• AWS EC2 builds scientific Internet (SQUID + stunnel)


    1. Register AWS account and start EC2 example Note for account registration: ##11. Email must be gmail, ##1.2 open the security group of the specified port 2. Schematic diagram of scientific Internet access Stunnel is mainly used to encrypt and decrypt data so that HTTPS can be accessed normally 3. Stunnel client installation Installation addressWindow: […]

  • Redis compares memcached with CentOS for installation and configuration details


    Redis is an open-source, network supported, memory based, key value pair key value database. This article mainly introduces redis‘s comparison with memcached and detailed installation and configuration under CentOS. You can learn more about it if you are interested. Get to know redis Redis is an open-source, network supported, memory based, key value pair key […]

  • CentOS uses all parameters of the previous command


    Reducing keyboard input can greatly improve the working efficiency of programmers. The use of shortcut keys is a good example. Programmers often use terminals. So is there a similar “shortcut key” on the terminal that can improve our efficiency? The work of programmers is often contextual. Therefore, this article will show you how to use […]

  • Spring boot plus v1.2.3 release, CentOS quick install environment / build / deploy / start project


    Spring boot plus v1.2.3 release, CentOS quick install environment / build / deploy / start project [V1.2.3-RELEASE] 2019.09.09 Spring boot plus v1.2.3 release, CentOS quick install environment / build / deploy / start project ⭐️ New Features Project running environment installation script CentOS quick build / deploy / launch project script ⚡️ Optimization optimizationmaven-assembly-pluginProject packaging […]

  • Centos7: tomcat7 installation


    1. Download tomcat7 wget http://mirrors.hust.edu.cn/apache/tomcat/tomcat-7/v7.0.85/bin/apache-tomcat-7.0.85.tar.gz 2. decompression tar -zxvf apache-tomcat-7.0.85.tar.gz 3. Add port 8080 to firewall and restart firewall-cmd –zone=public –add-port=8080/tcp –permanent firewall-cmd –reload 4. Start Tomcat cd apache-tomcat-7.0.85/bin/ ./startup.sh 5. Open browser test A three legged cat appears, so far the installation is successful

  • Linux CentOS web server partition scheme


    Partition type actual size resolution of partition Swap partition 2g (1g of memory, generally 2 times of memory)/1G-2G (150 – 250MB minimum)/Boot 32m-100m (boot partition, only about 100m at most)/Opt 100m-1g (add on application)/TMP 40m-1000m (the maximum can be set to about 1g. If you load ISO image files, it can be set to about […]

  • Detailed explanation of redis configuration under centos7 and boot


    This article mainly introduces the configuration of redis under centos7 and the startup of redis. It has a certain reference value. Interested friends can refer to it. Recently, redis cache needs to be used when doing jobs. Because redis needs to be restarted every time the server is restarted, it’s annoying, so there’s this blog. […]

  • How does CentOS backup policy? The method of CentOS backup policy


    Backup points Consideration of backup data Problems causing system damage: Hardware problem: hard disk destroyed Software problems: false deletion, security attack Different host roles and backup tasks Backup considerations What files to back up What backup device to choose Consider backup Frequency of backups Tools for backup What Linux data to back up Files with […]

  • Construction of code quality automatic analysis platform by sonar + Jenkins


    1. Introduction to sonar Sonar is an open-source tool for managing code quality. It can analyze bugs and vulnerabilities in code and code smalls. It supports the detection of more than 20 programming languages, such as Java, C / C + +, python, PHP and other languages. Currently, more than 85000 organizations are using sonar. […]

  • Linux CentOS / RedHat 6.5 LVM partition usage details


    1, introduction LVM is the abbreviation of logical volume manager. It is a mechanism to manage disk partition in Linux environment. LVM is a logical layer based on hard disk and partition to improve disk partition LVMFlexibility of district management. As mentioned earlier, LVM is a logic layer added between the disk partition and the […]

  • How to install the uninstall command RPM make install under CentOS?


    A: RPM package, This kind of software package is just like the EXE installation file of windows. All kinds of files have been compiled and packed. Which file should be put in which folder has been specified. The installation is very convenient. In the graphical interface, you only need to double-click to install it automatically. […]

  • Details of viewing CPU information under CentOS


    We can use / proc / cpuinfo to view CPU information. This file contains the data segments for each processor on the system. /There are 6 entries in the description of proc / cpuinfo for multi-core and hyper threading (HT) technology inspection: processor, vendor ID, physical ID, siblings, core ID and CPU cores. (1) processor: […]