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  • Mybatis parameter processing


    Series articles: Getting started with mybatis Mybatis configuration Mybatis get self incrementing primary key Mybatis parameter processing Mybatis returns results Mybatis dynamic SQL Mybatis cache Mybatis load profile Load mapper mapping file Mybatis interface binding principle Mybatis SQL execution Parameter processing Single parameter adopt#{parameter name}Take out the parameter value The interface is defined as follows […]

  • Java algorithm Yi Jin Jing: common Java API tips


    Summary:The essence of algorithm practice also lies in training programming thinking and strengthening the internal force of programmers. Therefore, give yourself the content of algorithm skills that will be continuously updated later, referred to as algorithm Yi Jin Jing. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Common Java API usage of < Java algorithm Yi […]

  • Form regular


    Preface: onkeyup, onchange, oninput differences a、onkeyup = “value=value.replace(/[^\d]/g,”)” Using the onkeyup event, there is a bug, that is, in the Chinese input method state, enter Chinese characters directly and then enter letters directly b、onchange = “value=value.replace(/[^\d]/g,”)” Using the onchange event, after entering content, the result will be obtained only when the input loses focus, and […]

  • Is there anything worth learning about the strman java project of 1.3k star on GitHub? Source visual to analyze a wave


    Hello, I’m silent Wang Er. Many students who are beginners in programming often give me a Tucao, saying, “brother, when you knock the code, will you have such a feeling, make complaints about writing, and feel that the code you write is like shit?” I have to say here that when I first entered the […]

  • 1、 Get ef


    Reference website:https://www.cnblogs.com/bridgew/p/12709063.html 1. Open nuget package manager console 2. Select the default project (the project to import EF) and enter the command: install package entityframework 3. If the import is successful, there will be the following two references in the reference 2、 Add entity data model 1. Add a new item and select ADO Net […]

  • Functions commonly used in makefile


    Makefile defines a series of rules to specify which source files in the project need to be compiled first and whichsourceFile post compilation, whichsourceFiles need to be recompiled or even more complex operations.Once written, only one make command is needed, and the whole project automatically compiles according to the rules written in Makefile, which greatly […]

  • Java 8 stream API to kotlin collection API


    The API for collection operations provided by kotlin is much simpler than that of Java 8 stream. The following is the transformation from Java 8 stream API to kotlin collection API. Map attributes aggregated into lists Java List names = users.stream().map(User::getName).collect(Collectors.toList()); kotlin val list = user. Map {it. Name} / / tolist() is not required, […]

  • Shell Scripting quick start


    What is a shell script?Shell script (English: shell script), also known as shell command script and programmed script, is a computer program and text file. The content is composed of a series of shell commands, which operate after being directly translated by UNIX shell. It is designed as a script language, and its operation mode […]

  • Hive parsing JSON array for big data development


    In hive, a lot of data is stored in JSON format. For example, when developers embed the pages on the app, they will store multiple fields in a JSON array, so the data is flatBig data trainingWhen the station calls the data, the buried point data shall be analyzed. Next, let’s talk about how JSON […]

  • X-gorgon algorithm parameter acquisition (Python version, with source code)


    Yesterday, when searching the x-gorgon algorithm, I saw that an old brother wrote better. I forgot the specific website. I’m afraid I won’t find it next time, so I sent it here and made some changes The code is only for learning and discussion 1 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- 2 “”” 3 x-gorgon encryption […]

  • IOS algorithm (basic) — delete all adjacent duplicates in the string


    Given the string s composed of lowercase letters, the duplicate deletion operation will select two adjacent and identical letters and delete them. Repeat the deduplication operation on s until the deletion cannot continue. Returns the final string after all deduplication operations are completed. The answer is guaranteed to be unique. example Input:“abbaca” Output:“ca” Explanation:For example, […]

  • [leetcode] string related


    leetcode 3. No duplicate longest string Title Description Given a string s, please find the length of the longest substring that does not contain duplicate characters. thinking Use MP to record the last position of the character, and use last to record the current starting position. In case of duplicate characters, calculate ANS and update […]