• CentOS common basic commands


    1. Shutdown (system shutdown, restart and logout) command Shutdown – h now shut down the system (1)Init 0 shut down the system (2)Telinit 0 shut down the system (3)shutdown -h hours:minutes & Shut down the system at a predetermined timeShutdown – C cancel shutting down the system at a scheduled timeShutdown – r now restart […]

  • How to upgrade kernel 3.10 before installing CentOS docker


    For some friends who use CentOS 6. X, they want to change the 7, but the company structure is relatively stable, and it is not to say that they change. So, this article mainly explains how to upgrade the kernel to 3.10.5 under CentOS 6. X Before looking at the following content, there is a […]

  • How to use the tree plug-in in CentOS


    The tree plug-in consumes CPU and memory, so you need to pay attention when using it. Tree installation: yum -y install tree Or is it sudo apt-get install tree When using the directory name of tree, the tree structure of the directory can be displayed. An example is as follows: Unload command of treeyum -y […]

  • Installing vsftpd on alicloud CentOS system in Yum mode


    Install vsftp Install vsftp using Yum command [[email protected] ~]# yum install vsftpd -y Add FTP account and directory First check the location of nologin, usually under / usr / SBIN / nologin or / SBIN / nologin. Use the following command to create an account, which specifies / home / wwwroot as the root directory […]

  • How does CentOS virtual machine enter rescue mode?


    1. Right click the virtual machine and select power supply. When the power is turned on, enter BIOS 2. After entering BIOS, move the CD-ROM drive under boot to the top, and then press F10 to save and restart 3. After restart, enter menu, select rescue installed system and press enter 4. In the rescue […]

  • Optimize CentOS remote SSH connection


    1. ① View the sshd service through the LS – L / etc / init.d/sshd command ② View the sshd process through the PS – ef| grep sshd command 2.ssh_ Config and sshd_ The difference between config is local client and server 3. Through ll / etc / SSH / sshd_ The config command is […]

  • Introduction of user authority delegation configuration under CentOS (Linux)


    Introduction of user authority delegation configuration under CentOS (Linux) When it comes to authority delegation, it is very important for the normal operation of a service. For enterprises, it is often said that the greater the authority, the greater the responsibility, and of course, the greatest harm. When the authority is compared, misoperation will cause […]

  • CentOS system basic optimization knowledge summary


    Summary of Optimization:1、 Without root management, it is authorized by sudo in the name of ordinary users;2. Change the default remote connection server, forbid the root user to connect remotely, or even change to only listen to the intranet IP;3. Update the server time automatically to synchronize with the Internet time;4. Configure the yum update […]

  • How to install nginx under CentOS


    Official documents: https://nginx.org/en/linux_ packages.html#RHEL -CentOS Installation environment: Linux server CentOS 7.3, root permission 1、Install the prerequisites: sudo yum install yum-utils 2、To set up the yum repository, create the file named /etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo with the following contents: (note to replace OS version: $releaser, if CentOS version is 7, replace with 7) Command: Edit with VIM nginx.repo file […]

  • CentOS plus an additional IP address


    Here is how CentOS 7 adds an IP address to the same network interface. The method is very simple. You need help from this article. The following steps are to add IP: Step 1: go to the directory where the network settings file is located cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ In this directory, find the file in ifcfg […]

  • Installation of CentOS 7 in U disk


    You are out when you are still using the CD to install the system. Now it is popular to install the U-disk. The U-disk burning tool provided now is only over 100 kb, but it can help you make a U-disk installation disk, which is very convenient Recommended download: U disk burning tool download CentOS […]