• Common methods of echart


    The instantiation method of ecarts chart is somewhat similar to that of highcharts chart by providing an option to its object. The structure of option is the same as that of JSON, but some attributes are missing double quotes. Throughout the echarts diagram instantiation API, there are several related instantiation methods: 1、setOption(Object option,{boolean = true} […]

  • Take you to make a cool big screen in 10 minutes and say goodbye to the boring text report!


    As we all know, compared with boring words, things with visual impact can leave us a deeper impression. In the process of work, such as in the daily work report, the collected data information shall be counted and analyzed, and then the data shall be expressed in a graphical way. It can facilitate us to […]

  • Drag report design – jimureport 1.4 0 new features


    In early November, we released 1.4 0 milestone stable version has added some new functions, including enriching query controls, supporting query JS / CSS enhancement, supporting mongodb, redis, stored procedure dataset, supporting grouping subtotal, supporting chart drilling, conditional drilling, supporting zebra crossing of table background setting, supporting column splitting, version splitting, dynamic merging, etc; Let’s […]

  • Selection of front-end large screen display scheme


    The existing desktop web project needs to be used for large screen display, and may encounter the problem of unclear display caused by large resolution. The following is the solution thinking and selection. Large screen display Scheme 1: scale thinking bodyIf the width is set to 1920, the web content will be rendered in a […]

  • 18 chart libraries developed based on HTML5 canvas


    Today, HTML5 is as popular as the stars and the moon, and is favored by many industry giants. Many web developers also try to make a variety of rich web applications with HTML 5. The HTML 5 specification introduces many new features, one of which is the canvas element. HTML 5 canvas provides a very […]

  • UML quick overview


    This chapter describes the in version 2.5.1All UML diagrams, understanding these UML diagrams is an integral part of software engineering (SE). This is because these UML diagrams provide a set of modeling artifacts, which are the globally recognized standards of se. The knowledge and understanding of diagrams provides a method and language for software engineers […]

  • Python data visualization: visual data analysis plug-in d-tale


    D-tale data visualization plug-in is an open-source data visualization analysis plug-in produced by the combination of back-end framework flash and front-end framework react. At present, it supports data structure objects of pandas such as dataframe, series, multiindex, datetimeindex and rangeindex, and also provides visualization functions such as function analysis of conventional data structures. Install the […]

  • Make a unique information chart resume


    There is no doubt that you have seen an information chart or similar resume on the Internet. This has become a trend in the fields of design, illustration and marketing, but even job seekers in fields with less traditional creativity have begun to use them to help control increasingly competitive games. You might wonder why […]

  • How do I create JavaScript?


    FusionCharts suite XT is a comprehensive cross platform and cross browser JavaScript chart package, including FusionCharts XT, powercharts XT, fusionwidgets XT and fusionmaps XT. Support ASP, asp.net, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on rails, JavaScript, and even simple HTML pages. It is your trusted JavaScript chart solution. At present, 450000 users around the world choose FusionCharts […]

  • 23000 star! Catch up with Microsoft Visio, this simple and practical online drawing tool must be recommended to you


    [introduction]: a simple and powerful drawing tool, which can catch up with Microsoft visio. brief introduction Diagrams.net is a simple and powerful online drawing tool. Readers may not have heard of this tool, but many may have heard of draw.io. In fact, the two are the same tool. Draw.io is the former name, which will […]

  • HTML5 simple chart plug-in


    Recently, I took a web information elective course. I had to hand in a small project at the end of the term. Originally, I wanted to say to play a small game, but I finally chose to do this jQuery plug-in. There are many similar plug-ins on the Internet, which are much better than mine, […]

  • Ineuos industrial interconnection operating system, charts and data points are combined into new components for project reuse


    order        record one       Overview… 1 two       Presentation information… 2 three       Application process… 2  one    summary       Standardized modeling has been formed for the data of some industries, or some companies focus on a certain field and need to reuse the development business. Previous versions and articles introduced the combination of […]