• A lot of if / else parameter verification has finally been cleaned up by the springboot parameter verification component!


    This article has been included in the springboot Guide (springboot 2.0 + from getting started to actual combat!) GitHub address:https://github.com/CodingDocs/springboot-guide Code cloud address:https://gitee.com/SnailClimb/springboot-guide(GitHub can’t access or the small partners with slow access speed can see the corresponding content on the code cloud) It goes without saying the importance of data verification. Even when the front […]

  • Idle D is all right. He wrote a “medium-sized” react scaffold called moderate


    gitee github Where is the modem “final”? Moderate means moderate, moderate. Using this as the code name mainly depends on his real name “moderate”. His consistent idea is the golden mean. Adhering to the people-oriented attitude, focusing on general and common business, he sorted out a set of “OK” solutions, selectively pursued pioneers, strategically adhered […]

  • Summary of KOA practice


    What is koa? Koa is the next generation of express web framework based on node.js. Using koa to write web applications, by combining different generators, you can avoid the tedious nesting of callback functions, and greatly improve the efficiency of common error handling. Koa does not bind any Middleware in the kernel method. It only […]

  • Springboot series (II) full parsing of spring boot configuration files


    The article has been included in github.com/niumoo/javanotes. There are more core knowledge that Java programmers need to master. Welcome star and advice.Welcome to my official account. The article is updated every week. Note: this spring boot series is based on the spring boot versionv2.1.1.RELEASEFor learning analysis, there may be slight differences between different versions. preface […]

  • Dinamicx detailed explanation: how can blind people shop online?


    Introduction:At present, there are more than 17 million visually impaired people in China. Today, with the development of the Internet, they can’t enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet like most people, such as online shopping with mobile phones. However, we can improve this situation through technology and make their life more convenient to the […]

  • Why is swarm / BZZ so popular? What is swarm?


    From fil, Chia to swarm, the popularity of distributed storage has not stopped this year. With the finalization of the launch date of swarm / BZZ main network, many investors are waiting to see whether to start now? Before you start, Xiaobian needs to popularize knowledge about swarm / BZZ~ 1、 What is swarm? Swarm’s […]

  • Laravel analyzes and solves the ‘bug’ found in a unit test


    The following code is the syntax of form verification provided by laravel. Those who don’t know much can view the document first ‘group_ Num ‘= >’ Min: 1 | Max: 21 ‘// you can also use between to replace min and max We expect the result to be verifiablegroup_numThe minimum value of the field is1, […]

  • 15 excellent sublime plug-ins


    Cool and crazy drag sublime text is widely praised and easy to expand. Many developers contribute plug-ins. Through the package management tool – package control   It can be easily installed and managed. This article recommends 15 excellent sublime plug-ins, which can be easily installed through package control. Package control installation method With the shortcut […]

  • Getting things technology — Introduction to JSON schema


    Article introduction:Introduce JSON schema in vernacular, from basic concepts to high-order usage, from simple to deep, and analyze the practical role of JSON schema combined with practical application. 1、 Origin What is JSON schema? Before answering this question, let’s understand the background of it. With the development of the Internet, the front and back end […]

  • DRF – JWT certification and basic use


    1、 Introduction to JWT certification 1. The session authentication mechanism is no longer used, but the JSON web token (essentially token) authentication mechanism is used for user login authentication 2 as long as the user logs in, a token string (random string) is returned to the user. Each time the user sends a request, it […]

  • DRF — JWT based multi-mode login and custom multi-mode login


    1、 Multi way login based on JWT 1 mobile number + password user name + password email + password 2 process analysis (post request): -Route: generated automatically (it is recommended to generate automatically, or write by yourself) -View class: viewset (viewsetmixin, views. Apiview) -Serialization class: override the validate method, where the user name and password […]

  • Write a simple JSON schema to deal with the oral transmission of background interface details


    What is?JSON Schema How to define it? To tell you the truth, I found it after writing. It’s not related to legendJSON SchemaAlmost, so, I said TA isJSON SchemaI understand. I don’t know whether it’s serious or not. A serious definition The JSON schema defines a set of terms and rules that are used to […]