• How should the security architecture model be designed?


    01. Talk about what   Those who pay attention to the “one ape talk” all know that we have shared the application architecture, application monitoring, log collection and the daily worries of programmers, which almost become a field for small talks and random talks.   To tell you the truth, it’s amazing. I don’t know what […]

  • 16. Nginx HTTPS service


    Self signed certificate Generate key file #Genrsa uses idea algorithm to generate RSA certificate named as debug.siguoya.name . key, 1024 is the number of digits openssl genrsa -idea -out debug.siguoya.name.key 1024 #Set the certificate password, which needs to be used when generating CSR and CRT files #Enter pass phrase for debug.siguoya.name.key: #Verifying – Enter pass […]

  • use acme.sh Automatically generate certificate from letsencrypt and install to nginx


    1、 Installation acme.sh curl https://get.acme.sh | sh Barycenter loading.bashrc source ~/.bashrc 2、 Generate certificate acme.shTwo HTTP and DNS authentication methods are supported to verify domain name ownership. DNS verification methods include automatic and manual methods. Automatic verification uses the API provided by domain name resolver to automatically add TXT records to complete the verification,acme.shIt supports […]

  • Use nginx – docker image to deploy the server, configure HTTPS, and attach Java backend deployment example


    Analyze the details through a deployment case background -It requires HTTPS, and the domain name has been registered -Tencent cloud server, so it applied for free HTTPS certificate from Tencent cloud (Alibaba Cloud Application on alicloud server) -The server security group opens port 443 -Pure docker deployment (nginx, Java back end) -Prepare nginx image on […]

  • Explain the working principle of HTTPS in detail


    Original text: https://www.toutiao.com/a6821… Target audience: understand HTTP protocol, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, want to understand how the HTTPS protocol works After reading this article, you can understand What is HTTPS, TLS (SSL), and what is the relationship between TLS and HTTPS What are certificates and digital signatures and how do they convey trust What is […]

  • Fix kubernetes ingress nginx let’s encrypt OCSP stacking failure


    Kubernets cluster uses inress nginx as inress controller and let’s encrypt certificate.Because of the domestic network,ocsp.int-x3.letsencrypt.orgIt is polluted by DNS, and the host that can’t be directly accessed through the domestic network.iOSThe system enforces the online certificate verification logic of HTTPS, resulting in frequent connection timeout or slow initial connection speed, which affects the user […]

  • Mobile data capture of crawler


    Mobile data capture Third party bag grabbing tool Fiddler(window) blue and white porcelain(mac) miteproxy The packet capture tool is the proxy server Intercept and forward requests & responses FiddlerBasic use of install Installed by defaultFiddlerOnly HTTP protocol requests can be caught to configure conductFiddlerNative installation of certificates tools→options→HTTPS→Decrypt HTTPS traffic→Check for certiicate revocation to configureFiddlerLet […]

  • MacOS environment, use Charles to grab the iPhone’s HTTPS request


    System environment: MacOS Software: Charles Device: iPhone 6 1. Installation certificate 2. Trust certificate 3. Install the certificate on the mobile phone 3.1 obtain listening IP and port 3.2 setting up proxy on iPhone Note: WiFi of mobile phone and MAC should be the same 3.3 mobile access chls.pro/ssl Download certificate 3.4 Settings > downloaded […]

  • [translation] ASP.NET Update of core in. Net 5 preview 7


    . net 5 preview 7 is now available for evaluation. This is a new feature in this release: The blade web assembly application is now targeted at. Net 5 Updated debugging requirements for blade web assembly Accessibility improvement of blazor Performance improvement of blazor Performance improvement of certificate authentication Send http / 2 ping frame […]

  • Okhttp configuration HTTPS access + server deployment


    1 Overview The core of okhttp is the following three parts: sslSocketFactory() HostnameVerifier X509TrustManager The first is SSL socket factory, the second is used to verify the host name, and the third is the certificate truster management class. To implement the HTTPS access through okhttp, we need to implement the above three parts. In addition, […]

  • “Postman tutorial” interface test-2


    The last article has briefly introduced the basic function modules of postman. This lecture mainly introduces the basic programming of the interface. Simple combination with environment variables. Simple example, request baidu.com 1. Fill in the URL column http://www.baidu.com , type select get type 2. Click the send button So you get it baidu.com Page, where […]