• Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 37 – # delete characters


    Delete character Recall the last lesson Enter characters through decimal ASCII values In input mode inputctrl + v Then enter 065 Unicode via hex In input mode inputctrl + v Then enteru2642You can passuncodeCoded input character Insert by binary character In input mode inputctrl + k inputCoCan get© Enter 13 to get ⅓ :digraphsView list […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 43 – # replace mode


    Replacement mode Recall the last lesson The most useful thing we learned last time isc He anddThe difference is to enter the insert mode after deletion cCan cooperatemotion Can useciwTo quickly delete the word where the current cursor is located caniandaMatched text block wWord small words WWord big words sSentence sentence pParagraph ( 、)parentheses [ […]

  • Typescript built in type list


    Typescript built in type list Above At present, basic TS development projects can be said to be the general trend. Students who have used TS development projects basically say they will never go back. Today, let’s learn about the official built-in types of typescript, so as to improve your development efficiency Partial /** * Make […]

  • Application of rust beauty iterator in algorithm


    preface In this paper, we will introduce several methods related to iterators in rust language from a simple algorithm problem to help you understand chars, all, try_ fold,enumerate,try_ for_ each,char_ Use of indices. ​ The title is as follows We define that capitalized words are correct when:quoteAll letters are capitalized, such as “USA”.All letters in […]

  • Background string to uppercase


    //Convert to uppercase to obtain the field information in the corresponding block. left_expr = tpmoama10.MAT_CHAR.ToUpper(); right_expr = tpmoama10.ORDER_CHAR.ToUpper();  

  • [go] return JSON data under golang http


    The demand returns the structure encoded in JSON format, and the content type needs to be returned Return different response codes   The definition of structure, because the exportable structure must be in uppercase. If you want to be in lowercase, you have to add this alias type JsonResult struct{ Code int `json:”code”` Msg string […]

  • Python — string


    Python string is a basic data type. Multiple methods are built in the string class to complete different operations on the string. environment python3.9 win10 64bit establish Strings can be created through Python built-in classesstrYou can also use single quotation marks in English’Or double quotation marks”。 str strClass can pass in a python object to […]

  • MySQL case insensitive setting


    preface: Generally, in the database usage specification, we will see that the database name and table name are all in lowercase English. Have you ever thought about why lowercase is recommended? Should library table names be case sensitive? With these questions, let’s take a look at this article. 1. A parameter that determines whether case […]

  • Vs code how to set case conversion shortcuts


    In general, the shortcut keys are as follows: Convert to uppercase: Ctrl + Shift + U Convert to lowercase: Ctrl + Shift + L If not, it needs to be set separately. The steps are as follows: 1. Click [file] – [preferences] – [keyboard shortcut] menu: 2. Enter “convert to uppercase” and the search results […]

  • Python naming conventions


    variable Generally all lowercase _ Underline segmentation Private variable_ Begin with an underscore Name without type information num_ list name = ‘jeck’ student_name = ‘cc’ for _i in range(10): pass constant uppercase _ Underline segmentation MAX_COUNT = 10 function All lowercase _ Underline segmentation Private function_ Begin with an underscore def call(): pass def call_name(): […]

  • AttributeError: ‘Settings’ object has no attribute ‘HBase’


    Django custom configuration error: attributeerror: ‘Settings’ object has no attribute’ HBase ‘ If we need to useHbaseIf so, you can followMysqlSimilarly, write the relevant configuration information to thesettingsFile, but I encountered a problem, that is, I can’t import it. In [12]: settings.HBASE ————————————————————————— AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-12-22bd47148938> in <module> —-> 1 settings.HBASE […]

  • How to use static methods and static variables in the project


    Use static methods to complete some tool classes: public class Computer {   public static int plus(int i,int j){ return i + j; }   public static int minus(int i,int j){ return i – j; } } How to use it?   Computer.plus(3,2);   Use static variables to complete the definition of some global constant classes with only […]