• K-means clustering of advertising effect


    Project background Explore classic data sets in depth. 1 data set review import matplotlib. Pyplot as plot # graphics library import numpy as np import pandas as pd from sklearn. metrics import silhouette_ Score # import contour coefficient index from sklearn. Cluster import kmeans # kmeans module from sklearn. Preprocessing import minmaxscaler, onehotencoder # data […]

  • Machine learning – KNN algorithm principle & & spark implementation


    The data developer who doesn’t understand the algorithm is not a good algorithm engineer. I still remember some data mining algorithms mentioned by my tutor when I was a graduate student. I was interested, but I had little contact after working. The Data Engineer despised the chain. Model > real-time > offline warehouse > ETL […]

  • Detailed explanation of the accuracy rate, recall rate and F value of mindspire classification index (2)


    1、 Accuracy and recall In the last sharing, we mentioned the significance and accuracy of the evaluation classification model and AUC / ROC evaluation methods. Are there only two ways for friends to think about performance evaluation? Of course. This time, let’s get to know the precision, recall and the F value composed of these […]

  • What is the difference between any and anyobject?


    Any: it can represent any type of class, structure and enum, including functions and optional types. Basically, it can be said to be anything. Anyobject: it refers to any instance of a category. This is only useful when using a reference type. This is equivalent to the ‘ID’ in Objective-C. Any If your dictionary can […]

  • Summary of mindspire classification indicators (III)


    1、 Abstract Through the sharing of the previous two classified evaluation indicators, we have basically understood the meaning of the expression of each evaluation indicator. In this sharing, we will experience the meaning of different indicators by citing real examples and combining different scenarios. Detailed explanation of accuracy and AUC / roc of mindspire classification […]

  • Production of overseas marriage and dating website, Part 7


    ​The previous chapters 1-6 are about the functions of the front desk. The rest are now put together. Don’t talk nonsense and go directly to the code.If you have any questions, please come to me, guys. My deduction is 2360248-666 Personal information update section public function update(){ $user = session(“user”); $data[‘phone’] = $_POST[‘phone’]; $data[‘qq’] = […]

  • Vitalik: gitcoin grants’ seventh round review


    Every round of gitcoin review written by vitalik is bound to be read by me. Here, I can quickly browse the directions, projects or communities enthusiastically concerned by Ethereum community, as well as vitalik’s comments on the above. The seventh round of gitcoin grants has been completed! This round of matching funds and donation funds […]

  • Super detailed interpretation of fast r-cnn-fpn


    0. Some wordy In 2021, someone wrote an article about fast r-cnn? I have two main reasons: According to our experience in actual projects and competitions, fast r-cnn (hereinafter referred to as fast r-cnn-fpn) based on roialign and FPN is a strong baseline, so it is necessary to fully understand its ideas and details; Objectively […]

  • Analysis service helps product operation


    How about the conversion rate of commodity sales? Which categories are more popular with users? How to use data drive to improve Gmv (transaction amount)? In addition to the basic user behavior analysis, such as new addition and activity, the most important thing of e-commerce app is to pay attention to the paid purchase of […]

  • Array grouping in javascript: array groupBy()


    Array grouping in javascript: array groupBy() Original text:https://dmitripavlutin.com/ja… Due to the rich library of standard utilities, many developers prefer the ruby programming language. For example,Arrays in RubyThere are a lot of ways. JavaScript has also gradually enriched its standard library of strings and arrays. For example, in the previous article, I described the newarray.at()method. Today’s […]

  • The use of yarn and its comparison with NPM


    You must be right in your usual developmentnpmNo stranger, it is the package manager of node. adoptnpmYou can install the required dependencies of the project, but After a long time, you will find that the speed of NPM is too slow. Today, I recommend a package management tool that is also easier to use than […]

  • Real time warehouse introduction training camp: Practice of real-time computing Flink version of SQL


    Introduction: the real-time warehouse introduction training camp was jointly organized by Alibaba cloud researcher Wang Feng, Alibaba cloud senior technical expert Jin Xiaojun, Alibaba cloud senior product expert Liu Yiming and other real-time computing Flink version and several front-line technical / product experts of hologres to build the course system of the training camp and […]