• Mobile end cascade component mcascader


    The selection of tree data may be involved in the development of mobile terminal. Since there are no good components in Mui, I have developed a bubble component that can operate cascade at mobile terminal based on Mui and JQ.Source address:https://github.com/booms21/mC… mCascader Mcascader is a Mui style mobile terminal H5 bubble cascade box, which supports […]

  • Summer self-study day 11 | database (IV) – constraints


    Series articles: Summer self-study day 09 | database (I) – SQL, DDL Summer self-study day 10 | database (II) – DML Summer self-study day 10 | database (III) – DQL Summer self-study day 11 | database (IV) – constraints Summer self-study day 12 | database (V) – multi table, database design Summer self-study day 13 […]

  • Alibaba cloud native application security protection practice and new areas of openkruise


    Author Wang Siyu (wine wish)Source|Alibaba cloud official account Thanks to kubernetes’ end state oriented concept, the cloud native architecture naturally has a high degree of automation. However, end state oriented automation is a “double-edged sword”, which not only brings declarative deployment capability to applications, but also potentially enlarges some misoperations.Therefore, it is very important to […]

  • 4. MySQL — transaction isolation


    2. Isolation level of transactions Transaction isolation is that when multiple users access the database concurrently, the transactions opened by the database for each user cannot be disturbed by the operations of other transactions, and multiple transactions should be isolated from each other\Some problems are easy to occur in concurrent transactions: Loss of data update: […]

  • DRF – book series connection table interface


    be careful: #Note: for all future data deletion, try to use soft deletion, and use a field to mark whether to delete, rather than really delete from the database -Benefits: 1. Deleting data in this way will not affect the index and cause index invalidation 2. The user data saved before is still available for […]

  • In depth understanding of promise implementation details


    BeforeAsynchronous JavaScript and promiseIn this article, I introduced promise and its significance in asynchronous JavaScript. Generally speaking, promise is applied through various JavaScript libraries. With more and more opportunities to use promise, you may like me to care about how promise works. Obviously, understanding the implementation details of promise can help us better apply it. […]

  • Cascading method of dropdown menu of element


    The documents provided on the official website only provide one layer I saw a friend asking dropdown how to cascadeNow post the code belowThe practice of three couplets and four couplets is consistent <el-dropdown trigger=’click’ :hide-on-click=’false’> <span class=”el-dropdown-link”> <el-link type=”primary” style=’margin-left:10px;’>{{title}}</el-link> <!– <i class=”el-icon-arrow-down el-icon–right”></i> –> </span> <el-dropdown-menu slot=”dropdown”> <template v-for=”item in menu”> <el-dropdown-item v-if=’!item.childer’>{{item.title}}</el-dropdown-item> […]

  • MySQL learning notes (5) — constraints


    Concept: limit the data in the table to ensure the correctness, validity and integrity of the data. Classification: 1. Primary key constraint: primary key 2. Non NULL constraint: not null 3. Unique constraint 4. Foreign key constraint: foreign key Non NULL constraint: not null, value cannot be null 1. Add constraints when creating tables CREATE […]

  • Microservice War: cascading failures and avalanches


    “The war of microservice” is a series of themes about microservice design thinking, mainly aiming at some contradictions / conflicts after the microservice, not involving a specific knowledge point. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to communicate. stayThe war of microservices: unification and standardizationAfter several weeks of inter departmental discussions with […]

  • [long article] spring learning notes (7): mybatis mapper + dynamic SQL


    1 Overview This article mainly describes how to useMyBatisMapper and dynamicSQLConfiguration of. 2 MyBatisProfile overview MyBatisThe main properties of the configuration file are as follows: <settings>: related settings, key value pair form <typeAliases>: type alias <typeHandlers>: type processor <objectFactory>: object factory <plugins>: plug in, including several<plugin> <environments>: environment configuration, including several<environment>, in<environment>Transaction manager can be […]

  • Spring MVC cascade attribute processing can not convert exception problem solving


    This article mainly introduces the spring MVC cascade attribute processing can not be converted exception problem solving, this article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to Two things to note, 1. In the mapper XML file, the corresponding cascade […]

  • Share two recently encountered MySQL database bug cases


    In the past month, when dealing with historical data problems, I encountered two MySQL bugs in a row. I’d like to share them with you, and you are welcome to point out if there is any problem. BUG1: Database version:  MySQL5.7.25 – 28 Operating system:CentOS 7.7 (not important) Database architecture: master slave cascade slave Database […]