• 7.2 create a three node swarm cluster


    Vagrantfile # -*- mode: ruby -*- # vi: set ft=ruby : Vagrant.require_version “>= 1.6.0” boxes = [ { :name => “swarm-manager”, :eth1 => “”, :mem => “1024”, :cpu => “1” }, { :name => “swarm-work1”, :eth1 => “”, :mem => “1024”, :cpu => “1” }, { :name => “swarm-work2”, :eth1 => “”, :mem => “1024”, […]

  • Climbing novel


    Recently, I found a good-looking novel. Climb down and have a try. This script is not applicable to all web pages, but most web pages can still be used after a little modification according to the specific content #!/usr/bin/python # Author:Playon # -*- coding:utf-8 -*- # Time:2020/8/18 9:57 import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import […]

  • Introduction to [Chinese translation of rust official language]


    introduce Welcome to the rust programming language, an introductory book about rust. The rust language will help you write faster and betterTrusted software. In the design of programming language, the readability of high-level language and the ease of control of low-level language are often a contradiction. RustWill try to resolve the conflict. By striking a […]

  • Gold three silver four, brush a wave of fresh interview questions~


    Recommended e-books Last year, due to the epidemic, the company was forced to start looking for a job in April and may, and wrote a PHPer interview 2020. So far, a total of 500 copies have been sold +, which is unintentional.This year, from a higher perspective, I sorted outPHPer interview 2021, on the one […]

  • JavaScript promise: gone and gone


    Original text:http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/es6/promises/Author:Jake ArchibaldTranslation:Amio Ladies and gentlemen, please be ready for a major moment in the history of Web Development [drums ringing] JavaScript has a native promise! [fireworks bloom all over the sky, and the crowd is boiling] At this time, you are probably one of these three kinds of people: There are cheering crowds around […]

  • Business level of easysoole component update in v3.4.6 у Distribution tray rack


    Easysoole v3.4.6 component update Update contents To update or update the function of the sub group of the main parts for the first time, it should be the function of the sub group of the main partsbug, please provide the documentEasySwooleOf ǔ Defined с €?/ p> Engine componentseasyswoole/component v2.3.1Version:/ li> Engine componentseasyswoole/rpc v5.0.5Version:/ li> Engine […]

  • “Computer network PDF” exploded!!!


    Hey guys, this is the programmer cxuan. Welcome to my latest article. My friends who are familiar with me should know that I have already published six PDFs, which involve Java foundation, Java advanced, HTTP, computer foundation, operating system and interview summary. These six PDFs have been downloaded, read and corrected by many small partners, […]

  • 006 use option of rust through linked list


    introduce Video address:www.bilibili.com/video/av78062009/Relevant source code:github.com/anonymousGiga/Rust-link… Details In the previous chapter, we implemented a minimum runnable single linked list, but this is only a minimum runnable linked list. Starting from this section, we will create a more complete linked list that can handle any type of element and supports iterators. Use option In the previous chapter, […]

  • How many national mans does Python climb


    . Preface To tell you the truth, this crawler may be the most difficult one I have encountered at present. The main previous crawlers are websites with some static resources. Although the anti crawl mechanism of this website is only low-level, it is also difficult for me as a novice. 2. Reverse climbing process In […]

  • Extension data tecdat: a case of text mining and hierarchical clustering visual analysis of novels by Python and r


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=5673 Original source:Tuo end data tribal official account Article_ Twenty two_ Catch-22 is a novel written by American writer Joseph Heller. Based on the Second World War, the novel reveals an irrational, disorderly and nightmarish absurd world through the description of a series of events of the U.S. Air Force Flight brigade stationed on […]

  • Real nginx: a high performance web server to replace apache.pdf


    Official account“Full stack of Java back end technology”** Reply to “interview” to get a full set of interview materials of large factories How good is nginx? According to the web server survey series research reports released by NetCraft in August 2019, nginx ranks the first in terms of market share. Nginx (pronounced “engine X”) is […]

  • Learn Apollo client Series in 21 minutes: extending the API of Apollo client


    Learning Apollo client in 21 minutes is a series, simple violence, package learning and package meeting. Build Apollo client and integrate ReduxUsing Apollo client to get dataModify local Apollo store dataProvide customized solutions Request interception Encapsulation and modification of client API Apollo store storage detailsFailure analysis and solution of writing to store Many of Apollo’s […]