• Android nested slide summary


    1、 What is nested sliding Nested sliding is a common UI effect in Android development. When a layout contains multiple views that can slide and these views are nested with each other, you need to do nested sliding to make the UI interaction smoother, such as ceiling effect. Common effects are as follows: 20200405191210528.gif As […]

  • How to realize the style / effect of dynamic ceiling in CSS?


    Solution: use position: sticky to make a dynamic ceiling effect: Examples are as follows: 1 before scrolling the page up: 2 after scrolling up the page:In this way, the elements in the “this is tab main” section can always be maintained at the top of the page window. 3 specific code: the code used is […]

  • IOS development label set text ceiling status


    When writing labels, we usually set numberoflines = 0 if we encounter line breaks; This will automatically wrap the line. At this time, there will be a problem. If the number of words can be displayed in one line, the text in the label will be aligned up and down in the middle. At this […]