• Generating RSA key pair


    Using OpenSSL extension of PHP to generate RSA certificate, public key and private key pair <?php usage method <?php $openssl = new OpensslServer(‘certs’); $openssl->generate(); $openssl->cert(); openssl Technical documentation This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article

  • Other extensions of phpipam on ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop


    1. Enable the HTTPS service HTTPS adds SSL on the basis of HTTP, which has higher security. We use OpenSSL to generate free certificate and configure SSL in Apache. 1.1 using OpenSSL to generate free certificate 1. Install OpenSSL. [email protected]:~/Downloads$ sudo apt-get install openssl 2. Generate a RSA private key, in which DES encryption algorithm […]

  • Building enterprise private image warehouse with harbor


    background Generally, images are downloaded from local, docker hub public warehouses and other third-party public warehouses when using images in dockers. Generally, images are not easy to use in enterprises because of security and download rate of external network (wall) resources. So is there a way to store your own image and a warehouse with […]

  • Kubernetes certificate with unclear distinction


    Kubernetes certificate with unclear distinction Kubedm generated a bunch of certificates, which are not so magical, to dig deep into its underwear. [email protected]:/etc/kubernetes/pki# tree . |– apiserver.crt |– apiserver-etcd-client.crt |– apiserver-etcd-client.key |– apiserver.key |– apiserver-kubelet-client.crt |– apiserver-kubelet-client.key |– ca.crt |– ca.key |– etcd | |– ca.crt | |– ca.key | |– healthcheck-client.crt | |– healthcheck-client.key […]

  • Learn from rust and get raspberry pie for free


    If you are interested in webassembly, you are welcome to add a little assistant wechat at the end of the article to join the Chinese communication group of webassembly Create and publish a high performance Node.js Application. Start using “popular fried chicken” rust in personal or corporate projects! study Node.js , rust, and the basics […]

  • Modification of SSL certificate validity period of kubernetes k8s


      How to modify the validity period of kubernetes’ SSL certificate   Host configuration planning Server name System version to configure Intranet IP Internet IP (simulation) k8s-master CentOS7.7 2C/4G/20G k8s-node01 CentOS7.7 2C/4G/20G k8s-node02 CentOS7.7 2C/4G/20G   Why modify the validity period of the certificate Kubernetes’ default certificate validity period […]

  • HTTP on Intranet web penetrated by FRP


    In 2021, who doesn’t have an HTTPS? It will be out without SSL certificate Nginx The first method is to use nginx on the server side. Listen on nfrginx and forward the response to nfrginx via nfrginx (Port 4480). Configure the HTTPS Certificate in nginx, and encrypt and decrypt SSL by nginx. Nginx’s configuration of […]

  • Interview questions (2020) front end HTTP browser related interview questions


    Interview questions (2020) front end HTTP browser related interview questions Blog description The information involved in this article comes from Internet collation and personal summary, which means personal learning and experience summary. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it. Thank you! 1. HTTP 1.1 is the most widely used HTTP protocol […]

  • SQL Server encryption and decryption


    1、 Passphase encryption 1.1 summary 1) For emergency data encryption without certificate and key, the data can be encrypted and decrypted directly based on the password provided by the user. 2) A pass phrase is a password that allows spaces. This passphase will not be stored in the database, which means that it will not […]

  • Configuring SSL free certificate (let’s encrypt) with nginx in Windows Environment


    Write first Now, Baidu, Google, GitHub and other websites have all enabled HTTPS, which is like a “lock” to the website. What HTTPS does is encrypt the request, making it more secure for users. For itself, in addition to protecting the interests of users, it can also avoid its own traffic being hijacked. Google has […]

  • Configuring http / 2.0 with nginx in Windows


    Http2 has been released for a long time. Compared with 1.0, http2 has been greatly improved. On the premise of semantic compatibility with 1.0, it greatly improves web performance and further reduces network latency.Check whether your browser supports http2, and compare the performance gap between 1.0 and 2.0http2.0 Just recently, when we were testing the […]

  • TLS certificate management under k8s


    A series of articles: Application management under k8s — Understanding Helm Application management under k8s — understanding helmfile TLS certificate management under k8s Application management in k8s — creation and maintenance of private helm chart It’s very easy to implement TLS termination in kubernetes. The ingress resource contains asecretNameProperty to specify the name of the […]