• The ecarts pie chart hides data with data of 0


    Idea:1. Add a default item for each data item. Show is true label: { show: true }, labelLine: { show: true } 2. When the data of traversal data is 0, assign show to false /*Early warning event*/ initCensus() { this.census = { tooltip: { trigger: “item”, formatter: `{a} <br/>{b} <br/> {c} ({d}%)`, }, series: […]

  • Electron12-vite2-vadmin: Based on vue3. X + electron desktop management system | Electron background template


    System introduction vite2-electron-adminA set of lightweight middle and background system solutions. It integratesvite.js + electron12Development and implementation. Using the latest front-end technology stack,It includes I18N international language, dynamic permission routing, and provides multi-functional tables / formsBusiness functions. Technical framework Vue3 Technology: vite. JS + vue3.0 + vuex4 + Vue- [email protected] Span end frame: electron ^ […]

  • Docker service terminal UI management tool


    This is a simple terminal based UI management tool, which is mainly applicable todockeranddocker-The management and convenient use of compose containers and services are inspired by gocui and rewritten with go voice. 1. Functional characteristics Mild users can use it, but don’t take it as a professional management tool, hahaha seedockerordocker-composeThe state of the container […]

  • Ecarts move the mouse up to display the data


    Line chart as an example, core code //Initialize the ecarts instance based on the prepared dom var myChart = echarts.init(document.getElementById(‘latest_pv’)); //Specify configuration items and data for the chart var option = { xAxis: { type: ‘category’, data: [‘{$d1}’, ‘{$d2}’, ‘{$d3}’, ‘{$d4}’, ‘{$d5}’, ‘{$d6}’, ‘{$d7}’] }, yAxis: { type: ‘value’ }, series: [{ data: [{$uv1}, {$uv2}, […]

  • Development plug-in collection


    Day.js, the 2KB lightweight solution of moment.js, has the same powerful API Filesaver.js, HTML5 file saving Html2canvas, screenshots with JavaScript, HTML to canvas SimpleMDE Markdown Editor Layui, open source modular front-end UI framework Betterscroll 2.0, mobile scrolling plug-in Ucharts high performance cross end charts JQuery plug-in library HTML5 Boilerplate: The web’s most popular front-end template […]

  • You must see 10 Amazing CSS 3D effects


    Foreword~ Praise before you see, form a habit~ Get the source code and suggest airborne at the bottom of the article With CSS3, complex things like 3D effects and transformations have never been so simple. Many CSS3 properties enable Web designers to enhance web design and significantly improve the user experience. In this article, we […]

  • Learn data visualization from CSS


    A picture is worth a thousand words The field of visualization is one of the hottest branches in the (Pan) front-end. Data visualization technology is heavily used in projects such as visual large screen display of data information for ordinary users, data statistics overview or dispatching services in enterprise services, and smart construction (smart brain, […]

  • Linux performance monitoring tool wgcloud, function manual


    1、 System introduction Wgcloud is a distributed monitoring system based on Java language. Its core modules include: server cluster monitoring, ES cluster status monitoring, CPU monitoring, memory monitoring, data monitoring, service heartbeat detection, application process management, disk IO monitoring, system load monitoring, monitoring alarm information push. Compared with ZABBIX monitoring tool, it is lighter and […]

  • On visual design – delicious “cooks” in the data age (Part I)


    catalog: 1. What is big screen data visualization2. Introduction to design process Combine emotion to create two-dimensional design beauty Building a sense of space & the fusion of two-dimensional and three-dimensional Summary I still remember when I studied design in the University, there was a saying in the College: “80% of designers dream of becoming […]

  • Seaborn’s six simple tips


    Author | zolzaya luvsandorjCompile VKSource: towards Data Science In this article, we will explore some simple ways to customize your charts to make them aesthetically better. I hope these simple techniques can help you get a better picture. Baseline map The script in this article was tested in Python 3.8.3 in the Jupiter notebook. Let’s […]

  • Don’t use a line of code to teach you how to make a cool visual large screen from 0 to 1


    Since the emergence of large screen visualization, it has been deeply sought after by enterprises from all walks of life. The most typical is the large screen with double 11 sales of Taobao every year. Recently, I just came into contact with a large screen project to summarize some visual large screen production experience and […]

  • Simple analysis of boiling point of nuggets 15W (2)


    1、 Data preprocessing and storage After getting the original data, the next step is to clean and store it. 1.1 data model Because it is a simple analysis, only thetopic of conversation、user、newsThree parts. The details are as follows: class Pins(object): “”” boiling point “”” msg_id = None # boiling pointID topic_ Id = none # […]