• Android | teaches you how to quickly integrate machine learning capabilities


    @TOC background After the last blog post about how to quickly integrate code scanning, I went to the official website to learn about other functions. Among them, machine learning service is relatively popular at present, and it is still free. Just hurry in and learn. See what you can do quickly. The link is here: […]

  • Install Chrome browser driver under mac


    How to install Chrome browser driver under mac 1. Go to the official website to download the driver package for chromeDownload link on official website: http://npm.taobao.org/mirrors… PS: first check the version of your Chrome browser: Open the above chrome official link, find the directory of the corresponding version, click in, find the Mac version of […]

  • Quest for frustration 1.0: Hello World


    Without saying much, we officially started our journey to rust today. Old rules, we’ll start with Hello world. What is HelloWorld Most typists should know this because of the C programming Language “is used as the first demonstration program, so later typists continue one of the habits when learning programming or device debugging; it has […]

  • Deploying Hadoop cluster on centos7


    Hadoop stepping on the pit (1) Deploying Hadoop cluster on centos7 Environmental Science Machine 1 (Hadoop 1 ALI) Ali cloud (CentOS 7.3) Hadoop 2 HW CentOS 7.4 The first server is used as namenode and the second as datanode Modify the host name and host file It is executed on two machines respectively […]

  • Android studio update error: connection error, temp directory inside installation


    scene After modifying the. Androidstudio directory of Android studio to another directory, open as and prompt to update. Click Update to prompt: Connection Error,Temp directory inside installation: This is followed by the modified directory.     Note: Blog:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Official accountDomineering procedural apeGet programming related e-books, tutorial push and free download. realization After checking that the […]

  • Gin series – file upload


    Single file upload front end File upload //Upload jump control //File and formC are consistent back-end #main.go package main import ( “github.com/gin-gonic/gin” “net/http” “path” ) func main() { r := gin.Default() //The default memory limit for multipart forms submissions is 32 MIB r.MaxMultipartMemory = 8 //router.MaxMultipartMemory = 8 << 20 // 8 MiB r.LoadHTMLFiles(“./index.html”) r.GET(“/index”, […]

  • Android studio error: could not download gradle.jar :No cacahed version available for offline mode


    scene After changing the. Gradle directory of Android studio from the default C disk to another directory, the new app prompts: Could not download gradle.jar:No cacahed version available for offline mode     Note: Blog:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Official accountDomineering procedural apeGet programming related e-books, tutorial push and free download. realization This is because the gradle required by […]

  • HBase installation and configuration (centos7)


    Hadoop stepping on the pit (2) HBase installation and configuration (centos7) Environmental Science Namenode (hadoop1 ALI) Ali cloud (CentOS 7.3) Datanode (Hadoop 2 HW) CentOS 7.4 For Hadoop installation and configuration, please refer to the previous article The version of HBase is 1.4.13 Hadoop version 2.8.5 is selected Download and unzip Download hbase-1.4.13 […]

  • Jenkins + git + Maven to build Java and Vue code


    1. Download Jenkins plug-inGitLab PluginJaCoCo PluginMaven integration pluginSSH PluginHTML Publisher pluginPerformance Plugin 2. Restart Jenkins after installationhttp://jenkins Address / restart 3. Configure JDK Maven git globally 4. Build a maven project5. Select git project, fill in the project address, and add an account to pull the code5. Configure build trigger (auto build after push code)Here, […]

  • Setting up virtual host on Apache 2.4 server under Ubuntu system


    Installation environment It’s also a big attempt to configure the virtual host. I’ve forgotten how many nights I’ve tried to configure the lamp environment. But at this point, the frequency will be jammed, and the answers on the Internet are all kinds of strange. I think it is necessary to record the configuration process. First, […]

  • Android studio modifies the default C disk configuration folder ( android.gradle.AndroidStudio )As well as the modified pit to avoid stepping on


    scene Android studio download and installation tutorial (Graphic tutorial) https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/103672471 After installing Android studio above, the following directory will be generated by default under C: users / administrator     The role of these three folders: . Android this folder is the AVD (Android Virtual Device Manager) generated by Android SDK, which is the storage […]

  • Add a springbootadmin monitor in Java spring cloud


    Preface In the previous chapters, we first built a project skeleton, and then built a gateway project using Nacos. There are not too many things configured in the gateway project. Now we will build another important project in spring cloud microservices – spring boot admin 1. Introduction to spring boot admin Spring boot admin is […]