• Have you learned how to upload and download PHP files?


    Chapter 1 file upload 1.1 client upload settings File upload has become a common function in B / s program. The purpose is that customers can upload files to the specified directory on the server through the browser. Common websites supporting file upload on the network: Various network disks Head portrait Online photo album Real […]

  • Functional programming in JavaScript


    Original by Dan mantyla In recent years, with the development of Haskell, Scala, clojure and other academic languages that support functional programming, more and more attention has been paid to them. At the same time, the mainstream Java, JavaScript, Python and even C + + have been supporting functional programming. In particular, after the appearance […]

  • Spark compilation


    premise Here we compile spark 2.2.0, Hadoop version hadoop-2.6.0-cdh5.7.0, Scala version 2.11.8 For more information about compiling spark 2.2.0, see the official documentation of spark compilation Environmental requirements The Maven-based build is the build of reference for Apache Spark. Building Spark using Maven requires Maven 3.3.9 or newer and Java 8+. Note that support for […]

  • “3.0” a person develops an app, and the applet is from 0 to 1. Delete and add


    On this auspicious day, we are going to do a big thing, which is known to all, that is to delete the source code generated automatically by wechat development tools. Delete the index and logs directories under pages and leave nothing; Delete util.js under utils and only flow air; Delete the code in app.js and […]

  • Atom editor plug in: amwiki light library


    Amwiki is a lightweight open source wiki library system based on JavaScript scripting language, atom editor and markdown tag syntax.Amwiki is committed to making it easier and more convenient to build personal and team library system! [View amWiki on Github] GitHub: Apm: AmWiki advantage The document system adopts markdown syntax No server development is required, […]

  • Use of WordPress plug-ins


    Keyword Description: use WordPress plug-in to file users who need website directory The theme of WordPress can make your WordPress website more beautiful, and the plug-in of WordPress can make your WordPress website more powerful. In this course, we will talk about the use of WordPress plug-ins. Many users in the WordPress community have not […]

  • Running the springboot program in docker


    1. Replace the build plug-in of pom.xml in the springboot project with: <build> <plugins> <plugin> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-maven-plugin</artifactId> </plugin> </plugins> </build> 2. Execute MVN clean package to get related files in target directory3. above**.jarUpload to server directory4. Create a dockerfile file FROM java:8 VOLUME /tmp ADD quartzboot-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar app.jar RUN bash -c ‘touch /app.jar’ ENTRYPOINT [“java”,”-Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/./urandom”,”-jar”,”/app.jar”] 5. […]

  • Recursively load provinces and cities to TreeView


    The recursive loading of provinces and cities into treeview is just a representation of recursion. Using recursion can achieve many functions, similar to our local Disk directory file loading and so on is the principle, very convenient.   In the future, the directory loading, adding, deleting, modifying parent-child nodes and so on will be attached

  • Kui component library idea (come on, brother, keep updating, deploy gitpages, add issue)


    Click the blue words above to follow us Welcome to my official account, Python. 01 Some ideas Today, I will not update the flash tutorial for the time being. Today, I write an article to introduce the idea of doing a day’s Kui component chemistry library. In fact, there is a vague feeling that I […]

  • Set the root directory of the Wamp project


    After the installation of Wamp, the default www directory is my local D: wampwww. In this directory, I put some small examples written by myself to test PHP. But the projects I work on are all on other d-disks and e-disks. Repeatedly setting Apache’s DocumentRoot path is not a good solution. Of course, this small […]

  • Build Kafka test cluster


    Application machine Contact OP students to apply for machines, one, three, five Linux servers, (2 * n + 1). Zookeeper cluster work is more than half of them can provide external services, more than two of them are more than half, and one is allowed to hang up. It is not necessary to use even […]

  • Hadoop (2) HelloWorld of Hadoop (installation and use in stand-alone mode)


    This article has been synchronized to liaosi’s blog Hadoop (2) Hadoop’s HelloWorld (installation and use in stand-alone mode) The VMware virtual machine used in this article is CentOS 7 ﹐ 64 bit for Linux system, Hadoop 2.8.2 for Hadoop, JDK 1.8 for JDK. The account used is the created Hadoop account (refer to Hadoop (I) […]