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  • Problems encountered in the “moving bar tourism” project


    An error is reported on the log page (log_list. HTML): Solution:1) Check the corresponding controller class (annotation, return value type, formal parameter)2) Check the encapsulation class (get(), set(), return value type) in the corresponding POJO package3) Check the SQL statement (attribute, annotation, mybatis version number) in the Dao interface / mapper.xml of the data layer […]

  • Javascript(2)——BOM


    1. Overview and composition   2. Window object (1) Pop up method   (2) Opening and closing methods   title var element = document.getElementById(“open”); var newwindow; element.onclick=function () { newwindow=open(“https://www.baidu.com”); } var element1 = document.getElementById(“off”); element1.onclick=function () { newwindow.close(); } (3) Timer method (4) Properties     3. Location object     Case column auto […]