• PHP 14 week function learning record


    filter_has_var() effect filter_has_var()Function to check the existence of a variable of the specified input type. usage filter_has_var(type, variable) type INPUT_GET INPUT_POST INPUT_COOKIE INPUT_SERVER INPUT_ENV case <?php if(!filter_has_var(INPUT_GET, “name”)) { echo(“Input type does not exist”); } else { echo(“Input type exists”); } ?> result Input type exists filter_id() effect filter_id()Function returns theIDnumber. usage filter_id(filter_name) case <?php […]

  • Push box game – C language


    I use C language to realize the game of pushing boxes. I browse and view many blogs and forums during writing this. Write in the term This game is written by VS2010 and EasyX graphics library. If there is any mistake, please correct it. The code is at the end.   Effect picture of the […]

  • [Mr. Zhao Qiang] used MapReduce to calculate aggregation in mongodb


    MapReduce can calculate very complex aggregation logic and is very flexible. However, MapReduce is very slow and should not be used in real-time data analysis. MapReduce can be executed in parallel on multiple servers. Each server is only responsible for completing part of wordload. Finally, it sends wordload to master server for merging, calculates the […]

  • How does the case prompt a turn on or off?


    Some computers have designed the case prompt symbol (a), which is very convenient for the users who need it. Especially when the login password must be a mixture of upper and lower case, this prompt is very helpful to correctly judge the current case status. Of course, some users don’t like this prompt. In fact, […]

  • Review: Hangzhou stadium of Alibaba cloud native day has been successfully completed (PPT download attached)


    < official account, reply 666 to get the live link and activity PPT Collection > On April 18, 2020, we moved offline meetup to online for the first time and upgraded it to live all day on Alibaba cloud native day. This Alibaba cloud native day gathered 7 Alibaba cloud technology experts to focus on […]

  • Binary transformation of integer by go


    Go has already implemented the conversion function of int > bin. Here I just implement the process logic. As for the principle, I assume that you all know it This case only considers the transformation of int > bin Contains the conversion of positive integer, negative integer, 0   package main import ( “fmt” “strconv” […]

  • PHP week 15 function learning notes


    ftp_fget() effect ftp_fget()Function fromFTPDownload a file from the server and save it to a local open file. usage ftp_fget(ftp_connection,local,remote,mode,resume) case <?php $source = “source.txt”; $target = fopen(“target.txt”, “w”); $conn = ftp_connect(“ftp.testftp.com”) or die(“Could not connect”); ftp_login($conn,”admin”,”ert456″); ftp_fget($conn,$target,$source,FTP_ASCII); ftp_close($conn); ?> ftp_fput() effect ftp_fput()A function has been uploaded and opened locallyFTPSave it as a file on the […]

  • Measurement selection of machine learning model 1


    By Alvira swalinCompile | VKSource | medium The first part mainly discusses regression measurement In the world of postmodernism, relativism, in various forms, has always been one of the most popular and criticized philosophical theories. Relativism holds that there is no universal and objective truth, but each viewpoint has its own truth. In this article, […]

  • Baidu super chain open class | how to write a smart contract to win 10000 yuan bonus


    The second BSN developer competition, which lasted three months, came to a successful conclusion.In this issue, we invite three winners who use Baidu‘s super chain xuperchain as the underlying framework to share their winning cases and deeply analyze the writing process of smart contracts.Take you to analyze how to write “wechat” smart contract based on […]

  • Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool


    If the application encounters the following error message, it means connection pool(connection pool)The number of connections for exceeds for some reasonMax Pool SizeParameters.   English error message:   Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool.  This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max […]

  • Analysis of data type principle of Java switch case


    This article mainly introduces the Java switch case data type principle analysis, the article through the example code introduction is very detailed, has the certain reference study value to everybody’s study or the work, needs the friend may refer to It is used to determine whether a value of a branch in a Java statement […]

  • Shell programming of linux series (1)


    Shell programming of linux series (1) Shell overview Shell is a command line interpreter that receives the application / user commands and then invokes the kernel of the operating system. <!–more–> Shell interpreter The interpreter provided by Linux is [[email protected] ~]$ cat /etc/shells /bin/sh /bin/bash /usr/bin/sh /usr/bin/bash The relationship between Bash and sh [[email protected] bin]$ […]