• Introduction of iconv command under CentOS


    iconv -f encoding [-t encoding] [inputfile]… [Function] For a given file, convert its content from one encoding to another. [Description] – F encoding: Converts characters from encoding encoding codes. – t encoding: Converts characters to encoding encoding. – l: List a known set of coded characters – O file: Specifies the output file – c: […]

  • Limits resource limitation under CentOS 7.x host


    The reason for writing this article isCentos 7.xEnvironmental InstallationMySQLSometimes I met with a problem.Centos 6.xEnvironmental InstallationMySQLIn/etc/security/limits.confFile pairs open filesnofileRestriction, restartMySQLIt will take effect afterwards, but it will take effect afterwards.Centos 7.xThe environment is useless. Analytical findings/etc/security/limits.confIt only works for PAM login users, but if it passes throughsystemdStart the service. This configuration file does not work. […]

  • Centos Installation nmon Explanation


    install mkdir /usr/local/nmon cd /usr/local/nmon wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/nmon/files/nmon_linux_14i.tar.gz tar zxvf nmon_linux_14i.tar.gz chmod 777 nmon_x86_64_sles11 start-up ./nmon_x86_64_sles11> Explain: Press C to display CPU information and press C to close again Press M to display memory Press N to display the network Press D to Display Hard Disk

  • Gitlab uses


    Turn off automatic startup of gitlab systemctl disable gitlab-runsvdir.serviceTurn on automatic start of gitlab systemctl enable gitlab-runsvdir.service Start gitlabsystemctl start gitlab-runsvdir.servicegitlab-ctl start Close gitlabgitlab-ctl stop

  • Docker Method in CentOS and Fedora System


    Installation from docker official Yum source 1. Adding official docker sources cat >/etc/yum.repos.d/docker.repo <<-EOF [dockerrepo] name=Docker Repository baseurl=https://yum.dockerproject.org/repo/main/centos/7 enabled=1 gpgcheck=1 gpgkey=https://yum.dockerproject.org/gpg EOF 2. Installation and Startup # Installation sudo yum install docker-engine # Start-up sudo systemctl enable docker.service # Start-up systemctl enable docker.service # Verify installation sudo docker run hello-world II. Installation by script curl […]

  • Redis master-slave synchronization mechanism


    Synchronization mechanism of redis Redis synchronization, the first master node will do a bgsave, the data generated during the subsequent period will be stored in memory buffer, after bgsave, the RDB file will be copied to the slave node in full, then accept the full amount of files from the node will be loaded into […]

  • Notes on Linux Cloud Computing (1)


    Basic Network Knowledge Ifconfig is used to configure the network or to view the status of the current network interface Temporary Modification of IP Address of Network Card IFconfig Network Card Name IP Address Modify IP Address of Network Card Directly, Restart Failure Explanation: After modification, the current terminal will terminate and need to re-use […]

  • Experience Recall (Manual) => Linux Utility Command


    Ubuntu 16 upgraded to 18.04 “”“ There’s a special new obsessive-compulsive disorder hobby that can go up. If you think 16.04 works, there’s no need to go up at all. ”“” The cloud servers I rented at that time were usually 16.04, which is now estimated to be more than 16.04. I’m a Python 3 […]

  • How to install CodeBlocks under CentOS? Detailed illustrations of how to install CodeBlocks under CentOS


    1. Installation Platform Description: CentOs6.4-i686 gcc-4.4.7 Download the latest source code: http://www.codeblocks.org/downloads Installed here is the latest version: Code:: Blocks 16.01 3. Read the official installation instructions: http://wiki.codeblocks.org/index.php/Installing_Code::Blocks_from_source_on_Linux The following information can be obtained by reading the official installation instructions: Installing CodeBlocks has the following dependencies: Code::Blocks-> xwWidget (> libwxGTK2.8) -> GTK+ (> libgtk-x11-2.0) ->X […]

  • Using Mac to upload files and deploy node to server


    Terminal shell menu New remote connection Secure File Transfer Select Secure File Transfer and Enter Connect Host IP Log in using root and set the port number of your server Click on the link Sftp-P port number [email protected] address Note that P is capitalized and must be written in front. Confirm at the terminal and […]

  • Yum installs redis and uses it under CentOS 7 Linux


    Preface After installing Redis and Visualization Tool Redis Desktop Manager in Windows, here’s a record of what’s happening under LinuxredisUse Install redis Check for redis Yum sources yum install redis Download fedora’s EPEL repository yum install epel-release Install redis database yum install redis After installation, use the following command to start redis service # Start […]

  • How to install twemproxy under centos?


    Fast installation of twemproxy install autoconf rpm -e –nodeps autoconf-2.63 wget http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/autoconf/autoconf-2.64.tar.gz tar zxvf autoconf-2.64.tar.gz cd autoconf-2.64 ./configure –prefix=/usr make && make install install twempproxy git clone https://github.com/twitter/twemproxy.git cd twemproxy autoreconf -fvi CFLAGS=”-ggdb3 -O0″ autoreconf -fvi && ./configure –prefix=/usr/local/twemproxy –enable-debug=log make && make install help /usr/local/twemproxy/sbin/nutcracker -h test configfile /usr/local/twemproxy/sbin/nutcracker -t start service /usr/local/twemproxy/sbin/nutcracker -d […]