• Tencent Cloud CentOS Computer Exploration (1) — How to Keep the Program Running after Exiting SSL


    For the first time, I used cloud service independently. I chose Tencent cloud which is more vigorous for students. I hesitated for a long time about the version. Finally, I chose CentOS 7.2. I don’t want to choose the latest 7.5. I just think 7.2 has a wider trial range. I’ll upgrade it later. Select […]

  • Redhat6.9/Cent6 Source Installation Saba4 Handlebar Practice


    Because Redhat6/Cent6 operating system belongs to the ashes of the operating system, but it is growing, there are still many use in major Internet companies. Here is a hand-to-hand record of the process of installing samba4 under rhel6. 1 Preparation Saba: The latest version of samba (4.9.4) https://download.samba.org/pu… 2 Installation Dependence Installation dependencies refer to […]

  • CentOS 7 Compile and Install PHP 7


    Introducer Use compilation to install PHP 7. Install compiler tools, dependency packages inputyum -y install libxml2 libxml2-devel openssl openssl-devel curl-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel freetype-devel libmcrypt-devel mhash gd gd-develThe installation can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Download and Unzip the Installation Pack Next, download the installation package and choose according to your own needs. Unzip […]

  • Configuration and application of CentOS + docker + MySQL


    Warm Tip: You need to know docker knowledge in advance The first step is to install docker (this article uses CentOS 7.2 system) Step 2 Start docker and install MySQL 1. Start docker Command: service docker start 2. Check the docker status to confirm whether to start Command: service docker status Seeing this proves to […]

  • Vultr builds SS / SSR tutorials (for personal learning)


    I. Purchasing Servers Click on the button above to enter the Vultr official website. The home page can be registered directly by email. It is very human. The first password should be capitalized. After filling in, click Create Account directly to create an account. 2. Then enter your registered mailbox and click to verify it. […]

  • How to check whether the tiller or vultr is wall or not, the local machine can not link to the VPS server through SSH


    1. Ping. If you can’t ping, you will have GG. If Ping is connected but still unable to connect to its own server in Tokyo, please see below.2. On this website:http://tool.chinaz.com/portEnter the IP address and port number respectively. If “shut down” occurs, it means that you can’t connect to your Tokyo server in China. Or […]

  • Build your own SS agent


    First, pickvpsService provider vultrIndustry leader, simple operation, fast and stable server bandwagonThere are many kinds of packages, great discounts for activities, but the Oversale is serious, and the servers are not stable enough. The first time I built ss, I chose to operate more easily.vultr Two. RegistrationvultrAccount number 1. Create vultr accounts After entering the […]

  • Using vultr (vps) to build SS and open BBR Quick Online Course is a simple 10-minute solution


    If you want to query some authoritative information, search useful content on Google, watch YouTube in 1080p HD, swim the whole network, and have your own servers, then this article will be from buying vultr VPS to building your own SS (Shadowrocks) server, and open BBR to speed up Internet access, a few steps can […]

  • Supervisord, a process management tool


    Supervisord, a process management tool Preface After the web application is deployed online, it is necessary to ensure that the application is running all the time. When it encounters program abnormalities, errors and other situations, which lead to the termination of the web application, it is necessary to ensure that the program can be restarted […]

  • Linux Performance Optimization Practical Reading Notes (1)


    Understanding average load concept Average loadIt means that the system is in a unit time (1,5,15 minutes).Runnable stateandUninterruptible stateThe average number of processes, that isAverage number of active processes Runnable state: Processes that are using CPU or waiting for CPU, that is, throughps auxThe process that you see in the state R Non-interruptible state: Processes […]

  • Django Foundation (11) Evolution of Viewsets in Different Versions of DRF


    View set brief introduction The REST framework includes an abstraction for handling ViewSets, which allows developers to concentrate on modeling API States and interactions and automatically process URL constructs according to conventions. ViewSet classes are almost the same as View classes, except that they provide operations such as read or update rather than methods such […]

  • Cloud Server ECS CentOS 7 Configuration Default Firewall


    Description: Firewall is the default firewall under Centos7, replacing the previous iptables. Firewall has two ways of graphical interface management and command line management. This paper briefly introduces the use of command line Firewall. Configure FirewallAfter entering the system, Centos7 installed Firewall by default, but did not start, so you need to start Firewall first, […]