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  • What is the conceptual definition of blockchain


    id:BSN_2021 Official account: BSN Institute There is no unified definition of blockchain. In a narrow sense, we can strictly define what blockchain is. In a broad sense, as long as it meets some characteristics, it is blockchain. The narrow sense blockchain is a chained data structure that combines data blocks in a sequential manner in […]

  • Understanding and using JavaScript promise


    1、 What isPromise 1.1 PromisePast and present lives PromiseFirst appeared in 1988, byBarbara Liskov、Liuba ShriraInitiative (paper:Promises: Linguistic Support for Efficient Asynchronous Procedure Calls in Distributed Systems)。 And in languageMultiLispandConcurrent PrologA similar implementation already exists in. In JavaScript,PromiseThe popularity of is due to the jQuery methodjQuery.Deferred()Others are more streamlined and independentPromiseLibraries, for example:Q、When、Bluebird。 // Q / […]

  • vue. config. Implementation of configuring webpack in JS to improve code compilation speed


    Refer to relevant documents: One line of code can make the project start more than 70% fasterhttps://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/eS… The following two methods can improve the compilation speedThe speed of starting local projects is generally slow for the first time, and the speed increases a lot after the second time Install the plug-in in the development environment […]

  • Go carbon version 1.5.3 was released to fix known bugs and add Russian translation files


    Carbon is a lightweight, semantic and developer friendly golang time processing library, which supports chain calls. Has beenawesome-goIf you think it’s good, please give it a star github.com/golang-module/carbon gitee.com/go-package/carbon Update log Fix known bugs optimize performance New Russian translation documentlang/ru.json, byzemlyaktranslate This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this […]

  • Front end summary of jquery


    Some summary of jquery Definition: jQuery is an efficient, concise and feature rich JavaScript tool library. Its API is easy to use and compatible with many browsers, which makes it easier to traverse and manipulate HTML documents, event processing, animation and Ajax operations Use: put a selection expression into the constructor jQuery () (abbreviated as […]

  • Analysis of Axios source code


    The general idea is like this. Use promise’s chain call to encapsulate Ajax, and the request result is sent back to Axios through the then method. The following is a step-by-step analysis. I hope you can point out the wrong places. Send request Prepare Axios constructor Constructor is mainly used to store configuration information. Default: […]

  • [byte true question] realize serial operation with JS


    subject Please implement the serialize method serialize([ log(1), log(2), sleep(3), log(4) ]).done(() => { console.log(‘done’) }) //Output: 1 2 3 4 done function log (x) { return () => console.log(x) } function sleep (y) { return () => new Promise((resolve) => { setTimeout(() => { resolve(y) }, 0) }) } Topic analysis The serialize input […]

  • Groupby group combined and parallel content ~ further optimized


    Pandas questions and answers chapter 013. Today’s article is the last one(After groupby is grouped, how to merge the contents in the column?)Supplement to, focus on recommending group friendsXiao Ming, after the last article was published, he quickly gave me three more optimized solutions, one more concise than the other. With such a good thing, […]

  • The simplest jQuery learning tutorial, write less and do more!


    You may have heard of jQuery. Its name is very rustic, but it is one of the most widely used libraries in the JavaScript world. According to Jianghu rumors, about 80 ~ 90% of websites around the world use jQuery directly or indirectly. Since it is so popular and easy to use, every front-end engineer […]

  • Select, poll, epoll image difference


    These three are used to handle I / O events Take the express delivery scenario as an example select When your express arrives, the courier will inform you to go to the express site to get it, and he won’t tell you which shelf the express is on. You need to find the express on […]

  • [Android notes] jetpack compose


    Note that the controls in jetpack compose are defined as composable functions one by one. Officially, these controls are called composable and translated into Chinese as “composable items”. When emphasizing that they appear as part of an interface, I will use the terms of “control” or “element“. Pay attention to the differences between the three. […]

  • Front end data structure – linear structure – queue, stack


    Stack   Stack is a special linear table structure, which only allows insert and delete operations at one end. One end that allows insertion and deletion is the top of the stack and the other end is the bottom of the stack. A stack that does not contain any data is called an empty stack. The […]