• Alibaba cloud CentOS Yum reports an error – status code: 404 for https://mirrors.aliyun.com/centos/centos/8/AppStream/x86_6


    https://developer.aliyun.com/mirror/centos”https://mirrors.aliyun.com/centos/”>https://mirrors.aliyun.com/centos/ Modify the error file in the directory / etc / yum repos. D look below Modify baseurl Alibaba cloud warehouse data For example, this one doesn’t Then I put this representing 8“

  • Typera free version, download the last beta version


    The link is the official download link. You can download it by copying the link directlyThe pro test is available, which is no different from the paid version 1. Windows 64bit https://download.typora.io/windows/typora-setup-x64-0.11.18.exe MD5:12F96372BEE2951ACF5627EA28F8A389 2. Window 32bit https://download.typora.io/windows/typora-setup-ia32-0.11.18.exe MD5:F5036F0EFD82C864485005FCC9B0A042 3. MacOS (dmg) https://download.typora.io/mac/Typora-0.11.18.dmg MD5:6A3AB475CDB91FE2B0AFF526B388155B 4.Linux 64bit (deb) https://download.typora.io/linux/typora_0.11.18_amd64.deb MD5:A37301CBB0E5B931CCF9D49DAC1DE654 Linux 64bit (tar) https://download.typora.io/linux/Typora-linux-x64-0.11.18.tar.gz MD5:E78983B28E99BF973A31025F4CE7E3CE Linux ARM […]

  • Teach you how to build amazing blogs


    Catalogue of series articles The first chapter teaches you how to build your own blog Article catalogue Catalogue of series articles preface 1、 Selection of website software 2、 Choice of website space 1. It is recommended to choose famous and large factories 2. Easy to use, rich and detailed documents 3. Be stable and have […]

  • Install centos8 on MacBook of M1 chip


    preface I mentioned earlier when I was doing the virtualization of M1 that there might be a problem running CentOS. This problem was found when parallels released the test version problem analysis The root of the problem lies in the support of PageSize. The PageSize on M1 is 16K, while the default kernel of CentOS […]

  • Complete centos7 in 30 minutes 6. Latest production environment configuration (git2.35.1 Python 3.10.2 golang1.18 docker nginx)


    0. Server preparation & target Before that, the server mainly uses Ubuntu LTS, and the RH system has not been tried. It happens to be tested with an Alibaba cloud server that is about to expire. After running for 2 months to test the stability, take notes and install another one, it will be faster […]

  • [docker] dockerfile construction process, dockerfile instruction, difference between CMD and entrypoint


    Article catalogue Dockerfile 1. What is dockerfile 2. Dockerfile construction process 3. Dockerfile instruction 4. Actual test 4.1 making CentOS image 4.2 making Tomcat image 4.3 difference between CMD and entrypoint 5. Publish image (understand) 6. Summary Dockerfile As we said in the previous article, image can package software running environment and software developed based […]

  • LNMP build personal blog


    Build personal blog on LNMP platform erection sequence Installing nginx Configure nginx official Yum source        #vim /etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo        [nginx-stable] name=nginx stable repo baseurl=http://nginx.org/packages/centos/$releasever/$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 enabled=1 gpgkey=https://nginx.org/keys/nginx_signing.key module_hotfixes=true Save exit Installing nginx               #yum install -y nginx Install MySQL Configure Yum source        #wget http://repo.mysql.com/mysql-community-release-el7-5.noarch.rpm        #yum localinstall -y mysql-community-release-el7-5.noarch.rpm Install MySQL        yum install […]

  • Mac M1 chip installation VMware virtual machine and centos8 detailed tutorial


    Article catalogue 1、 Installing VMware virtual machines 2、 Centos8 image supports M1 chip 3、 Installing centos8 system 1. Open the virtual machine software, click create custom virtual machine, and then click continue 2. Choose Linux, other Linux 5 x kernel 64-bit Arm 3. Select new virtual disk and click continue 4. Select custom settings 5. […]

  • Linux Installation Tutorial (super detailed version)


    1. Prepare tools required for installation Download of 1.1 CentOS 7 On the download page Download (centos.org) spot CentOS-7-x86_ 64-DVD-2009. Download ISO ​ Click x86_ sixty-four ​  ​ ​  Leave him alone when the download is complete 1.2 download of virtual machine VMware-workstation-full- You can download it directly from Baidu online disk Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1-Nt2WARqnkPteR4YPvD3Eg  Extraction […]

  • CentOS Linux 8 – appstream error: failed to download metadata for warehouse ‘appstream’: cannot prepare internal mirror list: no URLs


    Problem description todayFebruary 18, 2022When installing software on CentOS 8, the following errors are encountered: CentOS Linux 8 – appstream error: failed to download metadata for warehouse ‘appstream’: cannot prepare internal mirror list: no URLs in mirror list A search on the Internet failed to solve, and finallyAlibaba cloud developer communityFound the answer! The website […]

  • LAMP+WordPress


    LAMP+WordPress Lamp: development architecture of Linux + Apache + MySQL (MariaDB) + PHP LNMP: development architecture of Linux + nginx + MySQL (MariaDB) + PHP Install PHP php :PHP main program (including modules for Apache) php-mysq| :Module that enables PHP program to read MySQL database yum install -y php yum install -y php-mysql #View related […]

  • Error: Failed to download metadata for repo ‘AppStream‘


    Problem description The following error occurred while installing using Yum: Errors during downloading metadata for repository ‘AppStream’:   – Status code: 404 for http://mirrors.cloud.aliyuncs.com/centos/8/AppStream/x86_64/os/repodata/repomd.xml (IP: Error: Failed to download metadata for repo ‘AppStream’: Cannot download repomd.xml: Cannot download repodata/repomd.xml: All mirrors were tried problem analysis Alibaba cloud explained that the official source of CentOS […]