• What are the disadvantages of openwrite?


    What are the disadvantages of openwrite? This article uses openwrite to test the effectIf you have the habit of blogging on multiple platforms, one or two platforms are OK. Once you get more, it will be very troublesome. Today, we recommend an openwrite platform for you; Which platforms are supported by openwrite; SegmentFault CSDN 3. […]

  • Redis slow query, pipeline, publish and subscribe, bitmap, hyperloglog, geo quick learn


    Redis slow query 1. Used to view redis slow logs. Redis pipeline 1. For batch operation Publish and subscribe 1. Role: publisher, subscriber and channel.2. Model: similar to producers and consumers.3.API publish: publish channel message subscribe: subscribe channel unsubscribe: unsubscribe channel Psubscribe: mode subscription. Punsubscribe: unsubscribe from the specified mode. PubSub channels: lists channels with […]

  • Detailed explanation of how to deal with concurrent timeout in go language


    Implementation principle: Concurrent a function, wait for 1s, and then write data to timeoutselectIf there is data to other within 1schannelIf not, this istimeoutWrite the data, then we know the timeout. Implementation code: package main import “fmt” import “time” func main() { ch := make(chan int, 1) timeout := make(chan bool, 1) //Execute a function […]

  • As long as you have the skills, programmers can also earn more than 10000 yuan a month


      According to our experience, programmer part-time job can be divided into three types: part-time job crowdsourcing, project whole package and freelancer on-site. Let’s take a look at the current order receiving channels. We mainly divide these channels into three categories: vertical crowdsourcing platform, online technology forum and offline own channels. 1、 Vertical crowdsourcing platform […]

  • Why can’t asynchronous operations be performed in vuex’s mutation?


    The only way to update all the states in vuex is Mution. Asynchronous operations submit Mution implementation through action, so that we can easily track the changes of each state, so that we can implement some tools to help us better understand our application. After the execution of each mutation, a new state change will […]

  • Stay up late and write a wall view page for “2019 ncov real time report”


    Project open source: https://github.com/thegreatjavascript/2019-ncov-news The channel on the telegram is the best one I know to collect the epidemic related data from the official channels in China. I watch it every day. (of course, I also know that official news has only basic reference value.). But I had a hard time on Amway these two […]

  • Organization structure of SAP SD basic knowledge


    Organization structure of SAP SD basic knowledge   Sales related organizational structure   ·Sales organization ·Distribution channel ·Division of product group ·Sales area ·Sales Office ·Sales group ·Salesperson ·Plant ·Storage location       Sales organization   A sales organization represents a legal sales entity. A sales organization can only be assigned to one company […]

  • High concurrency implementation of websoket.io


    Using websocket to set up a chat room real-time interactive games is really very convenient, but the number of online people is not so simple. As soon as 300 people are online, they start to fall off. After adjustment, it was much better. The following is a record of the improvements: Adjust the transmission mode […]

  • Ppt export as picture


    Export using Aspose component Aspose has aspose.slides.dll, which can read and write ppt files without installing office. Aspose may be installed through aspose.slides.net Simply export the picture demo as follows: internal class PptToImagesConverter { private const string ImageExtension = “.png”; public bool ConvertToImages(string pptFile, string exportImagesFolder) { using (Presentation pres = new Presentation(pptFile)) { int […]

  • Gradle core (6): gradle multi project, multi-channel construction, testing


    Blog Homepage Reference materialhttps://developer.android.goo… Android gradle multi project construction Android projects are generally divided into library projects, application projects and test projects. The corresponding plug-ins arecom.android.library、com.android.application、com.android.test Generally, there is only one application project, which is finally packaged into an APK. There can be multiple library projects, which can be referenced by the application project. Multi […]

  • Unknown function of socket.io


    introduce Socket.io is a real-time communication framework based on websocket. It also encapsulates the low version browser. It is simple and convenient to use. It may be confused when it is used for the first time. In fact, there are several methods commonly used, which are briefly introduced. Client Io. Connect (URL) // the client […]

  • Syntax introduction of one way channel in golang


    This article mainly introduces the related content of golang unidirectional channel syntax, which is shared for your reference and study. Let’s have a look at the detailed introduction in the following few words: Today, I have nothing to do to supplement the grammar knowledge of golang. When I think about the usage of context, I […]