• Kafka source learning: Kafka APIs leader_ AND_ ISR


    Link to the original text:https://fxbing.github.io/2021…This source code is based on Kafka 0.10.2 Whenever the controller changes state, it will call thesendRequestsToBrokersMethod sendleaderAndIsrRequestThis paper mainly introduces the logic and process of Kafka server processing the request. LEADER_AND_ISR Overall logical process case ApiKeys.LEADER_AND_ISR => handleLeaderAndIsrRequest(request) Receive leader on server side_ AND_ After ISR request, thehandleLeaderAndIsrRequestThe processing flow […]

  • JavaScript tool function


    If articles and notes can bring you a little help or inspiration, please don’t be stingy with your praise and collection, your affirmation is the biggest driving force for me to move forward With links to notes, you can view more high-quality articles in the past step by step. If you like, you can give […]

  • The execution process of a SQL statement in MySQL


    First look at the architecture of MySQLIt can be said that the main architecture of MySQL is divided into server layer and storage engine layer. Connector: mainly responsible for user login database, user authentication, includingCheck account password, authority and other operationsIf the password of the user’s account has passed, the connector will query all the […]

  • Trillions of data method, easy to understand!


    background In Xingye’s “journey to the west”, there is a very famous line: “once there was a sincere feeling in front of me, I didn’t cherish it. I didn’t regret it until I lost it. The most painful thing in the world is this. If God could give me a chance to do it again, […]

  • Re learning react — higher order components


    1、 Advanced component Foundation In a word: it is a function that passes in a component and returns a new component; The function is to enhance the incoming components const lessons = [ {stage: ‘react’, Title: ‘componentization 1’}, {stage: ‘react’, Title: ‘componentization 2’}, {stage: ‘react’, Title: ‘componentization 3’} ]; //Function component function Lesson(props: any) { […]

  • Raid Fundamentals


    Raid (redundant array of Independent Disks) is a common disk management technology for commercial servers. As a redundant array of disks, raid can provide an independent solution for large storage devices. Combining several physical disks into a larger virtual device can not only improve the capacity of the hard disk, but also fully improve the […]

  • How to write effective interface test?


    Introduction: in all development testing, interface testing is an essential one. Effective and complete interface testing can not only guarantee the development quality of new functions, but also make the development have the ability of regression when modifying the function logic. At the same time, it is also the premise of elegant refactoring. What are […]

  • The bumpy road of two fat write parameter verification


    background Recently, I haven’t got together with ER Pang in the Dragon Boat Festival for a long time, so I invited Er pang to the people’s Square to kill him. Just recently, he changed his job and got a raise< br/>IEr Pang: I heard that you’ve changed jobs recently, and you’ve still changed from a […]

  • Remove the automatic generation of mongodb batch modification_ Class attribute


    0. Problem phenomenon Each attribute under props attribute in Mongo data will have_ Class attribute, which will cause data redundancy and waste storage space. There may be 5KB of 11KB data for storage_ Class 1. Causes: Batch modification in data verification code is aimed at the modification of propvalue object In mongodb database, the_ So […]

  • Open platform: authority verification auth framework


    Background:Portal website is divided into individual users, individual developers, institutional users, different page operations need specific users to operate. For example, API Application, key download can only be operated by institutional users, and password reset can only be operated after login.The management end is divided into system administrator, open platform administrator and bank administrator. Different […]

  • Input attribute that should not be abused


    Two days ago, I received a request: mobile phone number, ID card and verification code need to be verified,Inspection rules include length and content。 I have a lot of ideas, but I don’t know if it will work well. Let’s sort it out today. Let’s talk about what we have in mind Tag properties of […]

  • Golang – go get private library prompt “410 gone” solution


    I haven’t used a private library before, but I just came across it today. Let’s sort out the solutions   Error record If you are using the go get private library, you will encounter the following error:       resolvent $ export GO111MODULE=on $ export GOPROXY=direct $ export GOSUMDB=off   We are familiar with […]