• 2021 rust Ecological Research Report – star sea [part I]


    This article is reproduced from the official account: Jue society.Author: Zhang Handong, independent consultant / author of rust programming Wen Qian Six months ago, I wrote a “30000 words 2021 rust Industry Research Report” [1], which mainly focuses on the introduction of rust language and the inventory of open source applications in the industry. After […]

  • Typescript supports a setting of react JSX in the new version of react


    If you use NPX create react app — template typescript to create a new project, because the version of react has been updated after 17.0.1, but some features (especially the parsing of TSX files) need the version of typescript after 4.1 to support, and the version of typescript in Visual Studio code may not be […]

  • First knowledge of go language


    Definition: go is an open source and free programming language. It allows us to easily build simple, fast and safe applications Go language features: features? Characteristic advantage1. Simple, fast and safe2. Parallel, natural support for concurrent programming3. Memory management, support memory management, array security4. It is suitable for high concurrency or distributed systems Purpose: it […]

  • Info webrtc m89 update


    Webrtc m89 is currently released in the chrome beta channel, including more than 39 vulnerability fixes, function enhancements, stability and performance improvements. This article is the Chinese version of webrtc m89 release notes.Welcome to pay attention to us. We will translate webrtc related content regularly to help developers get the latest information and stay at […]

  • C# how to create custom properties


    catalogue summary Implementation mode summary An attribute is a declarative label used to pass behavior information of various elements in a program (such as classes, methods, structures, enumerations, components, etc.) at run time. You can add declarative information to your program by using properties. A declarative tag is described by square brackets ([]) placed before […]

  • Handwritten IOC practice


    1、 IOC 1. What is IOC? Control reversal(English: inversion of control, abbreviated asIoC), a design principle in object-oriented programming, can be used to reduce the coupling between computer codes. The most common way is calledDependency injection(dependency injection)DI)There is also a method called dependency lookup IOC: a design pattern Di: it is a way to practice […]

  • Promise. all, Promise. Race and promise, a new feature of es2020 allSettled


    More articles are detailed in the official account [front end CSS and JS dry cargo]. Promise is the most exciting feature of ES6. Before that, people may have used promise through third-party libraries such as Bluebird or Q, but it did not become the standard feature of JS until 2015.The promise object represents the completion […]

  • Why TypeScript?


    Authorized by the author, this article is translated and summarized from understanding typescript’s popularity, a personal blog of Orta, a member of typescript team. Original author:orta Original link:https://orta.io/notes/js/why-typescript Ycaptain Typescript is a very popular JavaScript language extension. It adds a type layer to the existing JavaScript syntax, and even if this layer is deleted, it […]

  • Great Chrome browser: Chrome 90 will use HTTPS by default, making the web more secure


    What interesting new features did chrome 90 officially released on April 13 bring? background For more than a decade, web technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Among them, chrome is the biggest contributor, which can be said to be none. In the field of big front-end, understanding chrome can help us understand the development […]

  • 10 steps to contribute to open source projects


    A short guide to creating clean, well managed GitHub contributions. In this article, I will give 10 simple steps to ensure that GitHub’s contribution is fast and clean. Contribution lifecycle (step) 1. Fork main warehouse Fork master warehouse will create a copy in your account. You can make changes and push any code to this […]

  • How to fill all kinds of pits after multi branch integration and release| Cloud effect


    Xiaoming’s R & D team will release a version that contains multiple functional features, each of which has strong independence. Different features are completed by different developers or development teams. They are developed on different feature branches, independent and independent of each other. After a feature is developed, it is submitted for testing. This process […]

  • K8s ecological weekly | helm new version released to enhance support for OCI


    “K8s ecological weekly report” mainly contains some recommended weekly information related to k8s ecology I have been exposed to. Welcome to the Zhihu column“K8s ecology”。 Docker v20. 10.10 release This version is docker V20 The 10th minor version of 10. There are no special common problems in this version, but due toIn go 1.16net/httpPackage pair$HTTP_PROXYChanges […]