• Daily question – Flip by column to get the maximum number of equal rows


    Given a matrix consisting of several zeros and ones, select any number of columns from the matrix and flip each cell on it. After flipping, the value of the cell changes from 0 to 1, or from 1 to 0. Returns the maximum number of rows on which all values are equal after some flipping. […]

  • JavaScript dynamic table generation


    requirement: HTML tag only writes one line header Write dynamic tables through JS (automatically create as many rows of tables as there are groups of data) For learning and demonstration, fixed data is used, and background data is not involved Code implementation: HTML content: full name subject achievement operation CSS content: table { width: 500px; […]

  • WinForm of C – the pit that can be edited by table


    Interface diagram: Complete code: [database interaction and some tool classes are ignored, just look at the logic] using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Configuration; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.IO; using System.Reflection; using System.Text; using System.Text.RegularExpressions; using System.Web.Script.Serialization; using System.Windows.Forms; using ess_zbfz_main.commonForm; using ess_zbfz_main.dto; using ess_zbfz_main.entity; using ess_zbfz_main.ifs; using ess_zbfz_main.util; using ess_zbfz_main.vo; using ess_zbfz_main.zhaobiao; using Newtonsoft.Json; […]

  • 13 – read and write excel file with Python


    In the past, the corresponding English word for business analysis was business analysis, and the analysis tool we used was excel. Later, with a large amount of data, excel could not cope with it (the maximum number of rows supported by Excel was 1048576). People began to turn to analysis tools such as Python and […]

  • Table control Spread.NET V14.0 release: supports. Net 5 and. Net core 3.1


    Spread.NET Similar to winnet control, it can meet the requirements of. Excel, form and other functions ASP.NET The development requirements of table data processing and data visualization based on XML, XAML and winrt. Spread.NET It supports 462 kinds of Excel formulas, provides embedded system like excel designer and fully open API, and provides a more […]

  • Gcexcel v4.0, a server-side table component, was released to build an excel like full stack solution


    GrapeCity documents for Excel (abbreviated as gcexcel) is a high-performance form component suitable for Java platform and. Net platform. It does not need to rely on office, POI or third-party application software. It can batch create, load, edit, print, import / export EXCEL documents on the server. Combined with the pure front-end form control spreadjs, […]

  • Big data mining | structured query language SQL


    Using access to create a database Create an empty database: create a new database, select a save location on the right of the file name, and then create After creation, it looks like this: Notice the save key in the upper right corner, which is not used to save data(Data is saved automatically in access), […]

  • My notes – BFC knowledge


    What is BFC? BFC(block formatting contexts) a block level formatting context, which is a pageCSSPart of the visual rendering,An area used to determine the layout of block level boxes and the extent of floating interaction 。 Creation of BFC Root element(<html> ) Floating element(floatNot fornone ) Absolute positioning element(positionbyabsoluteorfixed ) Table titles and cells(displaybytable-caption , […]

  • Npoi usage


    The pit of createrow getrow //Create row can only be used once for the same row sheet.CreateRow(startrow).CreateCell(0).SetCellValue(1); sheet.GetRow(startrow).CreateCell(1).SetCellValue(1); sheet.GetRow(startrow).CreateCell(2).SetCellValue(1); Input values and formulas //Value sheet.GetRow(startrow).CreateCell(2).SetCellValue(1); //Formula string kaohe = “O” + realrow + “-” + “I” + realrow + “+” + “R” + realrow; String shenchanjieyou = “if (isblock (R” + realrow + “),” production […]

  • Markdown + typora tutorial


    Introduction to markdown Introduction to markdown Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows people to write documents in plain text format that is easy to read and write. The markdown language was created by John Gruber in 2004. The documents written by markdown can be exported to HTML, word, image, PDF, ePub and other […]

  • Generating HTML table with Python


    stayMail ReportFor development tasks such asHTMLForm. UsePythonGenerationHTMLThe table is basically not difficultforLoop through the data and output the label. If you need to merge cells, or adjust the table style as needed, it will be more troublesome. At this time, you can try the main character of this article — HTML table package, with which […]

  • Summary of markdown grammar


    1. Title First level title The first level title can use more than one equal sign = = = = Secondary title Use more than one paragraph in the secondary title class a second level Three levels Level 4 Grade five Grade six The title can also use the pound mark ා, ාාාාාාාාාාාාාාා񖓿ාාා񖓿 2. Block […]