• How to choose your “second” programming language?! Complementary Yin and Yang is the best choice~


    We are programmers, but we don’t have to be just programmers of a language. After all, language is only a tool to show our thinking logic – Lu Xun!   programing language Today, I’d like to talk about programming language. The “second” is just a general term. Most developers and even beginners must have mastered […]

  • It’s time to say goodbye to docker


    In the ancient times of container (about 4 years ago), docker was the only participant in container games. But now the situation is different. Docker is no longer the only one, but just another container engine. Docker allows us to build, run, pull, upload and view container images, but there are other tools that can […]

  • Intercept parameters on address URL


    getval(url, name) { var reg = new RegExp(“(^|\\?|&)” + name + “=([^&|#]*)(\\s|&|#|$)”, “i”); // Because Vue has the feature of adding “#”, the regular expression here will match & –&/# if (reg.test(url)) return unescape(RegExp.$2.replace(/\+/g, ” “)); return “”; },

  • [JavaScript] using JavaScript to realize webrtc video chat demo


    You can get the other party’s ID or enter your own ID automatically The principle is to use the H5 new feature of JS to obtain the camera video stream, exchange the information of both sides through the service of peerjs, and then use the webrtc feature of the browser for point-to-point communication. At this […]

  • K8s ecological weekly report – year-end release! Docker v20. ten


    “K8s ecological weekly report” mainly contains some recommended weekly information related to k8s ecology I have been exposed to. Welcome to the Zhihu column“K8s ecology”。 Docker v20. 10 list of main characteristics BeforeK8s ecological weekly | docker V20 10.0-beta 1 releaseIn the article, I introduced docker V20 10.0-beta 1 releases relevant information, but does not […]

  • ES6 must know, look! (2)


    Part 1 class Features: it is declared with class, which is essentially function, and the class name is suggested to start with uppercaseIn order to learn better, you should first master the following words: Constructor constructor Super super Extensions inheritance New instantiation example: class Cat extends Animal{ constructor(name,color){ super(name); this.color = color; } say(){} } […]

  • How to install and deploy PostgreSQL?


    PostgreSQL is a very powerful and open source client / server relational database management system (RDBMS).PostgreSQL is a very robust software package with many features in large commercial RDBMS, including transactions, sub selection, triggers, views, foreign key reference integrity and complex locking functions. On the other hand, PostgreSQL also lacks some features available in commercial […]

  • 1.6 keys in the dictionary map multiple values


    Problem description How to implement a dictionary in which a key corresponds to multiple values (also known as multidict)? Solution You can put multiple values into another container, such as a list or collection. Selecting a list or set depends on your actual needs. If you want to maintain the insertion order of elements, select […]

  • Newton. Use of jsonconverter in JSON


    1、 Usage scenario: Two classes inherit the same abstract class: /// ///Sandbox base class /// abstract class SandBoxGanmeBase { /// ///Name /// public string Name { get; set; } /// ///Version /// public string Version { get; set; } /// ///Can drive /// public bool CanDrive { get { return true; } } } /// […]

  • JS closure details


    Closure (three points) definition Closures are nested functions, and inner functions are closures characteristic Normally, the internal variables will be destroyed after the function is executed The internal function of the closure is not completed, and the external function variables will not be destroyed. //Closure function outerfun() { let a = 10;// Destroy after feature […]

  • Magicodes. Ie 2.4 release


    Today we released version 2.4, which is inseparable from your understanding ofMagicodes.IEWe also constantly update and iterate on your opinions and needs. At present, our average release frequency is one weekbetaVersion, the official version is updated once a month. We welcome more developers to join us. You are welcome to mention issue and PR. Project […]

  • Kubernetes v1. 23.0 officially released, list of new features


    “K8s ecological weekly report” mainly contains some recommended weekly information related to k8s ecology I have been exposed to. Welcome to the Zhihu column“8ks”。 Kubernetes v1. 23 will be released soon. This is the third version released in 2021 and the last version officially released this year. This version mainly includes 47 enhanced updates, of […]