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  • Pyqt5 implementation drop-down check box


    Recently, I wrote a client tool with pyqt5, which needs the effect of the drop-down check box, but the built-in one is not provided. I found the following onlineComboCheckBoxClass can be implemented;It is mainly the combination of drop-down radio and check box, which inheritsQComboBoxClasses, instantiationComboCheckBoxYou can implement the drop-down check box. The code is as […]

  • Usage of check boxes in WinForm DataGridView control


    System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewIt is a data list container control provided in. Net forms, just like the rows and columns queried in MSSQL. It not only displays data, but also provides editing functions. Cells can even add unique control elements, such as text boxes, check boxes, and even pictures. This article introduces the check boxes. You can add […]

  • How do I determine if the PHP check box is selected


    Checkboxes checkboxes are usually used for PHP form submission. This article introduces how PHP determines whether the value in the check box is selected through an example. Friends who need it can refer to the examples in this article. This article introduces you to two knowledge points: 1. How to get the value of check […]

  • JSP check box usage


    1. On the page Copy codeThe code is as follows: <td width=”4%” height=”26″ align=”center”> <input type=”checkbox” name=”checkbox” value=<%=user.getId()%> /> </td> 2.action Copy codeThe code is as follows: String[] checkbox = request.getParameterValues(“checkbox”); List<Integer> checkboxs = new ArrayList<Integer>(); int operatorId =SessionMgr.getAccountSession(request, response).getId(); logger.debug(“–operatorId–:”+operatorId); //Determine whether the check box is selectedif(checkbox!=null&&!””.equals(checkbox)){ for(int i=0;i<checkbox.length;i++){ //checkboxs.add(checkbox[i]); String id_str = checkbox[i]; […]

  • JSP radio button verification, drop-down box verification, check box verification implementation code


    //Verify gender (radio button verification)function checkXb(){ var temp = false; var xbObj1= document.getElementById(“xb1”); var xbObj2= document.getElementById(“xb2”); if(xbObj1.checked || xbObj2.checked){ temp = true; } return temp; } function checkform() { //Verify gender (radio button verification)if(!checkXb()){ Alert (“please select gender”);return false; } //Verifier category (drop-down box)if(document.getElementById(“lb”).selectedIndex == 0){ Alert (“please select a personnel category”);return false; } } […]

  • Vue Foundation (V): common features (I)


    1. Basic form operation 1.1 get the value in the radio box 1. Two radio boxes need to bind a value Bi directionally through V-model at the same time2. Each radio box must have a value attribute, and the value value cannot be the same3. When a radio box is selected, V-model will change the […]

  • Chrome 89 has a list of new features, significantly improved performance, and a large number of new devtools features!


    Today, chrome has updated the latest version of chrome89. The new version has faster startup and response speed, and the CPU utilization has decreased significantly. For example, it provides features such as forward and backward cache (20% of the pages can advance and retreat instantaneously). It claims that the startup speed is 25%, the page […]

  • WPF implements a list control with an all check box


    This article explains how to create a list control with an all check box. The effect is shown in the figure below: This control is composed of a check box and a listview. Its operation logic: When select all is selected, all items in the list will be selected; Conversely, when select all is unchecked, […]

  • Flutter mobile app: button input


    Original address:https://siques.cn/p/34 Next, create a demo of the check boxUnder Lib.. demo, create a new file named checkbox_ demo.dart ..In the file, first import the material in the flutter check box Check box: check box Structural analysisThe sample code is as follows: import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; class CheckBoxDemo extends StatefulWidget { CheckBoxDemo({Key key}) : super(key: key); @override […]

  • Web development technology


    HTML HTML: a technology for developing web pagesCSS: a technique for modifying and rendering web pages #HTML Radio: Radio Check box / multiple choice box: check box Button: button Submit button: submit Drop down box: select option Multi line text input: textarea #CSS Link link can introduce external CSS file, which is equivalent to calling […]

  • How to install the latest version of IntelliJ idea


    IntelliJ idea, or idea for short, is recognized as the best Java integrated development tool in the industry, especially in intelligent code assistant, code automatic prompt, code refactoring, code version management (GIT, SVN, Maven), unit testing, code analysis, etc. Idea is produced in Czechoslovakia, and its developers are mainly Eastern European programmers who are well-known […]

  • The implementation code of changing the check box in the header to text in the element with selection table


    Method 1: use the table attribute: header cell class name table interface code <el-table ref=”multipleTable” :data=”tableData” :header-cell-class-name=”cellclass” style=”width: 100%”> <el-table-column type=”selection”> </el-table-column> <el-table-column Label = “date” width=”120″> <template slot-scope=”scope”>{{ scope.row.date }}</template> </el-table-column> <el-table-column prop=”name” Label = “name” width=”120″> </el-table-column> <el-table-column prop=”address” Label = “address” > </el-table-column> </el-table> Corresponding JS data() { return { tableData: [{ […]