• Interpretation of laravel kernel — HTTP kernel


    Http Kernel HTTP kernel is used in laravel to concatenate the core components of the framework for network request, simply speaking, as long as it is through thepublic/index.phpTo start the framework, you will use HTTP kernel, while others will use HTTP kernelartisanThe console kernel is used for processing commands, scheduled tasks, and queue start frameworks. […]

  • Simple use of gitbook


    Basic use install Note that users need to install nodejs first, so that they can use NPM to install gitbook. npm install gitbook -g //View installed versions gitbook -V initialization //Create directory mkdir pfinal-club //Initialize books gitbook init structure Use the following command to generate a_bookDirectory, the content of which is the resource file of […]

  • How to penetrate the intranet of openwrt in N1 box


    Openwrt’s intranet penetration through N1 box with net cloud Soft router [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter link) N1 (already swiped into arbian) uses docker to create openwrt container as side route. My intranet IP information [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter link) Intranet IP varies from person to person. Here are my own settings Armbian: Openwrt: Ideas [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter link) The network cloud penetration is […]

  • Learning Vue by Xiaobai (1) Vue course


    This paper refers toHi guest.comOfVue tutorial Vue tutorial preface We are learning a new technology. It is very important to have a clear learning route at the beginning. Only when we know what we need to learn, can we better stimulate our passion for learning. Learning is like making copies while playing a game, and […]

  • ToNovel, the first small project since learning go


    toNovel ToNovel is a concise and clean novel aggregation system summary Preview: Back end address:https://github.com/hipig/tonovel-go Front end address:https://github.com/hipig/tonovel-vue This is the first small project since learning to go. The whole project is separated from the front end and the back end. The server side uses the colly crawler and iris web framework. At present, only […]

  • If only one Python book is recommended, I want to pick it!


    In early February of this year, I happened to see a tweet: The author of fluent Python has an exciting message: he’s writing the second edition! If you want to vote for the best Python advanced bibliography, this book will definitely be one of the most popular books. When I first wrote the “Python cat […]

  • Write a super star brush class script with JavaScript, isn’t it fragrant?


    In this paper, JS beginners Xiaobai, the God disturbed!! preface My sophomore was obsessed with reptiles, so I taught myself HTML, CSS, and JS, but they were always used to analyze and analyze pages when writing crawlers. During the epidemic, I chose too many superstar Erya online courses. Of course, I was reluctant to spend […]

  • How to perform openwrt intranet penetration in N1 box


    Implementation of openwrt intranet penetration through N1 box with network cloud Soft router situation [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter links) N1 (already brushed into armbian) uses docker to create an openwrt container as a side route. My intranet IP information [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter links) Intranet IP varies from person to person. Here are my own settings Armbian: Openwrt: Ideas [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter links) […]

  • MapReduce: simplify data processing on large clusters (1)


    Special instructions This is a series of course translation based on MIT distributed system organized by simviso team. The course is translated by Zhiqiu and other members, as well as the paper translation involved in the course.Participants in this article Participants Scope of participation Know the autumn Review False flower translate outline MapReduce is a […]

  • Group by implicit sort


    What is the concept of group by implicit sorting in MySQL? It is mainly because other RDBMS do not have such a concept. If you do not understand the concept carefully, you will feel a little confused about this concept. Let’s first take a look at the introduction of the official documents   In the […]

  • Flink 1.7 document translation activity looks forward to your participation | apachecn


    Participation mode: https://github.com/apachecn/f… Overall progress: https://github.com/apachecn/f… Project warehouse: https://github.com/apachecn/f… Contribution Guide Please be brave to translate and improve your translation. Although we pursue excellence, we don’t require you to be perfect, so please don’t worry about translation mistakes – in most cases, our server has recorded all translations, so you don’t have to worry about […]

  • Flask tutorial (improved part) — flask tutorial Pro


    Flask Tutorial Pro This tutorial is a comprehensive application of flask. It explains how to use flask and related extensions to develop a complete project. At the same time, combined with the principle of program operation, the deployment of flask application is explained. Therefore, the main purpose of this tutorial is to help beginners of […]