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  • Cooperate with the supervisor to create a websocket server in laravel using swoole


    I want to implement a chat room with wesocket. I see that swoole supports this very well on the Internet, so I tried to combine laravel with swoole. I just made an attempt and it can run successfully. The specific details are not yet perfect. 1. Please refer to the official website documentation for the […]

  • The instant messaging function of chat room is realized by websocket based on swoole


    preface Some time ago, if you haven’t just built a local development environment, you have to do something. After reading the development documents of swoole, let’s try websocket to get instant messaging first. Then arrange a chat room and start What is swoole Swoole is a high-performance network communication engine of PHP. It is written […]

  • Vue web chat system imitates wechat and microblog web pages


    Recently, I have been learning the Vue framework. After comparing react and angular, I found that Vue is much faster to get started. Before, I used Vue to develop oneVue imitation wechat mobile terminalIM chat. Recently, I want to continue to strengthen my study, so I made a version of Vue chat room on the […]

  • Millions of users voting applet, how to use real-time database services to achieve automatic data update


    In the first half of 2020, we have been waiting for a long timeReal time database serviceOfficially released. The real-time database realizes the real-time two-way communication between the client and the server based on websocket. When the cloud data changes, it immediately notifies all clients to synchronize the data, thus changing the one-way mode in […]

  • Simple chat room developed by PHP + spool


    moell/webim PHP + spool development of a simple chat demo, mainly websockt applications, if you learn spool help, welcome to start. Project address https://github.com/moell-peng… Environmental requirements PHP >= 7.0 Swoole Composer install composer create-project -s dev moell/webim or git clone https://github.com/moell-peng/webim.git composer install Start websockt cd ./webim php webim_server.php Start PHP built-in server cd ./public […]

  • Android text view textview to achieve chat room effect


    This example shares the specific code of Android text view textview to realize chat room for your reference. The specific contents are as follows Math. Random() generates random numbers in the range of 0 to 1 Date time format NEW   SimpleDateFormat(“dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss”); // Year month day hour: minute: Second  ; HH in words 24 […]

  • Swoole notes (3)


    WebSocket It’s easy to build an asynchronous non blocking multi process websocket server by using spool. Websocket server <?php $server = new swoole_websocket_server(“”, 9501); $server->set(array( ‘daemonize’ => false, ‘worker_num’ => 2, )); $server->on(‘Start’, function (swoole_websocket_server $server) { echo “Server Start… \n”; swoole_set_process_name(“swoole_websocket_server”); }); $server->on(‘ManagerStart’, function (swoole_websocket_server $server) { echo “ManagerStart\n”; }); $server->on(‘WorkerStart’, function (swoole_websocket_server $server, […]

  • Actual combat spool [chat room]


    Foreword: after understanding the concept, we should practice our hands, otherwise it is giant baby If you get something, pleaseAdd a little starIf you don’t get anything, you canopposition It didn’t help reportSan Lian Code warehouse Actual combat spool [chat room] Online experience preparation You need to see it firstNew knowledge of spoolTo understand the […]

  • Principle and function summary of node chat room and socket.io


    IntroductionA few days ago, I made a simple chat room, which realized the chat function. The chat content can send text, pictures, audio, video, expression pack and other content, supporting one-to-one chat and group chat. Now on the previous chat room function to do a simple comb and summary. catalogue Brief introduction of principle Function […]

  • Make a chat room with workerman


    A series of articles: Make a chat room with workerman Thinkphp6.0 export excel case Why write this article? I’ve learned workerman several times and failed every time. But this time, it took several hours to realize the function that was not done before. In fact, it has two simple functions: one-to-one message sending and broadcasting […]

  • Swoole super simple to build chat room. Group chat, group chat, single chat


    Today to do a simple chat room, support change room, support private letter. Write the code a bit slag, there are many not very good place. After all, I am just a wild program ape Environmental Science: php7.0 apache 2.4 swoole 1.9 redis 4.0 bilibili : https://www.bilibili.com/vide…GitHub address:https://github.com/buffge/buf… It looks like this: I don’t want […]

  • Websocket live room chat tutorial – quick realization of chat room with goeasy


    It’s really indescribable that the fire has been broadcast live in the last two years! Friends often ask, I want to achieve a live chat room or I want to develop a chat room, how to start? Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to make a chat room with goeasy. Of course, it can also […]