• [PHP] using PHP to generate and download the CSV file


    The principle is simple , That is to output a header with PHP , The browser can download the file directly The cell contents are separated by English commas , In order to prevent garbled code , A transcoding operation is performed on the Chinese character part , From utf8 to GBK In order to […]

  • LSTM – long and short term memory network


    Recurrent neural network (RNN) People don’t think from the beginning every second, just like when you read this article, you don’t learn a word from the beginning. Human thinking is continuous. The traditional convolutional neural network has no memory and can’t solve this problem. The recurrent neural networks can solve this problem. In the recurrent […]

  • Explain phpspredsheet setting cell


    Phpspredsheet provides rich API interface, which can set many cell and document properties, including style, picture, date, function and many other applications. In a word, phpspredsheet can do whatever excel form you want. When debugging settings, make sure that the correct file is introduced and instantiated. use PhpOfficePhpSpreadsheetSpreadsheet; $spreadsheet = new Spreadsheet(); $worksheet = $spreadsheet->getActiveSheet(); […]

  • Bid farewell to hard coding and let your front-end table calculate automatically


    GitHub | Demo | Blog | Original link preface When my team developed the tax system module, I found that they needed to spend 80% of their time to solve the calculation problems, especially in the calculation in the grid Write the foreground JS code (because the user’s input in the table will affect other […]

  • (almost) perfect implementation of El table column width adaptation


    background Element UI is popular on PC Vue.js UI framework, its component library can basically meet most common business needs. But sometimes there are some high customization requirements that the component itself may not be able to meet. Recently, I met them in the project. Many pages need to use the form componentel-table. If notel-table-columnSpecifies […]

  • The right letter combination of tableview: generate group index


    When you use the iPhone address book, you will find that you can search by letter on the right side, which is very convenient to use. In fact, this function is very simple to use uitableview, as long as you implement a method of data source protocol and build an array of group titles. The […]

  • Excel release version 2.3.0, go language excel document base


    Excel is a basic library for operating Office Excel documents written in go language, which is based on ecma-376 and ISO / IEC 29500 international standards. You can use it to read and write from Microsoft Excel ™ 2007 and above. It supports multiple document formats such as xlsx / xlsm / xltm, and is […]

  • Technical summary: WinForm DataGridView operation column of C


    DataGridView in WinForm framework is the same as table in HTML. But the difference is that there is no concept of operation column in the native DataGridView. The default column types are drop-down box, text, button, picture and link. If you need other styles, you need to rewrite them. In fact, most of the requirements […]

  • Analysis of xlsx popular fancy Excel


    Recently, I met a requirement: parse excel and get the color in the cell. Speaking of analyzing excel, I have to mention itSheetJS js-xlsxThere are more than 22K stars on GitHub, which is very powerful. Unfortunately, they have a paid version, and the function of parsing cell background color is not open to white whoring […]

  • Still rowing? Can you write this SQL?


    Knock a quarter of MySQL, was actually this SQL problem to do collapse Today, a friend in the group sent a SQL question, I was hoodwinked, and had no idea for a long time. I knock the entire MySQL of Q2 and look at various index optimizations, mvcc, locks, and B + trees. At this […]

  • Excel like component based on Vue + canvas


    vue-grid-canvas Vue component, a form component based on Vue, is mainly used to solve the performance problem of large amount of data table rendering. It uses canvas to draw tables, and supports functions like batch selection, copy, paste, delete, real-time editing of Excel. At present, it is still improving. I hope your star will be […]

  • Master these Python special skills! Python data analysis work is not as you choose!


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time This article comes from Tencent cloud Author: Python learning tutorial This article lists some skills […]