• Cool interface, powerful function! This Linux performance real-time monitoring tool is super easy to use! Old machine, do it!


    For the maintenance and management of Linux system, its performance monitoring is very important, especially the real-time monitoring data. This data is helpful for us to judge the load pressure of the server, timely adjust the resource allocation, and also help to better serve the business. So today, migrant workers give you Amway a Linux […]

  • The solution to enlarge and blur canvas drawing


    Let’s first understand the width and height of the canvas canvas.width Is the size of the canvas, and canvas.style.width Is the size of the canvas rendered by the browser First question: the height and width of the canvas The width and height of the canvas must be set in the canvas label. If it is […]

  • Recommend a good open source report platform — jnpf visualization platform


    Jnpf visual development platformIt is an online report platform integrating report design and large screen design. It is easy to use and can help users design pages like excel. Using jnpf report platform, users can not only design a cool big screen in 10 minutes, but also quickly make various reports on the platform to […]

  • Hierarchy problem of canvas drawing chart in wechat applet


    From official documents There is a special kind of component in wechat applet, which is a native component created by the client. These components are: camera canvas Input (native component only when focus) live-player live-pusher map textarea video Since native components are separated from the WebView rendering process, there are the following limitations when using […]

  • Full data link analysis solution


    Introduction:Front end early chat live dry goods Author: idle fish technology – Yunting Background Since its establishment in 2014, Xianyu has realized the transition from 0 to 10 million dau. With the rapid development of business, business decision-making methods are closely updated. From the most primitive experience driven to more scientific and reasonable data driven. […]

  • 10 data visualization skills, let you understand at a glance!


    I have to tell you the truth: when I studied data science, I totally underestimated the importance of drawing. Yes, it was a mess: I learned Python from scratch, became familiar with all the possible algorithms, understood the math behind everything, but my drawing skills were terrible. Why? We’re always doing the same thing. You […]

  • Document coding


    The document is coded, which is written in the domain specific language of class code, and managed by using the methods of software development (such as source code management and deployment). It can be edited, previewed, viewed with the help of specific tools, or deployed to the server through a dedicated system. A common architecture […]

  • Tips for chrome performance tuning


    In the development of large-scale web applications or complex interactive websites, it is inevitable to encounter some page performance bottlenecks. This article describes how to use Chrome’s performance panel to analyze website performance bottlenecks, which should be helpful. Note that in order to reduce the noise caused by some chrome plug-ins in performance evaluation, it […]

  • Data analysis — the ability that everyone should master


    Not long ago, someone asked me to help it sort out some data for product promotion. I feel that this kind of thinking is very important. We are now in a society full of information. If we can make this information available to us, it will be of great benefit to do a lot of […]

  • Xiaobai Xuexue python (24): basic operation of Excel (2)


    Life is short, I choose python Previous portal Xiaobai studies python (1): Opening Xiaobai Xue python (2): basic data types (1) Xiaobai Xue python (3): basic data types (2) Xiaobai Xuexue python (4): basic operations of variables Xiaobai Xuexue python (5): basic operators (1) Xiaobai Xuexue python (6): basic operators (2) Xiaobai Xue python (7): […]

  • Deveexpress + WinForm


    Video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV15x411x7WN?p=7 The application of chart control.   Choose a chart type without considering the superposition of various charts.   Bind data and set abscissa and ordinate. private void XtraForm1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Series series = this.chartControl1.Series[0]; DataTable table = new DataTable(); table.Columns.Add(“Class”); table.Columns.Add(“TotalGrade”,typeof(double)); var row = table.NewRow(); Row [“class”] = class 1; row[“TotalGrade”] […]

  • Canvas series tutorial 03 – histogram project 1


    Made a pile of lines, squares and functions, feel very mysterious, but with eggs. Let’s just write a project. One of the more drag applications of canvas is charts and games. We start from shallow to deep and play charts first. We will talk about the simplest histogram today. Histogram many people use Baidu echars, […]