• There are too many enterprise vehicles to manage, it’s time to integrate management!


    With the development of social economy, the vehicle ownership of enterprises and institutions is increasing year by year. Enterprise managers are faced with more and more difficulties in various vehicle costs and personnel management. How to ensure the safe, efficient and scientific operation of unit vehicles, how to prevent the increase of management costs and […]

  • Chapter 1 bjrobot ROS network configuration and mobile control


    Copyright notice: the copyright of this course belongs toBeijing SmartIt is owned by science and Technology Co., Ltd. without the company’s authorization, it is prohibited to quote, publish, reprint, or it will be investigated for legal responsibility.     Instructions before use: the instructions in this operation document are slightly concise. Please conduct the operation […]

  • Chapter 3 bjrobot angular velocity correction


    1、The carLay flatOn the floor, open a terminal with the virtual machine in the data ssh In the past, the main control terminal startedroslaunch znjrobot bringup.launch 。   2、Open another terminal ssh Past main control terminal,Start the correct angular velocity commandrosrun znjrobot_nav calibrate_angular.py   3、Open aindividualTerminal, direct operation rosrun rviz rviz   4、Click after full screen File,clickOpen Config: 5、Find the path~/catkin_ws/src/znjrobot_project/znjrobot/rviz/ Ofodometry.rviz […]

  • Chapter 4 bjrobot linear speed correction


    BJROBOT Linear velocity correction   1.The carLay flatOn the floor, use a tape measure as the measuring scale,Select the front or rear of the car as the starting point of the car, Open the virtual machine in the data and open a terminal ssh In the past, the main control terminal started roslaunch znjrobot bringup.launch。 2.Open […]

  • (C ා, JavaScript) object oriented programming


    Understanding of object oriented Like the program friends, we should have heard a sentence“Everything is object ”I feel like a cow. Object oriented programming, which is designed around the real world. Object oriented three elements: encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. We can define a class to represent a car and define some properties and behaviors of […]