems: (1) The issuance of massive coupons has reached the bottleneck of coupon single library and single table storage. (2) The high coupling with the mall system directly affects the performance of […]