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  • Several stack SQL optimization cases: implicit conversion


    Data stack is a cloud native one-stop data platform PAAS. We have an interesting open source project on GitHub and gitee: flinkx. Flinkx is a batch stream unified data synchronization tool based on Flink, which can collect both static data and real-time changing data. It is a data synchronization engine integrating global, heterogeneous and batch […]

  • Disembarkation algorithm I leetcode weekly contest 215 problem solving Report


    No.1Design ordered flow Problem solving ideas Code according to the meaning of the question Code display class OrderedStream { private final String[] strings; private int ptr; public OrderedStream(int n) { strings = new String[n]; ptr = 0; } public List<String> insert(int id, String value) { id–; // Array subscript starts from 0 strings[id] = value; […]

  • MySQL foundation 02 database definition (DDL statement)


    1、 Introduction DDL (data definition language) data definition language.Used to define database objects:database、surface、columnEtc. key word:create、drop、alteretc. 2、 DDL operation database 1. Create database Create syntax:Create database [if not exists] database name;Create a database and specify a character set (character encoding):Create database database name character set character set; Create a database, such as: mysql> create database db1 […]

  • When programming java or PHP encounters sorting, it may be more convenient to use Mysql to solve it


    Compared with Java sorting, it is simpler to use one MySQL statement. It may be more convenient to use another method. Collections.sort(defaultMans, new Comparator<MonitorManufact>() { @Override public int compare(MonitorManufact o1, MonitorManufact o2) { char c1 = (o1.getCaption()).charAt(0); char c2 = (o2.getCaption()).charAt(0); return concatPinyinStringArray( PinyinHelper.toHanyuPinyinStringArray(c1)).compareTo( concatPinyinStringArray(PinyinHelper .toHanyuPinyinStringArray(c2))); } private String concatPinyinStringArray(String[] pinyinArray) { StringBuffer pinyinSbf = […]

  • I finally learned the matrix rain in the matrix


    I believe everyone is very impressed by the matrix rain in the matrix movie, which is the following effect. The effect is very cool. I took a look at the code of the relevant implementation library. It is also very simple. The core is to use the control characters of the command line well. Let’s […]

  • Practical tutorial on modifying character set in MySQL


    preface: In mysql, the system supports many character sets, and there are slight differences between different character sets. At present, the most commonly used character sets should be utf8 and utf8mb4. Compared with utf8, utf8mb4 supports storing Emoji expressions and has a wider range of applications. This article will introduce how to change utf8 into […]

  • Basic use of mysqli


    Simple example Process oriented approach //Create database connection $connect = mysqli_connect(‘’, ‘root’, ‘root’, ‘test’, 8889); //Judge whether the connection is successful if (!$connect) { Echo ‘database connection failed’; //Print reason for connection failure var_dump(mysqli_connect_error($connect)); exit(); } //Set character set mysqli_set_charset($connect, ‘utf8’); //Assemble SQL statements $sql = “SHOW TABLES”; //Execute SQL statement $res = mysqli_query($connect, $sql); […]

  • Mysql8 data migration to mysql5 seven


    Mainly do character set and encoding format conversion (just use Notepad, that is, text conversion) The previous Alibaba cloud server was installed with mysql8 0, and the database of the target server is mysql5 sevenmysql5. 7 does not support utf8mb4_ 0900_ ai_ Ci character set, and the encoding format is not utf8mb4. Therefore, do the […]

  • Some configuration operations of MySQL


    1、 Background Record the problems encountered in the process of using MySQL and some configurations 2、 MySQL configuration [client] #The default service port number is 3306 port = 3306 socket = /tmp/mysql.sock [mysqld] #Set the directory of socke file socket = /tmp/mysql.sock #The root installation path of MySQL basedir = /usr/local/mysql-5.7.25-macos10.14-x86_64/ #Data directory datadir = […]

  • Java on Visual Studio code update – November 2021


    Nick zhuSenior Program Manager, Developer Division at Microsoft Hello and welcome to the November edition of visual studio code java update! In this year-end blog, we will share some of the latest features related to java basic development and some solutions to coding problems. The functions related to basic development will directly affect the daily […]

  • Stay up late and write a database specification. You should use it


    Stay up late and punch in] I’m sure most of the students know these items very well. I thought so before, but I found that there are many points that I didn’t understand before, such as covering index, precompiling, MySQL driver, and those row record formats and collate. I’m full of harvest. The database naming […]

  • One article deals with the essentials of relational database design, which is worth collecting!


    abstract This paper discusses some contents related to relational database design, including relational model, table structure design and so on. Students will describe the design process with elective courses, and simplify the design content on the premise of clarifying the design essentials as much as possible. Based on MySQL database, this article is suitable for […]