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  • Frida hook variable parameters


    Frida hook variable parameters 0x00 Preface: For the principle of variable parameter hook, please refer to my article:C++ reverse variable parameter hook I searched the Internet for a long time, but I didn’t find anyone who wrote about the Frida hook variable parameters 0x01 Frida hook variable parameter args OK returns to the topic, how […]

  • C language “refuse scanf, start from me”


    Hello, I’m here. I’m Meng Jie Some time ago, I wanted to implement a command-line tool (similar to cmd.exe), so I picked up the C language that has not been used for thousands of years and wrote input and output. That’s the problem. The scanf function I used doesn’t accept null characters. As long as […]

  • Summary of front-end written test questions in winter 2020


    Original address:Some excellent interview questions [4] Recently, I interviewed some companies and got some offers. Instead of recording concept questions, I only recorded coding questions.In their spare time, young friends can do these exercises. A number that appears only once Summary interval Achieve traffic light effect Array de duplication Return excel table column name Detect […]

  • (1) Redis data structure: SDS and linked list


    Recently, I was reading redis design and structure. Organized some notes. SDS The strings in redis basically use their own defined sdshdr structure. struct sdshdr { int len; int free; char buf[]; }; lenProperty records the length of the current string. It is worth noting that this length does not include\0freeWhen it is 0, it […]

  • MySQL quickly generates a large amount of test data (1million, 10million, 100million)


    Build table drop table if exists t1; CREATE TABLE t1( id int NOT NULL AUTO_ Increment primary key comment ‘primary key’, person_ ID tinyint not null comment ‘user id’, person_ Name varchar (30) comment ‘user name’, gmt_ Create datetime not null comment ‘create time’, gmt_ Modified datetime comment ‘modified time’ )Comment ‘test table 2048’; Insert […]

  • 5. longest palindrome substring (leetcode) – C language


    1、 Brute force cracking #include <stdbool.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> //Determine whether the string is a palindrome string int isPalindromic(char *str, int start, int end) { while (start < end) { if (str[start] != str[end]) { return false; } start++; end–; } return true; } char *longestPalindrome(char *str) { int len = strlen(str); […]

  • Learning SQL language


    SQL languages fall into five categories DQL language: the full name (data query language) is the data query language, which mainly involves the query of select statements. Basic query Condition query Sort query Common functions Grouping function join query Subquery Paging query Union Union query DML language: data manipulation language, which is mainly used for […]

  • JS — array method & higher order function


    1、 Basic array usage 1. Create array method (1) Use the new keyword Let stu1 = new array (‘zhang San ‘,’ Li Si ‘,’ Wang Wu ‘,’ Zhao Liu ‘); (2) Use brackets [], recommended Let stu2 = [‘Zhang San’, ‘Li Si’, ‘Wang Wu’, ‘Zhao Liu’, ‘Li Lei’]; (3) Use array of() let stu3 = […]

  • 6. leetcode — C language


    Method 1: Execution time:76 ms, beat 23.00% of users in all C submissionsMemory consumption:6.4 MB, beat 60.00% of users in all C submissions #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> char *zStr(char *str, int numRows) { int k = 0; int len = strlen(str); if (numRows < 2) { return str; } char *resStr = (char […]

  • Try to decrypt the jsjiami encryption result manually


    After reading jsjiami, a simple oneconsole.log(“James”), the result of encryption is 3k, which means that the encryption has been turned. I don’t know how many bends are in it. If you want to manually decrypt a real business code, it should be very tired. However, this paper does not study the workload, but just try […]

  • My go algorithm journey


    Record the process of using go learning algorithmGitHub address Part 1 (TODO) array Merge ordered arrays (easy) Remove duplicates from an ordered array (easy) Move zero (easy) Linked list Reverse linked list (easy) A group of K flip linked lists (hard) Medium (acwing) Circular linked list (medium) Circular linked list II (medium) Stack, queue Valid […]

  • Simple understanding of MySQL JSON data types


    Click to view the original text MySQL supportRFC 7159JSONThe defined native data type that can effectively access data in JSON (JavaScript object representation) documents. This data type provides these advantages over strings stored in JSON format in character string columns:JSON Automatic verification stored inJSONColumn. Invalid documents cause errors. Optimized storage format.JSONThe JSON document stored in […]