• What is the origin of blockchain


    id:BSN_2021 Public number: BSN Research Club Blockchain is a technology that is both old and young. In the beginning, it was just the exploration and experimentation of a group of tech geeks. From not being taken seriously at the earliest, to the subsequent fire, the blockchain has also verified its advanced nature here. Blockchain originated […]

  • In cash flow analysis: how can bi technology help


    Imagine that in today’s era, some people still actually post letters because they think e-mail is difficult and expensive. Every time they have to take their letters to the post office, the postman collects them and delivers them later. Then, delivery takes at least a few days, and e-mail can be exchanged immediately. Inefficient and […]

  • Bitcoin cash Roadmap


    Original address:https://chrispacia.wordpress.com/2017/09/01/the-bitcoin-cash-roadmap/Note: the author is the developer of openbazaar and developed bitcoin cash wallet. The roadmap described here is summarized by the author from the email group and slack, not the official roadmap Bitcoin cash fromBitcoin CoreIt’s been a month since bitcoin split. By any reasonable standard, bitcoin cash should be defined as successful. At […]

  • Cash sales of SAP SD Fundamentals


    Cash sales of SAP SD Fundamentals   Cash sales are mainly used for internal employee sales and scattered customer sales.   I. use 1) This business scenario only involves cash payment transactions that sell items to customers. 2) The cash sales process is only used when customers place goods sales orders, pick and pay at […]

  • The difference between cash sales and rush order of SAP SD basic knowledge


    The difference between cash sales and rush order of SAP SD basic knowledge   Cash sales is similar to the rush order process, for example, it is delivered to customers immediately when a sales order is created. However, there are many different scenarios, processes in SAP system and related configuration parameters. The differences between cash […]

  • All strategies for the main venue of Alibaba cloud procurement Festival at the end of December 2019


    At the end of December 2019, Alibaba cloud’s purchase festival was officially launched on December 2. From the opened activity page, the activity is divided into two stages: the receiving full discount stage from December 2 to December 8 and the time limit discount stage from December 9 to December 13. Four core highlights of […]

  • Android uses Google breakpad to capture and analyze native cash


    After class exercises for Android development Masters (1) 1、 Chapter01 crashes https://time.geekbang.org/column/article/70602 https://github.com/AndroidAdvanceWithGeektime/Chapter01 1. Generate. DMP file when native cash is encountered Check the SDK / NDK environment first Configure SDK / NDK in local.properties Packaging operation effect . DMP file generated after clicking the crash button 2. Using the minidump stackwalk analysis of breakpad, […]