• Introduction to Python office 7: xlwt


    Steps to write xlwt to excel Create Workbook Create worksheet Populate sheet contents Save file 1 import xlwt 2 3 # create Workbook 4 wb=xlwt.Workbook() 5 # create worksheet 6 ws=wb.add_sheet(“CNY”) 7 # fill data (merge cells) 8 ws.write_ Merge (0,1,0,5, “2019 currency exchange table”) 9 # write currency data 10 data=((1,1,1,1,1,1),(2,2,2,2,2,2)) 11 12 for […]

  • Excel releases version 2.3.2, the go language excel document basic library


    ExcelizeIt is a basic library for operating Office Excel documents written in go language, based on ecma-376 and ISO / IEC 29500 international standards. You can use it to read and write from Microsoft Excel ™ Spreadsheet documents created in 2007 and above. It supports xlsx / xlsm / xltm and other document formats, is […]

  • 20 + CSS high frequency practical clips, small skills to improve happiness, you can have Oh


    preface Modify input placeholder style、Multiline text overflow、Hide scroll bar、Modify cursor color、Horizontal vertical center… what a familiar function! Front end children’s shoes will deal with them almost every day. Let’s summarize our CSS happiness clips! Next time you don’t need Baidu or Google, this is your harbor. Click “view source address” to continuously update“ 1. Solve […]

  • Java replaces the specified text content in Excel with a picture


    In this paper, the specified text content in excel is replaced by loading pictures in Java program code.The basic operation idea is as follows: load the excel workbook, obtain the worksheet, find the text string in the specified cell, set the cell content to empty, obtain the row and column coordinates of the cell, insert […]

  • Pre machine learning (II): master the common usage of jupyter notebook in 30 minutes


    Compared with pycham’s py file, jupyter notebook can save the execution process and add rich text descriptions such as charts and notes, making it particularly friendly to machine learning developers. This article includes the installation of machine learning environment and common usage of Jupiter Notebook: common usage, commands, shortcut keys, etc. Advanced usage: latex mathematical […]

  • FlexGrid — a table control based on Devops


    What is FlexGrid? FlexGridIt is a lightweight, easy-to-use, flexible and fast high-performance table control launched by grape city. As one of the four lightweight controls of. Net full-function control package componentone, it has been widely recognized by the industry for 20 consecutive years. FlexGrid is mainly applied to more than 10 platforms such as WPF, […]

  • Usage of check boxes in WinForm DataGridView control


    System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewIt is a data list container control provided in. Net forms, just like the rows and columns queried in MSSQL. It not only displays data, but also provides editing functions. Cells can even add unique control elements, such as text boxes, check boxes, and even pictures. This article introduces the check boxes. You can add […]

  • Wonderful review of 2020 China. Net Developer Conference: Interpretation of grape city high performance table technology


    On December 19, 2020 China. Net developers conference was held in Suzhou. With the theme of “open source, sharing and innovation”, combined with offline and online real-time synchronous live broadcasting, the conference collected more than 40 technology masters from well-known enterprises such as Microsoft and godson, and brought nearly 50 technical lectures and. Net application […]

  • Still paddling? Can you write this SQL?


    I’ve been knocking on MySQL for a quarter, but I was crushed by this SQL problem Today, my friend sent an SQL question in the group. I was surrounded and had no idea for a long time. I knocked the whole MySQL of Q2 and looked at various index optimization, mvcc, locks and B + […]

  • Output reports using pandas dataframe


    By Christopher TaoCompile VKSource: towards Data Science As a data scientist or analyst who uses Python as the main programming language, I believe you must often use pandas. It is very frequent to output pandas dataframe on jupyter notebook. However, have you ever thought that we can visualize the dataframe itself? In other words, for […]

  • How does golang operate excel?


    Introduction to key terms In order to get started quickly with the open source library, let’s first understand several key terms in Excel, as shown in the figure below. ① is sheet, that is, the tab in the table; ② Is row, representing a row in Excel; ③ Cell represents a cell in Excel. Under […]

  • Npoi imports and exports pictures in the specified cell


    Npoi imports and exports pictures in the specified cell Intro I maintained an extension of npoi(WeihanLi.Npoi), which is mainly used to import and export Excel data. Recently, some netizens put forward the need to analyze pictures when importing excel, so there is the exploration of this article Parse pictures when importing Excel xlsandxlsxThe API of […]