• HashMap source code — JDK1.8


    Important attributes The default capacity is 16 /** * The default initial capacity – MUST be a power of two. *N power of 2 is recommended */ static final int DEFAULT_INITIAL_CAPACITY = 1 << 4; // aka 16 Default load factor /** * The load factor used when none specified in constructor. */ static final […]

  • Java 8 HashMap


    HashMap uses array, linked list and red black tree to store key value pairs. When the linked list is long enough, it will be converted to red black tree. HashMap is non thread safe. Constants in HashMap static final int DEFAULT_INITIAL_CAPACITY = 1 << 4; static final int MAXIMUM_CAPACITY = 1 << 30; static final […]

  • Pdf file generated by small capacity single chip computer


    It is required to generate PDF files directly by using small-capacity single-chip computer.After a period of exploration, which refers to libharu, the library is too large, not suitable for use in single-chip microcontrollerThe page refers to the library of a predecessor who is not online. The RAM occupied is too large to be suitable for […]