• Set docker agent under CentOS 7 (environment variable configuration of system D Service under Linux)


    Docker daemon usageHTTP_PROXY,HTTPS_PROXYas well asNO_PROXYThe environment variable configures the behavior of the HTTP or HTTPS proxy in its startup environment. unavailabledaemon.jsonFile to configure these environment variables. This example overrides the defaultdocker.serviceFile. In settings, you need to add this configuration in the docker SYSTEMd service file If the HTTP proxy server is used, the SYSTEMd plug-in […]

  • Configuration of CentOS system


    1. Distribution network<1># vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 Bootproto automatically changes from DHCP static to staticThat is: bootproto = staticIPADDR=? NETMASK=? GATEWAY=? My configuration is as follows:DEVICE=eth0 BOOTPROTO=static IPADDR= NETMASK= GETEWAY= ONBOOT=yes TYPE=Ethernet Note: bootproto can only use the set IP information in static mode <2> Start command: #service network restart———————————————————————————————————————— 2. FTP<1> #vim / etc / vsftpd […]

  • Graphic tutorial on the method of mounting U disk to CentOS Linux system in VM virtual machine


  • Two methods for CentOS to mount NTFS partitions


    The first is to install the kernel module, which can be http://sourceforge.net/projects/linux-ntfs/files/ To download, you need to download the version corresponding to your system kernel. Use uname – A to view the current kernel version. After installation, you can mount using mount – t NTFS / dev / sda1 / MNT. One disadvantage of this […]

  • Startup service script for CentOS Tomcat


    1. Tomcat’s own JSVC tool will start two threads. If the application monopolizes resources, it will cause the application to fail to start. This is the same as the daemon project in Apache Commons.2. Java Service Wrapper , Referring to the script of nginx, I wrote a script for your reference: Copy code The code […]

  • Centos5.2 configuring lamp and centos5.3 configuring lamp


    The whole process of configuring lamp for centos5.2 at 22:00 on March 30, 2009 is divided into seven parts 1: System conventions2: Basic system settings3: Download Software4: Install the necessary software5: Compile and install software6: Configuring Apache PHP7: Test (through the installation of phpinfo, phpMyAdmin and SugarCRM) 1: System conventionsUsing CentOS 5.2 CD,Storage location of […]

  • CentOS common configuration methods


    1. Configure IP address: cat / etc / sysconfig / network scripts / ifcfg-eth0 Copy code The code is as follows: NETMASK= IPADDR=X.X.X.X GATEWAY=X.X.X.X 2. Configure DNS: / etc / resolv.conf Copy code The code is as follows: nameserver search localdomain Restart the service after configuration: service network restart 3. Solve Chinese garbled Code: […]

  • The latest version of CentOS 5.5 download address is a popular server operating system


    This version is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 and is from CentOS community websitereport。 Welcome to the release of CentOS 5.5. CentOS is an Enterprise Linux distribution, which comes from the free and public source code of the upstream operating system provider (UOP). CentOS fully complies with the redistribution policy of upstream providers […]

  • Steps to install POP3 in CentOS system


    After installing the CentOS system, I found that the POP3 service was not enabled by default. After a long time, I didn’t find the familiar ipop3d program and configuration file. After Google, I found that the CentOS system uses dovecot program as pop / imap. It is said that it has many functions and high […]

  • Method of configuring FTP under CentOS system


    Check FTP service during installation. CentOS system will help you install vsftpd FTP server and mark it as system service Start command: / etc / rc.d/init.d/vsftpd start At this time, you can use FTP client connection The permissions of vsftpd seem to be linked to the system permissions The following is the copied configuration to […]

  • Some basic commands under CentOS server


    Note: This is only a basic operation. For the installation environment, see:One click installation in LNMP environment under CentOS system Now send this thing, hoping to communicate with you Kill – HUP ` cat / usr / local / nginx / logs / nginx. PID ` restart nginx;Method of changing subdirectories and file permissions under […]

  • Step 1: install CentOS and some settings under VMWare


    Installation software and environment: VMware 6.5.2, electric donkey address:http://www.verycd.com/topics/217382/ CentOS 5.5, address:http://www.verycd.com/topics/2822023/ 1、 Install VM, configure virtual disk, install system 1. Install the VM. The next step is just the next step. 2. Start configuring the virtual machine, download this word, and find it on the Internet.             VMwareCentOS-5.0 linux(1) 3. After opening the document, […]