• Basic optimization and security configuration of CentOS VPS


    Applicable environment and conditions: install any VPS of centos5 or 6 Upgrade system Copy code The code is as follows: yum update Upgrade firewall policy Copy code The code is as follows: #Clear existing firewall rulesiptables -Fiptables -Xiptables -Z#Allow native accessiptables -A INPUT -s -d -j ACCEPT#Allow established or associated accessiptables -A INPUT […]

  • Tutorial of repairing bash vulnerability in CentOS Linux


    Today, as soon as I turned on the computer, I found that the bash vulnerability was mentioned again in the group. I immediately searched it and found that it was even more serious than painstaking efforts. Well, it seems that there is something to do today System: centos5. X 1. Check whether your server needs […]

  • What if CentOS can’t access the Internet by cable?


    If you can’t access the Internet by cable after installing CentOS, please execute this command:lspci | grep -i eth,The result displayed on my terminal is:02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR8161 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 08),Then execute the following command:ifconfg,There is no connection in the terminal displayeth0perhapsethx(x stands for 1 to…),If your computer terminal displays a similar […]

  • How to install KVM virtual machine in Linux system


    KVM is a virtual machine, mainly used in Linux system, so how to install KVM in Linux system? The following Editor takes centos5.5 as an example to introduce the installation method of KVM. Steps: 1. Check whether the CPU supports virtualization and execute the command # cat / proc / cpuinfo | grep flags The […]

  • How can CentOS set DVD as the default Yum source for downloading and installing software in DVD


    We all know that Yum is the package manager in CentOS system, which is used for software download and installation. Sometimes, for some reasons, DVD needs to be used as the default Yum source for software download and installation in DVD. The following editor will introduce how CentOS can set DVD as the default Yum […]

  • How to install opencv in CentOS 6.5


    Opencv is a cross platform computer vision library, which can be used for image processing. How to install centos6.5? Let’s take the installation of OpenCV version 2.3.1 as an example to give you a detailed introduction. 1: Install dependency package Depending on the package, you can use Yum to install. You need the following packages: […]

  • Installation and configuration of traffic monitoring tool ntopng for 64 bit CentOS 6.4


    Ntopng is a real-time network traffic monitoring and display tool, which can automatically identify useful information from the network. Many people have many problems when installing it. The following editor will introduce how to install ntopng in CentOS 6.4. Let’s understand it. 64 bit CentOS 6.4 installing network monitoring network png 1. Configure default Yum […]

  • Grub boot error occurred when CentOS was booted, unable to enter the system


    When CentOS is booting up, grub boot error suddenly appears, which leads to the system not being able to enter. In this case, many people are helpless. In fact, this kind of problem is not difficult to solve. The following editor will introduce the solutions to grub boot error when CentOS is booting up, hoping […]

  • CentOS installation and configuration of openNMS and openNMS introduction and configuration of graphic tutorial


    OpenNMS is the first enterprise level network management system developed with open source mode in the world. It can be used to automatically discover network nodes and monitor network services, such as HTTP, DNS, SSH, etc. when the system service stops, openNMS will send a notice according to the rules established by the manager to […]

  • Steps of configuring ganglia in CentOS 5.5 (source code installation of ganglia)


    Ganglia is an open source monitoring software, which can have a monitoring server. Many people don’t know how to configure ganglia after installing it in CentOS. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the configuration of ganglia. Let’s understand it together. In CentOS 5.5, there are many ways to install ganglia, such […]

  • The method of making RPM package with FPM in CentOS


    In Linux system, it is very difficult to make RPM package. In fact, RPM package can be made quickly by using tools, which is easy to learn. The following editor will introduce the method of making RPM package by using FPM in Linux. Interested friends can learn about it. 1、 Let’s first install FPM: #FPM […]

  • CentOS programming language Python version is too low, how to manually upgrade


    Python is a computer programming language. The concise and extensible features of Python lead to more and more people using it to do scientific computing research, and even use it to set up school courses. If the python version is too low, it will not be conducive to the use of Python. The following editor […]