• Analysis of common linux commands


    tr NAME tr – translate or delete characters Characters from standard input can be replaced, compressed and deleted. It can change a group of characters into another group of characters, and is often used to write beautiful single line commands, which is very powerful. SYNOPSIS tr [OPTION]… SET1 [SET2] SET1 Specifies the original character set […]

  • LeetCode 76


    Portal: https://leetcode-cn.com/probl…Difficult problem, manual dog headdynamic programmingAfter thinking about it, I feel that I can’t solve it as a subproblem.suggestsliding windowIt seems to be a solution.See the use case S = “ADOBECODEBANC”, T = “ABC” 1.Each character of T is assigned a hash table to record its position in the sliding window. If there is […]

  • Go language: Master Emoji thoroughly


    A series of articles: In depth analysis of reflection + actual combat cases Go language: Master Emoji thoroughly Keywords: Emoji, Unicode, utf8, go, expression What is Emoji Emoji is just some ideographic symbols. Implementation of Emoji First, you have to be able to distinguishunicode、utf8andcharacterThe differences between them are as follows: unicodeA character set is a […]

  • Objective-C Tips


    Notes & suggested usage Bool is actually an 8-bit character type. If an integer value greater than 1 byte is assigned to bool, only the status character will be used as the bool value. In the header file, other header files should be introduced as little as possible, and [email protected], or use the class protocol. […]

  • This is what Linux should learn: redirection, pipe characters, wildcards, escape characters, environment variables


    Chapter 3: redirection, pipeline, environment variable 3.1 I / O redirection Definition: input redirection is to import the file into the command, and output redirection is to output the information originally displayed on the screen to the file. Compared with input redirection, output redirection is used more. The following focuses on output redirection The symbols […]

  • The usage of input output conversion specifier in C language


    The usage of input output conversion specifier in C language This paper mainly introduces the usage of conversion specification in formatted input and output statements in C language printf sprintf fprintfConversion specifier for % [flags][width][.precision][length]specifier flags meaning – Align left + When the signed value is positive, a positive sign is added before the value; […]

  • Through JS, bsae64 will generate pictures and download them


    HTML: <div style=”display:block;margin:0 auto;width:638px;height:795px;”> <div id=”render” >CONTENT</div> </div> <div id=”template” style=”margin:10px 0 0 385px;”> < input type = “button” onclick = “qc0926()” value = “download picture” / > </div> JS: <script type=”text/javascript”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> var canvas,render,html,imgsrcgo; function renderHTMLAndSave() { var render= document.getElementById(‘render’); html2canvas(render).then(function (canvas) { var imgsrc= canvas.toDataURL();imgsrcgo=imgsrc; }); } window.onload=renderHTMLAndSave(); var imgsrc; var imgData; […]

  • Convert number to amount in words


    Convert number to amount in words About more daily use of public class operation method, you can pay attention to the next small website http://www.feiaci.com/#/self/… /** *Convert number to amount in words */ function changeToChinese (Num) { //Judge if the input is not a character, then convert it to a character if(typeof Num == “number”) […]

  • Translation: practical Python Programming 01_ 04_ Strings


    Contents | previous section (1.3 numbers) | next section (1.5 list) 1.4 string This section describes how to handle text. Represents literal text In the program, the literal amount of string is written in quotation marks. #Single quote a = ‘Yeah but no but yeah but…’ #Double quote b = “computer says no” #Triple Quotes […]

  • Excel reads the picture and gets the save path


    PHP uses php spreadsheet and xlwriter to read excel image objects, save and replace them with relative paths <? php php excel class This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article

  • Understanding MySQL character set and comparison rules from root


    character set Abstract description of a character range of coding rules (charset), such as ASCII, GBK, utf8, etc. Encoding: the process of mapping a character to a binary data Decoding: the process of mapping a binary data to a character Comparison rules It is a rule for comparing the size of characters in a character […]

  • The difference between nvarchar and varchar


    First of all, you need to know about Unicode. Here is Baidu Encyclopedia’s explanation of Unicode.        Unified code, also known as universal code and Unicode, is an industry standard in the field of computer science, including character set, coding scheme, etc.        Unicode is produced to solve the limitations of […]