• Detailed explanation of Java CAS underlying implementation principle


    This article mainly introduces the Java CAS underlying implementation principle example, the article introduces in detail through the example code, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work, and friends in need can refer to it 1、 The concept of CAS (compare and swap) CAS, full name of compare and swap […]

  • A CAS operation scenario of go


    About a year ago, there was such a problem:If there are n routines executed concurrently in the program, they will write data to a channel of size n. The n routines have high concurrency and large load, so they do not want to be stuck when writing data, so this code is used. if len(c) […]

  • Scenario Demonstration and Analysis of Cas Single Sign-on Authentication


    Concept: CAS issues login tickets for users. After CAS certification is successful, the TGT object is put into its own cache. CAS generates cookies, which are called TGC.If there is a TGC at the time of login, it means that the user has logged in before. If not, the user needs to log in again.TGC […]

  • Processing Session Failure of Ajax Request in CAS.NET Client


    problem In projects using CAS to integrate SSO, all Ajax requests on the page will fail when the CAS server session expires. The reason is that the current request is judged unauthorized and redirected to the CAS LOGIN page by CAS. But AJAX can’t handle this problem. Generally speaking, there are the following mistakes: Solution […]

  • Unified Authentication – A Brief Introduction to Apereo CAS


    Why did you try this? The way of micro-clothes is in the ascendant; the scholars who came from the countryside have covered thousands of people!This sentence was falsely corrected from Taoshan Ji Taixue Case Study. This means that the concept of micro-service architecture is still evolving, and now the whole thing must be said micro-service, […]