• API encapsulation of meituan Distribution Alliance (PHP SDK)


    Meituan distribution alliance PHP SDK The API interfaces of meituan distribution alliance are simply encapsulated, and the laravel framework is also supported. It needs to be taken by itself GitHub: https://github.com/gaowei-spa… install $ composer require gaowei-space/meituan-pub-union -vvv support ✅ Get provinceallrequest✅ Get citiesrequest for a city in a province✅ Get the secondary category information contained […]

  • U-shaped consultation method


    The U-shaped consulting method mentioned in 24 is a technology accumulated by Mr. Liu’s experience in consulting practice, but it is only felt as a concept and idea. Adhering to the concept: complex problems do not necessarily need to be solved; A small step will bring a snowball effect, Target audience: visitors with strong consumption […]

  • K-means algorithm analysis and code reproduction


    K-means algorithm is one of the most commonly used clustering algorithms. This paper will analyze the algorithm and numpy reproduce the code. K-means analysis definition K-means is based on the assumption that similar sample points will form clusters in the feature space. In the k-means algorithm, N data points of sample set X and the […]

  • Psychology Glossary 134


    Prosocial Behavior: Behavior that is carried out with the goal of helping other people. Prosocial behavior: behavior aimed at helping others. Prototype: The most representative example of a category. Prototype: the most representative example of a category. Proximal Stimulus: The optical image on the retina; contrasted with the distal stimulus, the physical object in the […]

  • Decoupling representation and classifier of long tailed distribution


    Original document: https://www.yuque.com/lart/pa… ICLR 2020 article For the classification of long tail distribution, a simple and effective strategy based on re sample paradigm is proposed The proposed method divides the learning process of the model into two parts:_ representation learning_ And_ classification_. For the former, the complete model is trained on the original data distribution, […]

  • [model training] Ubuntu compiles Darknet and Yolo training


      Welcome to my official account, reply to 001 Google programming specification.   O_o   >_<   o_O   O_o   ~_~   o_O Hello, I’m Jizhi horizon. This paper introduces the method of compiling Darknet and Yolo training on Ubuntu. 1. Compiling Darknet 1.1 compiling opencv   I won’t say much about the installation of […]

  • [paper reading] recent progress and future trend prediction of incremental learning


    [Abstract]This paper briefly introduces and summarizes the incremental learning task through three papers published on CVPR 2019. On this basis, the future trend of this research field is predicted based on personal thinking. 1、 Background introduction At present, under certain conditions, the accuracy of deep learning algorithm in image classification task has reached the human […]

  • In depth study of paper terms for Xiaobai


    introduction: when you first read a paper on in-depth learning, you will encounter some terms of scientific research papers (such as state of the art) you have not seen before. You can slowly understand them after reading more. Some of the terms and evaluation indicators I listed below, which I didn’t understand at the beginning. […]

  • [paper reading] incremental object detection


    [Abstract]The current mainstream target detector model determines the types of objects to be detected during training. If you want to add new categories, you can only train again. This paper introduces an incremental object detection model, which can add new categories at any time, which is more in line with the actual scene. Article information: […]

  • Qtreewidget drag node


    1、 Foreword When using qtreewidget to create a tree bar, it is expected that nodes can be moved to different groups by dragging, but the group prohibits dragging; Nodes are only divided into groups (parent nodes) and children. When child a is dragged to Child B of another group x, a is regarded as a […]

  • Sagemaker model monitor and debugger are divine assistants to understand the “black box” of convolutional neural network


    Many things can be better improved and enhanced only after understanding the internal principle and operation mechanism. However, some things are born “incomprehensible”, such as convolutional neural network (CNN). So how to further improve it? CNN has excellent practical performance in practical tasks such as image classification and target detection. Therefore, it has been introduced […]

  • In 2021, organize IOS high-frequency interview questions and answers (there will always be something you need)


    You should be busy with job hopping and interview recently. After all, gold, silver and four, cherish the good opportunity. I wish you all a smooth interview and welcome the offers of big companies. If you need information, you can talk privately. I understand From the input URL to the page display, what happened 1. […]