• Go carbon version 1.2.6 was released to optimize the error handling mechanism and discard the rough handling method of direct panic


    Carbon is a lightweight, semantic and developer friendly golang time processing library, which supports chain calls, lunar calendar, Gorm, xorm and other mainstream orm If you feel good, please give a star github:github.com/golang-module/carbon gitee:gitee.com/go-package/carbon error handling If multiple errors occur, only the first error message is returned, and the next error message is returned after […]

  • Can Python prove its unreliability by crawling the data of century Jiayuan?


    The text and pictures of this article come from the network, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial purpose. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. The following article first level Python technology, by Parson sauce Novices and Xiaobai who have just come into contact with […]

  • Regular expression judgment date


    Project background Check whether the date of the latest project is normal Solution Using regular expression validation Check 0000-9999 universal 01 and 1 – and / leap years^(([0-9]{3}[1-9]|[0-9]{2}1-9{1}|[0-9]{1}1-9{2}|1-9{3})(-|/)(((0[13578]|1[02]|[13578])(-|/)(0[1-9]{1}$|[12][0-9]$|3[01]$|[1-9]{1}$))|((0[469]|11|[469])(-|/)(0[1-9]$|[12][0-9]$|30$|[1-9]$))|((02|2)(-|/)(0[1-9]|1|2[0-8]|[1-9]))))$|^((([0-9]{2})(0[48]|[2468][048]|[13579][26])|((0[48]|[2468][048]|[13579][26])00))(-|/)(02|2)(-|/)29)$ Remarks Leap year is a noun in the Gregorian calendar. Leap years are divided into ordinary leap years and century leap years.Common leap year: the Gregorian calendar […]