• Elegant use of features in WinForm / WPF / console to encapsulate webapi


    Elegant use of features in WinForm / WPF / console to encapsulate webapi explain As a server in the C / s end, it is convenient and fast to establish HTTP requests. 1. Class library used Newtonsoft.dll 2. Package httplistener Httpapi class public class HttpApi { private static List HttpListenerList = new List(); /// ///Initialize […]

  • How to obtain the attribute information of data changes in C ා – class


    1、 Foreword In normal development, when the user modifies the data, there is no good way to record the specific modified information. We can only temporarily use the method of serializing the class into a JSON string and then inserting it into the log. At this time, if we want to know which field values […]

  • Looking at C from the future#


    Preface Now, although C ා has developed to version 8.0 and introduced many functional features, in fact, in the future planning of C ා there are many features that can influence the existing C ා code structure and composition on a large scale. This article will introduce the important features and show them with code […]

  • Multithreaded shared variables and asynclocal


    >>Return to C ා concurrent programming 1. Introduction 2. Shared variables under asynchronous 3. Analyze asynclocal 3.1. Implementation of iasynclocalvaluemap 3.2. Conclusion 1. Introduction ordinaryShared variables: You can use static attributes on a class. MultithreadingShared variables I hope that theSharing scopeZoom out toSingle threadwithin It doesn’t matterB thread ofcannot accessThe value to a thread; [ThreadStatic]CharacteristicsThreadLocal […]

  • Data annotations


    System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations Attributes: Attribute Description Key Mark property as entitykey which will be mapped to PK of the related table Timestamp Mark the property as a non nullable timestamp column in the database ConcurrencyCheck ConcurrencyCheck annotation allows you to flag one or more properties to be used for concurrency checking in the database when a user […]

  • Some characteristics of raksmart server


    Raksmart computer room in the United States has been operated for many years. Its predecessor is to provide military server business in the United States, with a huge user group and consumers. BelowRAKsmartXiaobian will tell you about some features of raksmart server.  1. Features of raksmart server in the United States: large hard disk  The first feature […]

  • Using xmake to detect compiler feature support


    If we want to write cross platform C / C + + code, many times we need to deal with the compatibility problems caused by different compiler’s support for each standard of C / C + +. The general solution is to judge the compiler’s version, built-in macro, standard library macro through macro__has_featureAnd so on. […]

  • How to avoid null pointer gracefully without Java 8?


    Author: Wang Xiaoge https://blog.csdn.net/u012881904/article/details/68935009 JDK 8 hasOptional, if you are still using JDK 7 or earlier, you can use Google’s guava library. The usage is almost the same. Here’s how to use Google’s guava library. Why Google guava optional In addition to simplifying rude if (null = = object), reducing the complexity of functions and […]

  • [no practice series] learning notes about cookies


    I. Preface I’ve been screwing the screws all the time. I haven’t touched the login part at all. I can only learn from the article first 2、 A few o’clock 1. HTTP protocol is stateless protocol We all know that HTTP protocol is stateless protocol. The server does not know which pretty guy is requesting […]

  • Is swift a monkey or an ape?


    Welcome to Tencent cloud community to get more Tencent technology practice dry goods~ Author: Duan Yipeng Introducer Swift and Objective-C are two major languages for Developing Apple App. What’s the status of Swift’s industry since it was released in 2014? After years of baptism, the stability, performance and development feature support of Objective-C are relatively […]

  • Key features of WordPress


    Key words description: the main features of WordPress can be linked to post blog The main features of WordPress. WordPress has many features, such as free distribution, web standard, fast speed, and free; the default settings are very friendly, customizable and strong. It can be said that WordPress is a very excellent personal network publishing […]

  • 50. Pow(x, n)


    Pow (x, n) is implemented, that is, the N-power function of X is calculated. Example 1: Input: 2.00000, 10Output: 1024.00000Example 2: Input: 2.10000, 3Output: 9.26100Example 3: Input: 2.00000, – 2Output: 0.25000Explanation: 2-2 = 1 / 22 = 1 / 4 = 0.25 First, I think of the recursive solution, and pay attention to the treatment […]