• Vue3 + vite + TS + element plus construction project (II)


    In the last phase, we installed vite, managed the code to git, and used eslint to verify. Next, we installed vuex, router, SCSS, alias settings, etc. in the project 1、 Vuerouter Official website:https://router.vuejs.org/guid… 1. Installation npm install [email protected] 2. After installation, we will create a router directory under SRC directory and an index under router […]

  • Special notes for crmeb multi merchant system


    1. Environmental requirementsPagoda Linux panel installation is recommendedPHP version 7.3mysql 5.7mysql5. 7. Precautions for version:http://help.crmeb.net/crmeb_m…Latest version of Supervisor Managerhttp://help.crmeb.net/crmeb_m…2. Extensions that PHP needs to installfileinfo redis swoole4 swoole-loaderhttp://help.crmeb.net/crmeb_m…3. Pseudo static and running directories do not need to be set. If pseudo static is configured, the reverse agent cannot be added4. The reverse agent must be […]

  • Spring boot static resource access control and encapsulation integration scheme


    background Recently, we are working on the optimization of the company’s framework and the practical application of the project. The original scheme is that the front and back ends of springboot + HTML are separately deployed, and the back-end personnel work part-time on the front-end development, and the subsequent product line business is optimized. The […]

  • JSP/JAVABEAN+TOMCAT4. Summary of 0.5 + MySQL combined station construction


    System configuration: WIN2000 English + jdk1 4.1+TOMCAT4. 0.5+APACHE2. 043Development cycle: make every effort and last nearly 15 days.Realize the following functions:1. Gallery:Submission, pagination and deletion of pictures and related text.2. Photo Album:New creation of album theme, submission of photos and related text, sub theme, pagination display and deletion.3. Article / press release system:New creation of […]

  • 【GO】go bindata


    go-bindataThis is the current procedurepugoTools for embedding static resources in use. It can embed static files into agoFile and provide some operation methods. go-bindata -o=app/asset/asset.go -pkg=asset source/… theme/… doc/source/… doc/theme/… -oExport file toapp/asset/asset.go, package name-pkg=assetThen there are the directories that need to be packaged. The three points include all subdirectories. In this way, all relevant […]

  • Win2000 + PHP + MySQL + Tomcat + JSP fully integrated installation manual


    1、 Preliminary preparation 1。 An installed Win2000 Server. Note: if IIS is pre installed, please stop or disable the IIS service first. 2。 Download Software Apache: Version: 1.3.22 – Apache_ 1.3.22-win32-x86. msi JDK: Version: 1.3 – j2sdk1_ 3_ 0-win. exe PHP: Version: 4.0.4 – PHP4 0.4pl1-win32. zip MySQL: Version: 3.23.32 — mysql-3.23.32-win zip  Tomcat: Version: […]

  • Visualbox & vagrant build laravel development environment


    File download address required for the file: visual box. If the connection fails, you can download it from the official website Vagrant, centos65 (download the latest version from vagrant Library), SecureCRT one Visual box installation, do not worry about the installation two After installing vagrant, create a new VMS folder on disk D, and then […]

  • Laradock PHP multi version container coexistence


    thinkPHP3. 2 projects use mongodb and mongoclientThe error message is shown in the figure. It can only be used in environments lower than php7. Therefore, another php56 needs to be deployed in laradock Enter the laradock directory, copy a copy of PHP FPM and name it php-fpm-56cp -r php-fpm php-fpm-562. Open docker compose YML file, […]

  • MySQL multi master and one slave configuration


    program specification MySQL is installed based on docker compose, using server (LAN) Master1: Master2: Slave: Heterogeneous data synchronization configuration description Install docker Install dosker compose For docker related operations, the installation part is managed separately, and relevant management directories are created on the server a) /usr/local/docker/mysql b) Create a new directory master (/ usr / […]

  • Introduction to analysis parameters of sonar scanning


    Introduction to analysis parameters of sonar scanning Mandatory parameters The server Key describe default sonar.host.url Server URL http://localhost:9000 Project configuration Key describe default sonar.projectKey Unique identification of the item. The allowed characters are: letters, numbers,-,_,.and:, and at least one non numeric character. For Maven projects, this defaults to: Optional parameters Project identification Key describe default […]

  • [go] environment variable


    reference material Go language gopath details (go language working directory) 1.GOPATH $ go env Goarch = “AMD64” # goarch indicates the target processor architecture Gobin = “” # Gobin indicates where the compiler and linker are installed GOEXE=”” GOHOSTARCH=”amd64″ GOHOSTOS=”linux” Goos = “Linux” # goos indicates the target operating system Gopath = “/ home / […]

  • Jsliang job series – 43 – CSS series summary


    One directory II. Review knowledge points  2.1 Foundation  2.2 box model  2.3 mobile terminal III. references  3.1 interview  3.2 layout  3.3 Flex  3.4 mobile terminal  3.5 CSS  3.6 CSS3  3.7 cascading context  3.8 BFC block formatting context  3.9 others II. Review knowledge points Return to directory There are three parts to review the knowledge points. […]