• How to install and use screen, a remote session management tool for CentOS 7 system?


    You may encounter such a problem: use SSH or telent to remotely log in to the Linux server and run some tasks that take a long time to complete, such as system backup, FTP transmission and so on. Usually, we open a remote terminal window for each of these tasks, because they take too long […]

  • The tutorial of installing docker on CentOS system


    Docker is an open source tool that makes it easy to create and manage Linux containers. Containers are like lightweight virtual machines that can be started or stopped in milliseconds. Docker helps system administrators and programmers develop applications in containers, and can be extended to thousands of nodes. The main difference between container and VM […]

  • Install and configure LEMP on CentOS server


    LEMP portfolio is an increasingly popular web service portfolio software package, which plays a powerful role in the core web services in many production environments. As the name implies, the LEMP package consists of Linux, nginx, MariaDB / MySQL, and PHP. Apache HTTP protocol server used in traditional lamp package has low performance and is […]

  • Making BGP route in CentOS


    Quagga is an open source routing software suite. In this tutorial, I will focus on how to turn a Linux system into a BGP router, or use quagga to demonstrate how to set up BGP peer-to-peer with other BGP routers. Before we go into details, some background knowledge of BGP is necessary. Border gateway protocol […]

  • How to open the access port on the firewall of CentOS


    If you want to provide services on the server, such as CentOS or RHEL’s Enterprise Linux distributions contain powerful built-in firewalls, their default firewall rules are very strict. Therefore, if you install any custom services (such as web server, NFS and Samba), their traffic is likely to be blocked by firewall rules. So we need […]

  • How to upgrade Python and mongodb driver in CentOS


    Check the version of Python. If the version of Python – V is below 2.7, you need to upgrade. First go to the official website to download the python package you want, and then unzip it. Enter the home directory to perform the following operations (supported by gcc compiler) ./configure –prefix=/usr/local make all make install […]

  • Explain the installation process of CentOS system in detail


    Because the author has been using CentOS, so this installation system is also based on CentOS. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive and set the BIOS CD-ROM drive to start. Enter the welcome interface of CD. There are two options. You can press enter directly, or you can enter Linux text in the current […]

  • Using crontab to run the script of jar program in centos6


    1. Write a simple java program public class testshell { public static void main(String[] args) { int count = 0; for (String arg : args) { System.out.println (“the” + (+ + count) + “parameter (s): + ARG)); } } } Package the above program into centos6 2. Writing shell scripts #!/bin/bash export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk1.8.0_91 export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH […]

  • The solution to the lack of kernel headers in Yum installation under CentOS


    Missing dependency: the solution of kernel header in CentOS. Please note here The error message is as follows:     Copy code The code is as follows: glibc-headers-2.5-81.el5_8.2.x86_64 from updates has depsolving problems –> Missing Dependency: kernel-headers >= 2.2.1 is needed by package glibc-headers-2.5-81.el5_8.2.x86_64 (updates) glibc-headers-2.5-81.el5_8.2.x86_64 from updates has depsolving problems –> Missing Dependency: kernel-headers is […]

  • Method of creating and configuring virtual user in CentOS system


    1、 Download the latest version of vsftp     Copy code The code is as follows: wget ftp://vsftpd.beasts.org/users/cevans/vsftpd-2.3.4.tar.gz      2、 Preparation before installation 1. Create local user wftp for virtual user mapping     Copy code The code is as follows: useradd wwwftp -d /data/www -s /sbin/nologin 2. Create custom configuration directory     Copy code The code […]

  • Mapping the directory of CentOS server to Windows disk drive


    1. Install Samba (CentOS 5.5):     Copy code The code is as follows: yum install samba system-config-samba samba-client samba-common 2. Create a WWW account     Copy code The code is as follows: /usr/sbin/useradd www mkdir -p /data/www chmod 777 /data/www chown -R www:www /data/www cat /etc/passwd | mksmbpasswd.sh> /etc/samba/smbpasswd 3. Create Samba configuration file  Copy […]