• 12. Use the Docker Compose container orchestration tool


    Through the previous use, we found that starting a container from the mirror is very complex, mapping ports, daemons, mount directories, container naming, privilege mode and so on, with many parameters. And there are dozens or hundreds of containers in the production environment, but how can we operate one by one? Is there a good […]

  • Clear disk space on CentOS 6 or CentOS 7


    Clear disk space on CentOS 6 or CentOS 7 The following is a quick command to clear disk space on CentOS 6 or CentOS 7 servers.First you need to install the yum-utils package: yum -y install yum-utils 1. Clipping log files find /var -name “*.log” \( \( -size +50M -mtime +7 \) -o -mtime +30 […]

  • Introduction to Common and Convenient Commands and Skills in Centos


    1. Many times, you need to know what large files are in the current system, such as files over 100M or 1G in size (the threshold depends on the specific situation). So how to search out these big files? # For example, I want to search for files over 900M in the current directory find […]

  • Relevant commands of FTP connection transmission under CentOS


    % FTP host name / IP /* logs on to FTP server and prompts for user name and password*/ Anonymous login: username input: anonymous password input: an arbitrary string in mailbox format FTP > ascii: Set file transfer in ASCII mode (default value) FTP > bell: Alarm prompt every time file transfer is completed. FTP […]

  • CENTOS 7 High Performance Linux Cluster is configured haproxy through yum! Installation! Use! HAProxy Profile Details


    Photo Reference: https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_… Haproxy configuration Permanent name modification: easy to distinguish virtual machines!Haproxy:hostnamectl set-hostname haproxyWeb1: hostnamectl set-hostname WEB1Web2:hostnamectl set-hostname WEB2Test:hostnamectl set-hostname test 1. Happroxy installation and process screenshotsYum list | grep haproxy: Looking at the haproxyl list, the query may take a long time! Yum-y install haproxy: Installation: [Click and drag to move] 2. Fill […]

  • Execution Scheme of Stopkill Flow Control


    Nginx Restricted Connection Number (ngx_http_limit_conn_module) Module Ngx_http_limit_conn_module limits the number of concurrencies for some server traffic anomalies, overloads, and even malicious attacks with large traffic; the module can limit the number of connections per key value based on defined keys, only those requests being processed (the header information of these requests has been read completely) […]

  • Spring-boot-plus project packaging (7)


    Spring-boot-plus project packaging Pack Project The spring-boot-plus project uses the Maven assembly plug-in for packaging Packaging Deployment Based on Different Environment Contains startup and restart commands, and the configuration file is extracted into the external config directory tar mvn clean package -Plocal cd target Packaged Project Compression Package spring-boot-plus-1.0.0.RELEASE-local.tar.gz spring-boot-plus-1.0.0.RELEASE-local.zip Configuration file location spring-boot-plus-1.0.0.RELEASE-local\spring-boot-plus\config Packaged […]

  • How does the CentOS distribution close the graphical interface?


    Many friends who use Linux at home use virtual machines to build linux. The resources allocated to virtual machines are limited. If some services are not shut down, the system will compare cards. Among these services, GUI is the first service to be shut down. Below I list the three distributions I have used to […]

  • Spring-boot-plus Operations and Maintenance Deployment (VIII)


    Spring-boot-plus Operations and Maintenance Deployment Online deployment Packaging environment is prod mvn clean package -Pprod Packed catalogue cd target/spring-boot-plus-1.2.0.RELEASE-prod Setting up on-line database, Redis and other sensitive information vim spring-boot-plus/config/application-prod.yml Start up service sh spring-boot-plus/bin/startup.sh start log [[email protected] spring-boot-plus-1.2.0.RELEASE-prod]# sh spring-boot-plus/bin/startup.sh ================================================ 2019-08-06 00:14:02 ================================================ application name: spring-boot-plus application jar name: spring-boot-plus.jar application bin path: […]

  • How does Centos set up the intercommunication of different network segments? The method of Centos setting up the intercommunication of different network segments


    The environment is as follows: A Network Section Server A Network Section Server Machines in and segments cannot communicate with each other. The specific operation is as follows: Add routing tables to machines route add -net  gw netmask

  • Building Maven Central Warehouse on Centos


    Environmental Science Install JAVA Using Yum to install Java JDK here, you can use instructionsyum search java | grep jdkTo see which JDK versions are available under yum. Select version 1.8 here. The installation instructions are as follows:sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjd After installation, you need to modify the environment variables, which we will use in […]

  • CentOS partition cfdisk operation in detail


    Warning: If you are equipped with both XP and entOS systems, please do not download the disk partition under centos, otherwise it will cause the boot zone crash, and you will be unable to start both systems!!! If you’ve done it and the system crashes, don’t worry, find a PE to fix the boot area […]