• Linux tip: the LS command only lists subdirectory names and prints one file name per line


    Only the subdirectory names under the specified directory are listed Only subdirectory names are listed in the LS command In Linux,lsBy default, the command lists all file names in the given directory, including subdirectory names. If you only want to list the subdirectory names under the current directory, you can use thels -d */Command. Specific […]

  • Deploy Tomcat project


    Start Tomcat directly on MACSwitch to the directory apache-tomcat-8.5.32/binExecute the command sh startup.shTomcat started can be seen on terminal visit http://localhost :8080/ bingo Execute the command sh when closing Tomcat shutdown.sh Run a Tomcat Directory Project apache-tomcat-8.5.32/webapps For example, there is a manager project in this directory, which provides a index.jsp visit http://localhost :8080/manager/ index.jsp […]

  • flutter_ Preliminary record using rongyun SDK


    1. Create a new router project. Then open the new project 2. Download their SKD from rongyun,Address: https://github.com/rongcloud/… 3. Unzip the file, the file directory is as follows 4. Open the example directory. The contents are as follows 5. Copy all the lib files in the example directory to the Lib folder in our new […]

  • The springboot project packages the third-party jars and configuration files outside the jar package


    The springboot project is typed into a jar package by default, which is not friendly in multiple environments. You need to package the dependent third-party jars and configuration files under the resources directory to the same directory as the jar package to facilitate environment changes. The specific operations are as follows: Package to external directory […]

  • Send Ajax request and mock data in react (9) – react


    preface stayReactMedium,renderThe result returned by the function depends on thepropsandstate We all know thatUIThe data on the page is not written dead, and it is often obtained from the back-end data interface Then fill the page with real data, in which lifecycle function should the request be made? How to launchAjaxWhat about requests and how […]

  • Introduction to springboot: 05 – introducing data transfer layer


    The data we operate now directly uses entity classes. If the user object we output needs to contain the list of permissions owned by the user, how can we encapsulate it? It is obviously not possible to encapsulate it directly into the entity class, because the responsibility of the entity class is to provide a […]

  • Mojave Xcode real IOS 13 error


    Problem description Using react native to develop app Xcode debugging error: could not locate device support files The system version used is MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 Cannot and does not want to upgrade Catalina Xcode version is 10 resolvent The methods of searching on the Internet are usually as follows: Download existing real device support packages, […]

  • Jenkins ~ workspace directory switch


    As the default directory for Jenkins to store data is / var / lib / Jenkins, generally, the disk space of this var directory is very small, only dozens of G, so it is necessary to modify the default workspace workspace of JenkinsEnvironmental Science Check the Jenkins installation path [[email protected] jenkins_old_data]# rpm -ql jenkins /etc/init.d/jenkins […]

  • In 2020, if we don’t knock the code with webpack, it will not be fragrant


    preface 2020 is coming. Among the many front-end recruitment requirements,webpack、EngineeringThese words are becoming more and more frequent. It’s often used by developersvue-cli、create-react-appTo build our project. But if you want to stand out in the team and get a better offer, then you have to have a deep understanding of what we often deal withwebpack This […]

  • Easy to use shell wildcards


    preface In the process of using shell to execute tasks, we often encounter the situation that we need to process a batch of data. If we pass parameters one by one, it will be very troublesome. At this time, we need to use the shell’s wildcard function. for examplerm *.txtYou can delete all the txt […]

  • Installation and basic operation of Kafka in Linux


    Download Kafka http://archive.apache.org/dist/kafka/1.1.0/ Unzip and rename cd /usr/local tar zxvf kafka_2.12-1.1.0.tgz mv kafka_2.12-1.1.0 kafka_2.12-1.1.0/ Configure Kafka MKDIR / usr / local / Kafka / log / Kafka ා create Kafka log directory CD / usr / local / Kafka / config ා enter the configuration directory VI server.properties Edit and modify the corresponding parameters broker.id=0 […]

  • Svn configuration on centos7


    Reprint:https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_39218464/article/details/104093559https://blog.csdn.net/jctian000/article/details/80623621 After a while, it is better to record it for later use (SVN needs to be installed first) For future planning, multiple warehouses can be configured 1. First create the general warehouse Directory: mkdir -p /home/svn/project 2. Create a folder for the warehouse in the general directory and create a version library using the […]